Received 7-19-18

Be at peace. You are realizing the impact of living loosely with your mind and eyes. You are in part what you allow into your thoughts. If you put in My Word, if you praise Me with your lips, if you think about good and pure things, then you will naturally draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. I will be your Companion, your Friend, your Instructor, your God. Do you want this? I want it for you.


Received 7-20-18

My heart is in Your hands. My life is in Christ. I am loved by My Father. I am overwhelmed by Your Spirit. How wonderful is it to be loved by the One who made me and guides my life!

I am pleased with your statements. Now go and do what I command you to do. Give freely of yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others, nor expect them to be like you.


Received 7-21-18

Sin is sin, but My grace can bring forgiveness and healing. My love compels Me into going after even the hardest of hearts.


Received 7-22-18

I will make a way for your family. Trust Me and give Me praise. Believe My Word and all that I have revealed to you about My love for you.


Received 7-23-18

My time is near for you. Pay attention and listen to My Spirit. Pray in the Spirit often. Allow Me to fill your mind with My thoughts. Love Me, live for Me, seek after Me.


Received 7-24-18

Welcome to the real world, the visible world. But know that there is a spiritual world as well and it is very active, more so as the days near the end. Evil tempts and the flesh responds. Be a beacon of light. You are with my Spirit within you, but you can intensify the light by pressing in toward Me. Praise is like cranking the charger.


Received 7-25-18

Finding peace with God is found when the guilt of sin is removed through forgiveness, repentance, faith in what My Son did on the cross as a sacrifice of immense value and the substitution of His righteousness for your sinfulness. There is no point in praying to Me if you don’t believe that I exist. I will reward those who seek after Me in any fashion. The more they seek, the more I will reveal Myself to them. Who am I to you?


Received 7-26-18

I believe in You. You are my God and Savior. My life is in Your hands. My future is in Your hands.


Received 7-27-18

There is much to do. People are dying spiritually, feeding their flesh, managing their pain, pretending that I don’t see or care. They are deceived by the enemy about religion. You must be different as a follower. Feed your spirit with My Word. Guard your mind to control what goes in and what you think about. Guard your heart to remain faithful to Me, not toying with other gods. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see Me. I am a jealous God.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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