Received 5-12-18

In all of the world there is only one place for a man and that is with Me. He is temporarily here on earth to prove himself, to learn about Me, to follow Me. He will spend eternity in My presence.


Received 5-13-18

Confidence and faith in what I can do, all of this comes from knowing who I am. Who am I? What have I done? What have I said?


Received 5-14-18

I will come to the rescue of those in need. All who call upon Me will be saved. The enemy is defeated. The chains have been broken off. My promises are true and reliable. I will not deny My Word.


Received 5-15-18

Make a way – man can push through to get something done, forcing a square peg into a round hole. God can make a way by changing circumstances, opening doors which had been closed, by bringing forward other people to help remove blockages, prompting His people to pray and intercede, changing hearts and minds, allowing our plans and efforts to fail so that He can do in us that which brings Him glory and praise. Nothing is impossible with and for God. Think of Mary’s womb carrying Jesus. What about His divine protection to move the Child away from danger. What about all the attempts to kill Jesus prematurely before God’s time. What about the select people who were touched, healed, delivered, called, taught by Jesus as He was led by the Father through the Spirit. All of these to testify to us in His Word preserved for all to read.

Call upon Me and I will answer. I will do what is needed.


Received 5-16-18

Call upon Me and I will do great and mighty things among you and for you and with you. You are the apple of My eye, the focus of My affection and attention. All who call upon Me shall be saved. My hand is upon you for good. My thoughts toward you are for good. You are pleasing before Me.


Received 5-17-18

My ways are higher than your ways. Will you trust Me to do what you need done My way? Ask Me.


Received 5-18-18

The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of My world. Every knee will bow before Me. Every tongue will declare that I am Lord.


Received 5-19-18

When I come I will bring with Me all who have called upon Me as Savior and Lord. They have longed to see My victory over sin and the wickedness on the earth. They have longed to see the redemption of the world, Even the angels long to see this. They can see Me in My glory. They don’t understand My patience. I desire that everyone will bow before Me and they will. You are witnessing the outworking of sin. A man yielding to sin brings on the consequences of sin. There is a price to pay. I have paid it for all who call upon Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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