Received 4-20-18

Don’t be alarmed by dysfunctional men for that will be normal. Help them makes steps out of their darkness into My Light and Truth. I will open doors for you. My favor upon you will be seen.


Received 4-21-18

I am speaking to all My people through My Spirit. I speak in the words they understand, into their language, young and old. Can they hear? Will they listen? Will they obey? The world is breaking apart because of the sins of man. I will come and bring order. You will reign with Me in My glory.


Received 4 22-18

Understanding comes through learning and study of what My Word says. The wise man puts My Word into practice in his life.


Received 4-23-18

Every good thing comes from God: salvation, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, protection, provision, peace, joy, love, wisdom. You came forth as a result of My thoughts and plan for your life.



Received 4-24-18

Life can be hard. My burden is light. A hard task with purpose and done with others can be very satisfying. People are looking for meaning and purpose, especially the young and idealistic. They want a cause to give themselves to. They want to help others in need. Your purpose is to follow Me and do what I did and what I am doing.


Received 4-26-18

My thoughts for you are always good. You are on My mind. I think about you. My Son mentions you. You are teachable, but sometimes slow to get My message. You are learning to follow My Spirit.


Received 4-27-18

If you have found My way, then follow it closely, not turning aside or pausing. Give of yourself completely with all your strength, calling upon My strength and might for the world is waiting for the sons of God to be in place, taking back what has been lost and damaged by sin. Stand and be counted. Follow Me and claim My victory in faith.


Received 4-28-18

If today you hear His voice, do not harden your heart in disobedience to what he says. His words are true and Powerful and life-giving to those who believe. Sin brings death, but He gives life. Believe and obey in faith. I came to bring My life for your’s in a great exchange. Die to live.


Received 4-29-18 No matter what is needed, I will provide. I am your Source. I call, I equip, I make the way and I get the glory for changed lives. It’s not about you. He is My man for those in his sphere – those he influences, speaks to, even the casual one and to those who seriously try to do My will. Other men have those they have following them. You have people you are speaking to. The time is short and you must be willing and ready to do anything I ask of you. You don’t always respond perfectly, but over time you will listen. It is not drama, but obedience I desire. The knife and fork are tools to use. You are a tool in My hand. Speak life. Challenge men to lead and take on responsibility. The things you have learned to do – train others to do.


Received 4-30-18

Arise and see Me in the future. Is there anything I do not know? Can you trust Me for your future? Is there anything I cannot do for you? I am ready.


Received 5-1-18

Be aware and alert. Testify of My goodness. I am in every town, village and city. My people are praying. Look for Me working in people. I am at work always drawing people to Me.


Received 5-2-18

The time for visitation is near. I will come for My people. Be ready and alert. Warn and speak My truth to the lost. In all things be My hands, feet and tongue bringing glory to My Name.


Received 5-3-18

Rejoice and enjoy the wife of your youth. She is My gift to you. She is a treasure for you. Prize her and honor her.


Received 5-4-18

My time has not yet come. When I come everyone will know. Every knee will bow before Me. My love and grace have been poured out.


Received 5-5-18

Rejoice and be glad for My Kingdom has come to you. Love as I have loved you. Speak My words of life.


Received 5-6-18

I will be with you today as well. My blessings are with you. Walk in My ways. Seek after Me always. They did not know how to please Me. I was not in their churches. Those were built for men to glorify themselves. I was with My people – those who sought after Me.


Received 5-7-18

To live is to gain for the man pursuing My kingdom. To die to the things of this world that snare one from doing My work is gain. To avoid sin, to resist temptation is gain. To shine as a bright light in a dark world is gain.


Received 5-8-18

Prepare the way, make the paths straight, plow the soil, spread the seeds of life. My Spirit is moving as never before. I am revealing Myself. Tell them. Say My Name. Give Me praise.


Received 5-9-18

I am with you to guide you. My hand is upon you. Respond in faith. Believe Me. I will give life to those who seek after Me.


Received 5-10-18

Those with hungry and needy hearts are coming to Me for help and answers as never before. My Spirit is stirring up lives to expose hurts, needs, desires, to purify hearts. A single-minded man focuses on doing My will is who I am seeking.


Received 5-11-18

Lord, You are in every change and circumstance. Nothing catches You by surprise. Thank You for protecting and providing for us. Help us to appreciate what You do for us.

My ways are different than yours. Look for opportunities to tell others of your love for Me. Be joyful and thankful. Hardships test and prove what is inside a man.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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