Received 1-15-18

All of the world is a stage for the people to perform before the Creator of the universe. Everything is seen; everything is known, even the thoughts of man. Justice will be delivered. Mercy will be dispensed. Grace is poured out. My Son’s blood has been spilt.


Received 1-16-18

The ways of man bring a snare. I give the gift of life for all who seek after Me. People do not want to believe the truth about Me. You must show them what truth is. I am love, goodness and forgiveness, healing and discipline, deliverance and rescue. I am the Pathmaker for those who are willing to follow after Me.


Received 1-17-18

Do not worry about your life. Have I not taken care of you in every situation? What is needed is your devotion and praise, a declaration of who you are in Me. Remind your mind and soul these things. Renew your mind with My Word. Continue to study and prepare. I will be your Teacher.


Received 1-18-18

The fragrance of My love is pleasing, attractive and comfortable. Is that how you are to others? Do they sense that you love? Do you accept people or judge them? What does your face tell them?


Received 1-19-18

You are experiencing the emptiness of this world. Find joy in My Word. Find truth and answers in My Word. In everything give Me praise.


Received 1-20-18

Rejoice and be glad. No weapon aimed against you shall prosper.


Received 1-21-18

What can I do with you? As much as you will allow Me to do. Your faith and your obedience opens doors and opportunities for Me to do great things for My kingdom. Your prayers can do the same.


Received 1-22-18

In your hand there is power to touch and heal and bless. This is not for you, but for My glory. You may always feel inadequate, but then My glory can be displayed. A humble heart I can use. I have made you for My purpose. I have called you. You are Mine.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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