Received 1-1-19

Watch and wait today. Be a man of prayer, praise and thanksgiving. Pray as My Spirit leads you. Let Me heal your wounds. Write out your thoughts about him, your impressions, feelings, what My Spirit reveals. Lift up his family and friends.

You sensed My pleasure at the jail. Yes, I have called you in this ministry and you have responded well. My favor will be upon you. Pray for your wife daily. She will respond to your prayers.

Received 1-2-19

My life for yours. In all things bring Me praise. I am giving you time to grieve, to think about his life and your life. I will carry you when you need to be carried.

Received 1-3-19

You can have My peace any time that you need it, just for the asking. Give and it shall be given you, running over, full of good and lasting fruit and blessing.

Received 1-4-19

What is in a man, but what I gave him when he was conceived. For those who have believed in My Son, they have received much – My forgiveness and eternal life and a relationship with Us to be with them. My gifts are priceless, but at a great cost of love and grace, which I freely give. What I give I do not take back, except that you can receive less because of your sin and disobedience to My Word. O that My people would repent and return to Me!

Received 1-5-19

What is in a name or a title? Who created language? Who gave words their meaning? I did, so that I could speak to My people, the ones I created. I even made a spiritual language so that people could talk with Me through their spirits. Come before Me often. Let Me give you the desires of My heart for you. Just as a parent knows his child, through interaction and observation, so too do I know you.

Received 1-6-19

Come to Me all who labor and who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you. When I rest, you will rest too. When I work, your burden with Me will be light and easy and very satisfying. Come away with Me to find rest for your souls. I have lush fields to walk in. I have quiet streams to cool your throat. I have beautiful mountains to gaze upon. I will be with you to hold you.

Received 1-7-19

I will live before you as an example. Examine My life and learn from Me. Speak the truth but also show love and compassion. Let grace and kindness cover what you do. I loved more than I taught. My message was not information but transformation, life, wholeness, reconciliation.

Received 1-8-19

I never sleep. There are people who love Me going about their business across the earth that I made. They are praying to Me. They are praising Me. Others are calling upon My Name for salvation, healing, deliverance, comfort, provision and I am moved to respond in My grace and love.

Received 1-9-19

What does it mean to be a friend of God? There must be communication, exchange of information about each other. There is helping each other, spending time together, sharing common experiences. Building trust in each other.

You are My friend if you do what I command. I died for you to purchase you to be with Me for all eternity. I did this without you doing anything. I rescued you from the world of darkness and death. Now you believe in Me and that is very good. Keep looking for Me, seeking after Me and you will find the friendship you need and desire. I know you and I love you. Will you love Me in return?

Received 1-10-19

In My sight I can see what you are doing. I know your thoughts and feelings. I know your needs and desires. As you let me, I am transforming you so that what you are focusing on in every aspect of your life becomes pleasing to Me. Instead of pleasing yourself, you are trying to please Me by doing My will. That is kingdom living. My Son laid aside His deity with Me in heaven to become a man like you so that He could die for you. He lived on earth to fully please Me and do My will. Do what He did. Be My representative reconciling men and women and children to Me. You may be weak in the flesh to do this, but with My Spirit leading you, all of this is possible.

Received 1-11-19

My people need Me, but they don’t know how to call upon Me. They look to the things of this fallen world before they ask Me. What would a parent feel if a son turns to others for help, rather than asking them? My people Israel turned to other gods instead of doing what I had revealed to them.

Received 1-12-19

In everything bring Me praise and thanks. Have a grateful heart, recognizing that everything is a gift from My hand to you. I have made you in My image and likeness. I have forgiven your sins and rescued you from an empty life of darkness. I have given you My Holy Spirit to be with you to guide you and give you wisdom.

Received 1-13-19

What is important to you? What gives you pleasure and satisfaction? What do you think is My calling for your life now? Who are the important people in your life? What occupies your time? What do you think about the most? What do I think about when I think of you?

Received 1-14-19

Those who seek to be first, will be last. Those who accept being last, in humility, will be first. Can your pride accept being last? What is important? What rights does a servant have before his Master? Die to yourself and you will be blessed. Behold My Servant in Whom I am well pleased!

Received 1-15-19

When I think of You Lord, I see glory and power and majesty beyond my comprehension. Even though You created all that I see and know about this world, You still know and love Me and you are actively working in My life.

You are a part of Me now and My Spirit dwells within you. My plans for you are good and pleasing to Me. They will be pleasing to you as you yield to My will. Broken people, repaired by My grace and love, make great lovers, of Me and of My people. David was not perfect, but he loved.

Received 1-16-19

The ways of this world may bring temporary pleasure, but there is a price in distraction from My plan. When you choose about anything, ask Me. Pray to cover what you are doing, even the simplest things. Be dependent on Me in a natural and good way. Can you do this? I can help you.

Received 1-17-19

Listen and hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Repent and believe. Turn from your worldly ways. The churches are all of My people, even you.

Received 1-18-19

In all things bring Me praise and thanks. Rescue the lost by showing them the way. What you have learned from Me pass on to others.

Received 1-19-19

Come unto Me, a simple phrase, even a command with hope that Someone greater can rescue us in whatever situation or need we are facing. We submit our will to His. We must follow in order to be helped. We must have faith in God.

All who come to Me I will not cast away. I see the heart and I know the need. Some are not ready to receive what I have for them. Others have come to the end of their efforts, desperate and needy. Have you been broken? Have you been tested? Do you come like a young child to his daddy? I am a loving Father to My children, a Shepherd before His sheep.

Received 1-20-19

I am with you no matter where you are. I will carry you if needed to get you through the trial, testing, hardship, battle. If you place My yoke upon you, you will follow Me and serve with Me. There is no substitute for prayer. Prayer in faith is speaking to the spiritual world. Answered prayer is believed for prayer. A skeptic asks only once. A believer contends for the answer.

Received 1-21-19

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, just like David strengthened himself in the Lord by praying and seeking His will and encouragement to pursue after the invading army with God’s assurance that he would successfully overtake them. Just coming into My Presence can give hope and confidence, realizing that I am with you, that I see what you are going through. No sickness or hardship can separate you from My love; even death in your world means life before Me in Mine. Prayer, praising and being thankful can subdue the anxious heart, the worrisome soul. Be still my soul and find hope in God.

Received 1-22-19

There is a hope that never disappoints for the end of it is glorious beyond your imagination. Even those few individuals I send back after tasting the afterlife can only describe a part of what is for My people. You are My reward, My inheritance and I am your Reward. When two lovers come together there is love. You cannot out do My love.

Received 1-23-19

When I was a child I spoke and acted like a child. I believed in what people were saying, especially my parents. When I became a man, I cast aside childish ways. I made decisions as an adult. I had to believe for myself who God was and is. I had to accept Jesus’ offer of salvation through faith in Him and His work on the cross. Unless you come as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. Faith is not reasoning with evidence to believe. Faith is accepting the unseen based on the testimony of the Word of God.

I don’t mind showing you the truth of My Word. Faith is not isolated, there is an object to our faith and that object and Person is God, who is forever reliable and trustworthy.

Received 1-24-19

The enemy is stirred by the prayers of My people. He is defeated. He is being forced to let go of territory. My people are shining with My glory. I am coming to rescue My people from darkness. Be at peace. This is not the first time your country has been divided. I am waking up My people to pray and intercede. I am seeing some who are repenting. Change your focus from the things of this world. Be attentive to My Spirit.

Received 1-25-19

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father – all descriptive titles of the coming Messiah, who came and walked among us, dispensing grace, mercy and forgiveness on the cross, love from the Father, truth of the law of God, the nature of God, reconciling man before a Holy God. Praise His Holy Name Jesus the Christ forever and ever. He is reigning in His Kingdom through His adopted sons and daughters until He comes again to the people of this earth. Bow your knees, humble and submit your hearts and will and flesh before Him. Declare Jesus is my Lord and Savior to a lost world and to the spiritual realm.

I am coming soon and every eye will see Me, every ear will hear Me. The world of darkness will be no more. I will reign over the people of My creation.

Received 1-26-19

Many days will pass before you will see the King. Keep doing what I am asking of you and you will be blessed. Focus on one man at a time. Many a man will come before Me on that day. They will be silenced before Me for their boasts. I know whose are Mine. It is not for you to judge, but to lead and point them to Me and My Word. My Spirit will do that work. Pray and intercede. Let My heart be your heart. Let your heart be My heart. Then you will understand.

Received 1-27-19

I will be with you. Emmanuel – God with us. God wants to have relationships with the people He created: Adam, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David and His kings and prophets of old, and all who called upon the name of the Lord, who feared Him, who believed in Him. Even today as people young and old put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Received 1-28-19

There is a holiness that only comes from the throne of God, from His Presence. Moses was told to take off his sandals for he was standing on holy ground. The ground was holy because God was there. We bow and kneel before Him to show our submission to His Lordship and authority over us. We enter into His Presence with thanksgiving and praise on our lips.

My Name is above every name and title that can be said. All will bow before Me. Every demon in hell knows that I am God and there is no other. They are under a sentence of death. Only My people, who call upon My Name, can escape death. They will be with Me forever. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus, the Lord of all.

Received 1-29-19

What will your life be like at the end? Will praise be on your lips and a testimony to give? Who will you be praying for? Who will come to visit you? How close will you be with Me? I know the end from the beginning and everything in between.

Received 1-30-19

In my life – what makes my life so special that God is interested? He sent His Son to die for me. He rescued me from darkness and sin. He opened my eyes to spiritual truth. If He did all this, He will pay attention to My prayers. He will guide Me along the path He wants me to follow.

I saw faith in your heart. Inside you wanted to do what was right, though your flesh was weak like every man. I have put in you the seed of life and it is producing fruit within you and in others you influence. My Spirit can nudge you for you recognize His voice. You have put My Word into your heart and He can teach you.

Received 1-31-19

Give your life away, first to Me, then to others. Be a friend, a helper. Open up your eyes to the people around you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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