Received 4-15-19

I am with you for your good. Proclaim My truth – Who I Am and what I stand for and expect of My people. I Am keeping you with My Spirit hovering, teaching, directing, revealing. Listen to Him actively obeying what He says. Pray in your spirit with My Spirit empowering, praying through you, interceding. We are One and you are in Us and We are in you to will and do Our pleasure.

 Received 4-16-19

Pray and believe in Me. Who am I to you? Who are you following and trusting in for your life? I will be that Person for you. I want to be that Person for you.

 Received 4-17-19

Discover the truth and the way and the life that I have for My people by reading, studying and memorizing My Word. My Word contains all that you need to know. My Spirit will teach you and open doors into My world. I am all around you and I will let you find Me as you seek Me.

 Received 4-18-19

What is ahead? More trouble, but with victory for My people who call upon My Name. Victory that the world cannot understand.

 Received 4-19-19

I will make a way in the darkness. Come to the Light in everything that you do. Do what you do openly, not to be noticed, but to remove any chance of corruption or compromise. Be transparent for Me, unashamed of who I am. Be humble as a servant, as a bond servant choosing to serve. The world is spinning apart, with men choosing their own way in selfish pursuits. They willingly believe the lies of the enemy, the deceiver from the beginning. Sin is celebrated, but My Spirit will continue to expose behavior to the Light, and men will see and take notice. Be a Light-bearer, so that men will notice and seek you out as they search for Me. You may be mocked, but your humility will deflect their barbs. Put on love and kindness. Be holy for I am holy.

 Received 4-20-19

This world will perish, but I Am. Keep your hope fixed on Me. Men of old looked ahead. They believed in what they couldn’t see with their eyes. They put their simple faith in Me, without really understanding who I was. You know much more with the revelation of My Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

 Received 4-21-19

I am alive. This is My day and your day to live. Nothing can stop you from declaring the Truth. All things are Mine for I am the Creator of all that you see. I am the Lord over all. I am the beginning and the end and everything in between. Speak boldly about Me and My Spirit will magnify your words.


About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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