Received 12-18-17

I am coming soon. Prepare yourself. Live for Me in all the fulness that I have for you. Be doing what I have called you to do. Care for those in your family and those looking to you for truth and light.


Received 12-19-17

Walk with Me and learn from My Spirit, not necessarily something new, but eternal truths in My Word. You will need My Word to be an anchor for your soul in times of trouble and when the deceiver comes. Already you notice the ability of deceit and lies to be believed.


Received 12-20-17

I will speak and show you many things. What do you want to know? The end will be complicated but sure. Nothing will be able to stop My will from being accomplished. I have full power, even though man sees chaos. You will see and understand in My Spirit. Do not fear for your loved ones, only believe and thank Me for what I will do. The families of the righteous will stand before Me always.


Received 12-21-17

The strength of My Word is power for those who trust in it. Faith, obedience, enduring trust – these get My attention. Is your faith hope or belief? You are hearing truth and My Spirit is teaching you.


Received 12-22-17

Grace and truth. I came to bring My grace to mankind to restore them to the Father, reflecting the Father’s love and kindness. And I came to reveal the Truth about a sinful world and a holy Father. Fools reject My grace because of My Truth, but the wise turn from their sins and submit to My Lordship. Freedom comes from a life submitted to My will.


Received 12-23-17

Do not be afraid. Trust Me and live for Me.


Received 12-24-17

Joy to the world, the Lord has come. A few were waiting expectantly for Me. A few believed My Word. Many more now are waiting for Me, even you. Waiting stimulates faith. Abraham waited in faith. The promise came. The hope secured.


Received 12-25-17

I chose you and appointed you to go into the world to make disciples. Will you teach My people all that you know and all that My Spirit reveals?


Received 12-26-17

The way of this world brings death and destruction. Men will choose this over Me. They don’t realize what the are doing. Pray more to open their eyes.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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