Received 4-1-18

If you will give Me your heart, I will transform it in ways you could never dream. Just say yes. I am the Potter, you are the clay. I am the Creator, you are the one created for My glory. I am the Author and Finisher of your life, manifested in your faith.

Received 4-2-18

With all things comes risk, responsibility, freedom to choose or decide, success or failure. Sometimes there is the ability to do it over or make changes. I see and know it all. I have the wisdom you need. I have the knowledge you need. Trust in My Spirit to reveal what you need. Do not rely solely on your own understanding for that would be foolish. Who’s will is followed? Politicians come and go. Rulers are replaced. Peoples suffer or prosper under their governments. My kingdom rule is perfect and best. Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord. Even more are they blessed if they obey My Word and My commands and My Spirit. I will reveal what you need to know. Just ask Me with an open heart.

Received 4-3-18

Patience is a virtue, but mercy and forgiveness and humility and love are better.

Received 4-4-18

When much is given then much is required. A talent wasted is a talent lost. Give away what I give you. Share and support the needy and lost. Encourage, speak life and hope. Pain will drive a person to their knees before Me. An ear to listen with compassion brings relief and hope.

Received 4-5-18

You have come far and there is no going back. The path ahead is before you with many challenges and victories. Walk in My Spirit.

Received 4-6-18

Many a time I carried you. Many a time I made a way through the darkness for you. Even now I am working for you to accomplish My will and purpose. It’s not about what you do or say. It’s about what is in your heart, in your spirit, as you become more like Me and the person My Word commands you to be. Your inner man will lead your deeds and words. Resist the sin that tempts you. Resist in the power of My Spirit and My Word and My Name. Love freely and constantly, unselfishly, without bounds – just as I love you.

Received 4-7-18

Be at peace in your heart. I am directing you. If you could do all that is in your heart to do, what would it be? People have many needs all around you. When I came, I saw many hurting people, enslaved to sin, vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. Seek first My kingdom and righteousness. Seek to hear My Spirit and recognize His voice. Seek to understand and apply My Word. Seek Me with all of your heart, soul and strength.

Received 4-8-18

Will you love Me when things are hard? Yes, you will for you depend on Me. My life for yours. You know that I gave up My life to save yours. You will see and know even on the first day. Testify of My goodness and favor in your life. All have sinned. My price was paid in full for all to receive. It is not for you to judge, but rather for you to show My love and grace. Let them realize the grace they are given. Point them to Me.

Received 4-9-18

Begin this day to show love for all that you meet. People felt My love and were attracted to it. All people need love and are seeking after it. Love affirms my worthiness, in spite of my failures. Yes, there is the conviction of sin and need for a Savior, which is the work of My Spirit. But My love welcomes them back into a relationship, a restoration, a hope for the better. Hope inspires and motivates. Faith allows us to trust in an unseen world where God is in control. Love as I have loved you. Love your wife and family too.

Received 4-10-18

My work is never done. My love compels Me. I have joy in the praise of My people. I respond to the faith of My people. I hear and respond to the prayers and cries of the hearts of My people. I will give you compassion and love for the people you will meet.

Received 4-11-18

I am with you. Do not fear. Continue to do what you know to do. Make a way in the darkness. Push forward with the light of the gospel. You carry My presence wherever you go. Do you realize this? I will speak through you to bless others as you will yield to My Spirit. My Presence is much more important than any title or position you might have. Those only open human doors of opportunity. I open opportunities to speak life and give hope to everyone you meet. In spite of your weaknesses and failings, you will continue to be My hands and feet into dark places. It is not up to you. Just pray and look around for the people My Spirit will point out to you. Learn to engage. Learn to speak boldly and confidently in My Spirit.

Received 4-12-18

Let your mind go to where I am. Focus on who I am. I am more than your mind can understand. Only through the revelation of My Spirit can you see and experience who I am. I am not done with the world, nor with you. You are My workmanship, My craftsmanship. My masterpiece in the making. I see the end from the beginning. What is important? Your life will change because of the people I will put in your life and how you see Me work through you. Always pray, always praise, always seek after Me.

Received 4-13-18

Expect to learn and be blessed each day. You will find My joy there. Your testimony of My faithfulness will encourage the downtrodden and give them hope. Look at each person you encounter. Take the time to notice them.

Received 4-14-18

It is up to you. How far are you willing to seek after Me, to obey Me, to yield to Me, to express your faith in Me. The people of the world need a Savior. He has already come and died to save them. Who will tell them this truth? Who will speak and show this message of love. Will you?

Received 4-15-18

You will be blessed today as My hand is upon you. Speak life and not death. Notice the men I point out. Can you believe Me for a hundred-fold return?

Received 4-16-18

Be at peace for I know what is happening to you. Just call upon Me. It is not you, but Me. Pray without ceasing.

Received 4-17-18

You will have to make the mundane into the message of the gospel and hope. The men don’t realize what they really need. Show them the way. I am the Way. Men are seeking attention. They are seeking help and answers.

Received 4-18-18

I will make a way. Open up your heart. Allow Me to put My love in there and My mercy and My grace. I want you to be the sweetest, most attractive man of God to win souls and to disciple men.

Received 4-19-18

My name is Mighty. There is nothing that I cannot do. I have the power to save, to forgive, to restore, to heal, to deliver, to rescue. Just ask Me.

Received 4-20-18

Don’t be alarmed by dysfunctional men for that will be normal. Help them makes steps out of their darkness into My Light and Truth. I will open doors for you. My favor upon you will be seen.

Received 4-21-18

I am speaking to all My people through My Spirit. I speak in the words they understand, into their language, young and old. Can they hear? Will they listen? Will they obey? The world is breaking apart because of the sins of man. I will come and bring order. You will reign with Me in My glory.

Received 4 22-18

Understanding comes through learning and study of what My Word says. The wise man puts My Word into practice in his life.

Received 4-23-18

Every good thing comes from God: salvation, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, protection, provision, peace, joy, love, wisdom. You came forth as a result of My thoughts and plan for your life.

Received 4-24-18

Life can be hard. My burden is light. A hard task with purpose and done with others can be very satisfying. People are looking for meaning and purpose, especially the young and idealistic. They want a cause to give themselves to. They want to help others in need. Your purpose is to follow Me and do what I did and what I am doing.

Received 4-26-18

My thoughts for you are always good. You are on My mind. I think about you. My Son mentions you. You are teachable, but sometimes slow to get My message. You are learning to follow My Spirit.

Received 4-27-18

If you have found My way, then follow it closely, not turning aside or pausing. Give of yourself completely with all your strength, calling upon My strength and might for the world is waiting for the sons of God to be in place, taking back what has been lost and damaged by sin. Stand and be counted. Follow Me and claim My victory in faith.

Received 4-28-18

If today you hear His voice, do not harden your heart in disobedience to what he says. His words are true and Powerful and life-giving to those who believe. Sin brings death, but He gives life. Believe and obey in faith. I came to bring My life for yours in a great exchange. Die to live.

Received 4-29-18

No matter what is needed, I will provide. I am your Source. I call, I equip, I make the way and I get the glory for changed lives. It’s not about you. He is My man for those in his sphere – those he influences, speaks to, even the casual one and to those who seriously try to do My will. Other men have those they have following them. You have people you are speaking to. The time is short and you must be willing and ready to do anything I ask of you. You don’t always respond perfectly, but over time you will listen. It is not drama, but obedience I desire. The knife and fork are tools to use. You are a tool in My hand. Speak life. Challenge men to lead and take on responsibility. The things you have learned to do – train others to do.

Received 4-30-18

Arise and see Me in the future. Is there anything I do not know? Can you trust Me for your future? Is there anything I cannot do for you? I am ready.

Received 5-1-18

Be aware and alert. Testify of My goodness. I am in every town, village and city. My people are praying. Look for Me working in people. I am at work always drawing people to Me.

Received 5-2-18

The time for visitation is near. I will come for My people. Be ready and alert. Warn and speak My truth to the lost. In all things be My hands, feet and tongue bringing glory to My Name.

Received 5-3-18

Rejoice and enjoy the wife of your youth. She is My gift to you. She is a treasure for you. Prize her and honor her.

Received 5-4-18

My time has not yet come. When I come everyone will know. Every knee will bow before Me. My love and grace have been poured out.

Received 5-5-18

Rejoice and be glad for My Kingdom has come to you. Love as I have loved you. Speak My words of life.

Received 5-6-18

I will be with you today as well. My blessings are with you. Walk in My ways. Seek after Me always. They did not know how to please Me. I was not in their churches. Those were built for men to glorify themselves. I was with My people – those who sought after Me.

Received 5-7-18

To live is to gain for the man pursuing My kingdom. To die to the things of this world that snare one from doing My work is gain. To avoid sin, to resist temptation is gain. To shine as a bright light in a dark world is gain.

Received 5-8-18

Prepare the way, make the paths straight, plow the soil, spread the seeds of life. My Spirit is moving as never before. I am revealing Myself. Tell them. Say My Name. Give Me praise.

Received 5-9-18

I am with you to guide you. My hand is upon you. Respond in faith. Believe Me. I will give life to those who seek after Me.

Received 5-10-18

Those with hungry and needy hearts are coming to Me for help and answers as never before. My Spirit is stirring up lives to expose hurts, needs, desires, to purify hearts. A single-minded man focuses on doing My will is who I am seeking.

Received 5-11-18

Lord, You are in every change and circumstance. Nothing catches You by surprise. Thank You for protecting and providing for us. Help us to appreciate what You do for us.

My ways are different than yours. Look for opportunities to tell others of your love for Me. Be joyful and thankful. Hardships test and prove what is inside a man.

Received 5-12-18

In all of the world there is only one place for a man and that is with Me. He is temporarily here on earth to prove himself, to learn about Me, to follow Me. He will spend eternity in My presence.

Received 5-13-18

Confidence and faith in what I can do, all of this comes from knowing who I am. Who am I? What have I done? What have I said?

Received 5-14-18

I will come to the rescue of those in need. All who call upon Me will be saved. The enemy is defeated. The chains have been broken off. My promises are true and reliable. I will not deny My Word.

Received 5-15-18

Make a way – man can push through to get something done, forcing a square peg into a round hole. God can make a way by changing circumstances, opening doors which had been closed, by bringing forward other people to help remove blockages, prompting His people to pray and intercede, changing hearts and minds, allowing our plans and efforts to fail so that He can do in us that which brings Him glory and praise. Nothing is impossible with and for God. Think of Mary’s womb carrying Jesus. What about His divine protection to move the Child away from danger. What about all the attempts to kill Jesus prematurely before God’s time. What about the select people who were touched, healed, delivered, called, taught by Jesus as He was led by the Father through the Spirit. All of these to testify to us in His Word preserved for all to read.

Call upon Me and I will answer. I will do what is needed.

Received 5-16-18

Call upon Me and I will do great and mighty things among you and for you and with you. You are the apple of My eye, the focus of My affection and attention. All who call upon Me shall be saved. My hand is upon you for good. My thoughts toward you are for good. You are pleasing before Me.

Received 5-17-18

My ways are higher than your ways. Will you trust Me to do what you need done My way? Ask Me.

Received 5-18-18

The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of My world. Every knee will bow before Me. Every tongue will declare that I am Lord.

Received 5-19-18

When I come I will bring with Me all who have called upon Me as Savior and Lord. They have longed to see My victory over sin and the wickedness on the earth. They have longed to see the redemption of the world, Even the angels long to see this. They can see Me in My glory. They don’t understand My patience. I desire that everyone will bow before Me and they will. You are witnessing the outworking of sin. A man yielding to sin brings on the consequences of sin. There is a price to pay. I have paid it for all who call upon Me.

Received 5-20-18

I have come to bring life, restoration and joy, power and healing. Will you help Me do that?

Received 5-21-18

Be at peace. Know that I am working for you. Part of why you are meeting men in jail and prison is so that you can pray for them. Pray with your mind but also pray in the Spirit. I care about those who are hurting. They do not know how to pray; neither fully do you. But My Spirit knows.

Received 5-22-18

My love covers you. The message of love and truth you have learned from Me – everyone needs to hear this. For salvation comes through surrender, giving up on what you are doing to save yourself, realizing your need for a Savior and then finally putting your trust in what I did on the cross for you. Then comes another surrender as you allow Me to be Lord over your life, trusting by faith that My ways are best – not just better, but the best.

Received 5-23-18

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. All who call upon that Name are safe. He cares about His own. The fool says in his heart there is no God. This lie condemns him.

Received 5-24-18

To each person is given the ability to hear from Me, from My Spirit. Everyone I have created knows that I exist, regardless of what they may think. Yes by faith those who believe that I exist is what pleases Me. But I gave them that faith. They must respond and declare who I am. They must seek after Me. That is why when you sought after Me, to have Me reveal Myself – I responded and gave you who I AM. Even now as you ask of Me, I hear and respond. There are many distractions in the world, many lies from the enemy and the flesh. Only one truth is needed: that they believe in Me and My Son. All else that is important comes from this belief. My Spirit does His wonderful work in you.

Received 5-25-18

Bring Me an offering of praise. What is your motivation? Why do you do things? In all things bring Me praise and thanks. Let joy be your garment. Let peace cover you in spite of circumstances. Be like My Son and you will fulfill the Law and the Prophets.

Received 5-26-18

I work in everyone’s lives to accomplish My plan for them. They still have choices. Sadly, some believe the lies of the enemy and the desires of their flesh more than what I have for them. But I still am working. It grieves Me when they say no to Me. Even My people can say no. They would rather I blessed their plans. How much they are missing out. Do not be like them.

Received 5-27-18

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ who reigns forever in power and glory. The greatest gift you could be is to love. Love has many aspects, but at its core is giving attention to another – listening, caring, knowing, affirming. Everyone needs love for they were made for love. When love is given, love is returned.

Received 5-28-18

In all things give thanks. Rejoice and be glad for the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit. These are priceless, of immense value, which can never be bought, yet freely given by the God of love.

Received 5-29-18

The comfort that I give to you is for you to give to others. Companionship, friendship, fellowship – these are gifts of people to counter loneliness. Relationship happens on different levels from just being near to another person without words spoken, to the level of knowledge and closeness which is a shared life, intimacy without secrets.

Received 5-30-18

I have come that My people might find true life in all of its forms – when you are born, when you are born again turning on your spiritual eyes and when you pass from this world. I am everywhere you are. I know everything you know and think and say. Return to Me and receive My love and grace.

Received 5-31-18

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming to establish all that is right and good. You are right to look to see what is yet to be fulfilled. All of My Words will be fulfilled and come to pass in that day when I reign. How marvelous will it be! Your eyes shall see that day. You will reign with Me. You are leading others to the truth. Love and be loved. Give and be given to.

Received 6-1-18

Be at peace. Rest in My love. Forgive, release hurts to Me, pray and intercede. The weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds and every thought that rises up against Me. Bring those thoughts captive to Me. My Word is alive. Declare My Word and I will reign.

Received 6-2-18

What is the color of love or of pain? Life is in the blood. I came to give My life for yours, to rescue you from darkness and unbelief. Go, now and do what I did, in the power and grace that I had.

Received 6-3-18

Wait until the morning. My promises and grace are new every morning. There is hope for a better day. Trouble comes and goes. Life happens. My Spirit is always at work in you and in others. Joy comes in the morning. You are secure in the night, but many have fears of the night, its darkness and foreboding. So, they look forward to the light of the morning. In the morning we will meet again for a new day of promises.

Received 6-4-18

My blessings never fail. Rest in My lovingkindness. Rely on My Spirit to give you words of life to those you meet throughout your day. You will have many opportunities as you pray. Speak My Word.

Received 6-5-18

Blessed are you if you respond to My love. Give My love to others. You will hear stories that will break your heart. Show compassion.

Received 6-6-18

My burden is light. Come to Me and bring Me your problems and the problems of others. My Spirit will give you the answers.

Received 6-7-18

Be at peace. Know that I am with you to guide you. What you will do is important. Every man you see is desperate for help. They may not express it in terms of seeking after Me, but you can break through their words and speak of Me.

Received 6-8-18

Be at peace. Trust in Me always. What did the saints of old have? They had overwhelming trust in Me, regardless of the circumstances. They were compelled to follow the leading of My Spirit. They knew the truth even if everyone else did not. Yes, they paid a price, but their faithfulness brought great rewards.

Received 6-9-18

If you love Me, you will obey My Word. My Word contains the key to life, wisdom, joy, satisfaction, peace, understanding. It is not what you know, but Who you know. Do you know Me, the Author of Life? I hold the words of eternal life.

Received 6-10-18

You have the words of life. You are my Source for all good things.

Keep coming before Me and I will always come to you. Only a few can hear clearly. Others may try, but the cares of this world interfere. They are impatient.

Received 6-11-18

My ways are always better than what man can do or think. If I can create the universe, including man – I know all.

Received 6-12-18

What really matters is for you to give words of life and hope. There is no one who is innocent. Some are naïve, simple or foolish, who become involved in things they should not be doing. Choices determine outcomes.

Received 6-13-18

With every testing and hardship My grace is given. Just ask Me for help. You will witness and testify. Ask Me to bring you people. Prepare your heart. Listen to My Spirit. Trust Me to use you.

Received 6-14-18

The cares of this world bring a snare to the man of God. He becomes conflicted between worldly things and the kingdom of God. You can’t serve two masters. But My Spirit will always be at work in him to bring him back to the path of life.

Received 6-15-18

What a new day will bring for the heart that is expecting much. Hope springs from a man grounded in my love. No matter what is happening around them, they trust in Me to make it better.

Received 6-16-18

There is a way that seems right to a man. Everything a man does is tainted by sin. Only as My Spirit empowers and directs is blessed. Prayer brings sanctification.

Received 6-17-18

In this world you will have tribulations, but take heart for I have overcome the world. Do not put your trust in a man or in yourself, but trust in Me. This is a spiritual world overseeing the physical world you see with your eyes. Prayer is the weapon you use and My Word.

Received 6-18-18

My life for yours, that is what I gave. Will you give Me your life in return? Each day and every day is the opportunity to live for Me and not for yourself.

Received 6-19-18

In a quiet moment you can hear Me speak of life and love. Even My Word will speak to a heart that is seeking Me. A humble, repentant heart is what I seek after. Men will respond in a time of trial.

Received 6-20-18

Nothing in the world can take away My love for you. Even you cannot block My love with your actions or thoughts. Keep this in mind when you pray for someone. My love was displayed on the cross, but My love is greater than that deed. I have loved from the beginning of time. My love created the world and everything in it. You are the object of My love. We are love.

Received 6-21-18

Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I say. I will reveal Myself to you and show you many things about the kingdom of God.

Received 6-22-18

The reality of sin is showing in the world: people are being killed, raped, abused, lied to, cursed, hated, mocked. Left alone, man will sin, even without making the effort. Sin leads to more sin, greater sin. They have bought the lie of the enemy that no one is looking, that I don’t exist to judge them, but their sins will condemn them. You are seeing men caught up in the trap of sin. But even the “nice” people are full of sin in their unbelief. They lie to themselves. Keep seeking Me and My Spirit and you will be blessed by My Father.

Received 6-23-18

There is much to do. Who will do the work? I looked for a man, but I could not find any. The harvest is ripe and ready to be done. My Spirit is at work, preparing the hearts of men. I have already won the victory. The outcome is known. Rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is coming upon the earth.

Received 6-24-18

It is not up to you to save anyone, for that is the work of My Spirit. He brings a man to repentance over his sin and unbelief. He leads them to the cross to receive forgiveness. He shows them the way of submission. He gives them His presence and power. He quickens My Word, which He inspired.

Received 6-25-18

What is sleep? I will sustain you. The day of the Lord will come quickly when no one is looking. Those in the world will be caught sleeping in the lies of the enemy. Keep watch and pray.

Received 6-26-18

Pray and rescue the lost with your prayers. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send workers into the fields. One of those workers is you. Be prepared for the task. Pray for opportunities.

Received 6-27-18

When you walk with Me you will see what I see, in you and in others. Ask Me to reveal what I see. Be a partner with Me. Ask Me for your children and grandchildren.

Received 6-28-18

Be at peace. What you know is only a small part of the truth. I am the way and the life and the truth. Keep seeking after Me.

Received 6-29-18

A mind can wander away from the truth into silliness and foolishness. Guard over what you allow into your mind. Put what is good and righteous and true inside. Then your heart will be blessed.

Received 6-30-18

I will speak to you any time you will listen. Quiet yourself and invite Me with praise and thanks. With wisdom and understanding, I will direct you. With love and compassion, you will help men and women get back on the path to life.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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