Received 1-14-19

Those who seek to be first, will be last. Those who accept being last, in humility, will be first. Can your pride accept being last? What is important? What rights does a servant have before his Master? Die to yourself and you will be blessed. Behold My Servant in Whom I am well pleased!


Received 1-15-19

When I think of You Lord, I see glory and power and majesty beyond my comprehension. Even though You created all that I see and know about this world, You still know and love Me and you are actively working in My life.

You are a part of Me now and My Spirit dwells within you. My plans for you are good and pleasing to Me. They will be pleasing to you as you yield to My will. Broken people, repaired by My grace and love, make great lovers, of Me and of My people. David was not perfect, but he loved.


Received 1-16-19

The ways of this world may bring temporary pleasure, but there is a price in distraction from My plan. When you choose about anything, ask Me. Pray to cover what you are doing, even the simplest things. Be dependent on Me in a natural and good way. Can you do this? I can help you.


Received 1-17-19

Listen and hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Repent and believe. Turn from your worldly ways. The churches are all of My people, even you.


Received 1-18-19

In all things bring Me praise and thanks. Rescue the lost by showing them the way. What you have learned from Me pass on to others.


Received 1-19-19

Come unto Me, a simple phrase, even a command with hope that Someone greater can rescue us in whatever situation or need we are facing. We submit our will to His. We must follow in order to be helped. We must have faith in God.

All who come to Me I will not cast away. I see the heart and I know the need. Some are not ready to receive what I have for them. Others have come to the end of their efforts, desperate and needy. Have you been broken? Have you been tested? Do you come like a young child to his daddy? I am a loving Father to My children, a Shepherd before His sheep.


Received 1-20-19

I am with you no matter where you are. I will carry you if needed to get you through the trial, testing, hardship, battle. If you place My yoke upon you, you will follow Me and serve with Me. There is no substitute for prayer. Prayer in faith is speaking to the spiritual world. Answered prayer is believed for prayer. A skeptic asks only once. A believer contends for the answer.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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