Rejoice and be glad for the Day of the Lord is near. Yes, there is judgment and punishment for sin and rebellion, but there is rescue and salvation for those who believe and who are waiting for My return. Put My Word into your mind and heart. Declare My truth to all who will listen.


When everyone does what they have in their heart and mind and flesh to do, there is no restraint. Man is glorified instead of God, who made everything.

Live for Me, to glorify Me, to do My will both in general terms and in specific calling and gifting. You recognize that you have anointing from Me to do certain things, whereas in other things you sense inability and weakness. This is My way of directing you to do My will. As you step out in faith to My calling, I will be with you to help you. Allow My peace to cover you. Seek Me for wisdom and knowledge for every situation you face. Obey My command not to be anxious but to pray. Spend more time in prayer as My Spirit directs you. If you listen, He will ask you to pray for those who need prayer and intercession, even those people whom you do not know personally.


Awake the dawn with praise and singing for the King is coming on the clouds. Never tire of doing good, but serve joyfully, full of faith. My will on earth will be done. My people will shine like beacons on a hill.


I am with you both. Do not fear, but praise Me and speak confidently of Me. I will be glorified in My people.


Call upon Me over her. You will see Me at work today.


You will grow in love together as you care for one another. Love given freely comes back in greater measure.


Rescue the lost from the sin and darkness of their souls. Proclaim the truth and the hope of life with Me. There is life in the gospel.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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