Received 6-1-18

Be at peace. Rest in My love. Forgive, release hurts to Me, pray and intercede. The weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds and every thought that rises up against Me. Bring those thoughts captive to Me. My Word is alive. Declare My Word and I will reign.


Received 6-2-18

What is the color of love or of pain? Life is in the blood. I came to give My life for yours, to rescue you from darkness and unbelief. Go, now and do what I did, in the power and grace that I had.


Received 6-3-18

Wait until the morning. My promises and grace are new every morning. There is hope for a better day. Trouble comes and goes. Life happens. My Spirit is always at work in you and in others. Joy comes in the morning. You are secure in the night, but many have fears of the night, its darkness and foreboding. So, they look forward to the light of the morning. In the morning we will meet again for a new day of promises.


Received 6-4-18

My blessings never fail. Rest in My lovingkindness. Rely on My Spirit to give you words of life to those you meet throughout your day. You will have many opportunities as you pray. Speak My Word.


Received 6-5-18

Blessed are you if you respond to My love. Give My love to others. You will hear stories that will break your heart. Show compassion.


Received 6-6-18

My burden is light. Come to Me and bring Me your problems and the problems of others. My Spirit will give you the answers.


Received 6-7-18

Be at peace. Know that I am with you to guide you. What you will do is important. Every man you see is desperate for help. They may not express it in terms of seeking after Me, but you can break through their words and speak of Me.


Received 6-8-18

Be at peace. Trust in Me always. What did the saints of old have? They had overwhelming trust in Me, regardless of the circumstances. They were compelled to follow the leading of My Spirit. They knew the truth even if everyone else did not. Yes they paid a price, but their faithfulness brought great rewards.


Received 6-9-18

If you love Me you will obey My Word. My Word contains the key to life, wisdom, joy, satisfaction, peace, understanding. It is not what you know, but Who you know. Do you know Me, the Author of Life? I hold the words of eternal life.


Received 6-10-18

You have the words of life. You are my Source for all good things.

Keep coming before Me and I will always come to you. Only a few can hear clearly. Others may try, but the cares of this world interfere. They are impatient.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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