Received 2-1-18

Nothing can stop you when you follow Me. Doors will open through prayer. Only truth will prevail. Lies will be exposed. The sexual sins are being exposed. Soon lies will be exposed. Declare My truth. I love them, those whom I have made. I died for them, just like I died for you. Allow My Spirit to empower you.


Received 2-2-18

All of my days are with You, before You. You know me. Keep me with You so that I might experience Your glory.

I know My people and they seek to know Me, the invisible Creator and God. I have revealed Myself to those who seek after Me. Faith is seeing what you don’t see, based on what I have revealed. Meditate on the truths of My Word and you will find rest for your soul.


Received 2-3-18

Do not fear, only believe. In My house there are many rooms, enough for all of My people. In your weakness I am strong. My Spirit is speaking, just listen.


Received 2-4-18

To read, to write, to speak, to think – these are My gifts to man. Languages have meaning and communication helps men to live together in harmony and to prosper. Man also can ask questions about things unknown, about Me. It pleases Me when a man seeks after Me. When a man lies to himself and to others, communication is corrupted. I am truth and those who trust in Me will be blessed. To the degree that you believe is the degree of My blessing upon you. My grace magnifies My blessing.


Received 2-5-18

I love you and I demonstrated that when I died for you. I gave you the gift of a new life and you received it. Tell the world about Me and what I have done.


Received 2-6-18

Lies will be exposed. My truth will prevail. All will have to give account for their thoughts and deeds. My kingdom will be established in righteousness. Proclaim the good news. Give people hope which is found in Me. Do not put your trust in any man. I will take care of My people.


Received 2-7-18

Where do you want to go? There is no one else. I have the keys to life.


Received 2-8-18

Spending time with Me, seeking to hear the voice of My Spirit, learning My ways from My Word – all of this pleases Me. I will respond to those who seek to know Me. Faith in Me is what starts the journey and faith is needed to keep on searching Me out. To the degree that you spend time seeking after Me and spending time to find My Presence, I will reveal Myself, who I AM, and how much I love you. The prophets of old heard My voice and sought after Me. They had nothing to say without My Spirit upon them. They were not satisfied with the thoughts of man.


Received 2-9-18

Be wise with My wisdom and truth. The enemy has spread his lies and deceit. Where there is hatred and fear, the enemy has sown his seeds. Love will overcome. My love is greater than all. Spread kindness and love and win back those who have gone astray. May your testimony and confession of faith stir many hearts.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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