Received 4-1-18

If you will give Me your heart, I will transform it in ways you could never dream. Just say yes. I am the Potter, you are the clay. I am the Creator, you are the one created for My glory. I am the Author and Finisher of your life, manifested in your faith.


Received 4-2-18

With all things comes risk, responsibility, freedom to choose or decide, success or failure. Sometimes there is the ability to do it over or make changes. I see and know it all. I have the wisdom you need. I have the knowledge you need. Trust in My Spirit to reveal what you need. Do not rely solely on your own understanding for that would be foolish. Who’s will is followed? Politicians come and go. Rulers are replaced. Peoples suffer or prosper under their governments. My kingdom rule is perfect and best. Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord. Even more are they blessed if they obey My Word and My commands and My Spirit. I will reveal what you need to know. Just ask Me with an open heart.


Received 4-3-18

Patience is a virtue, but mercy and forgiveness and humility and love are better.


Received 4-4-18

When much is given then much is required. A talent wasted is a talent lost. Give away what I give you. Share and support the needy and lost. Encourage, speak life and hope. Pain will drive a person to their knees before Me. An ear to listen with compassion brings relief and hope.


Received 4-5-18

You have come far and there is no going back. The path ahead is before you with many challenges and victories. Walk in My Spirit.


Received 4-6-18

Many a time I carried you. Many a time I made a way through the darkness for you. Even now I am working for you to accomplish My will and purpose. It’s not about what you do or say. It’s about what is in your heart, in your spirit, as you become more like Me and the person My Word commands you to be. Your inner man will lead your deeds and words. Resist the sin that tempts you. Resist in the power of My Spirit and My Word and My Name. Love freely and constantly, unselfishly, without bounds – just as I love you.


Received 4-7-18

Be at peace in your heart. I am directing you. If you could do all that is in your heart to do, what would it be? People have many needs all around you. When I came, I saw many hurting people, enslaved to sin, vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. Seek first My kingdom and righteousness. Seek to hear My Spirit and recognize His voice. Seek to understand and apply My Word. Seek Me with all of your heart, soul and strength.


Received 4-8-18

Will you love Me when things are hard? Yes, you will for you depend on Me. My life for yours. You know that I gave up My life to save yours. You will see and know even on the first day. Testify of My goodness and favor in your life. All have sinned. My price was paid in full for all to receive. It is not for you to judge, but rather for you to show My love and grace. Let them realize the grace they are given. Point them to Me.


Received 4-9-18

Begin this day to show love for all that you meet. People felt My love and were attracted to it. All people need love and are seeking after it. Love affirms my worthiness, in spite of my failures. Yes, there is the conviction of sin and need for a Savior, which is the work of My Spirit. But My love welcomes them back into a relationship, a restoration, a hope for the better. Hope inspires and motivates. Faith allows us to trust in an unseen world where God is in control. Love as I have loved you. Love your wife and family too.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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