Received 10-1-17

I am with you. I will touch your words this weekend.

Received 10-2-17

Great is the faithfulness of My willing body, My hands and feet, My lips to a dying world, a testimony to the lost. The world does notice when My people show love and do acts of kindness.

Received 10-3-17

For all the world to see what I have done in you and in My people – this is My desire and My joy. This is like what a parent wants for his child – a child ready for life on its own, with beautiful and good character, a reflection of the parent, a family resemblance, bringing joy and yes pride. Will you be My child and allow Me to work in you for My good pleasure?

Received 10-4-17

Blessed be the Name of the Lord, both now and forevermore. I will be exalted on the earth and everywhere My Name is spoken. Let your voice ring out with praises. The King has come and the King is coming. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Speak of My Name, Jesus. Tell the world. Declare the power of My Name over everything you do. Take back the territory of the enemy – people, lands, situations.

Received 10-5-17

I will be with you. You will know My direction. I will speak My words through you for them to receive. Even now I have instructed you. Be at peace and let My peace cover you.

Received 10-6-17

Watch for Me today as opportunities come. Be faithful in little things and I will bless your coming and going. The doors are open before you. My Spirit is waiting with anticipation.

Received 10-7-17

Not many are hurting, but all are seeking Me. They have tasted My love and they want more. What do you want?

Be faithful, patient, open and honest.

I am speaking in power. I recognize devoted, serious hearts, faith and submission. Be patient. Keep doing what you know to do. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and My righteousness – all these things shall be added unto you. He will take care of my family.

In You I will trust. My life is in Your hands – all the days – all the struggles and successes as You move in me.

No one should live without knowing You – how empty.

Speak life and truth, lead them to Me.

All the saints rejoice, together. They sing the praises of the mighty King, their King – victorious, triumphant – leading His troops in procession before the throne of the Holy God.

Be ready for something new. Empty yourself of self. Don’t think of your limitations – think of My grace and power working in you.

Intercede in deeper ways – tongues, yes, but as My Spirit leads – focus on one person at a time – pray and touch with My blessings.

Abiding in love and obedience   seeds of love

Received 10-8-17

Use My Word to defend My people. Declare My Truth over them. Rescue the weak from darkness. Lift up the hands which have fallen down. Declare truth and life wherever you go. The King is coming soon. The way of the world is darkness.

Received 10-9-17

Bring Me the best you have.

All I have Lord is what You have given to me.

Yes, but give it to Me so that I can give it back to you in a new way.

Received 10-10-17

All is not lost. Much can be gained. Give and receive. Give again and again. Love will not run out. My love is greater than your need. My grace is greater than your need. Trust and believe in Me to do greater things in your life than you could imagine. I honor those who honor Me.

Received 10-11-17

Watch for Me today moving in the people around you. Pray and intercede. Speak words of life and truth, My Truth. Victory is in My hands.

Received 10-12-17

Come back to the center. Come back to the Source of everything you need. I am here for you. Keep your focus on Me always. I am a jealous God.

Received 10-13-17

I give life, I created life, I made you so that I would be glorified in you. I gave My life away, so then should you. I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?

Received 10-14-17

My ways will always succeed in what I intend. I see the end from the beginning. Desire to do My will using My ways.

Received 10-15-17

Pray with greater intensity, calling upon My Spirit for guidance. The watchman on the wall looks out to see what is out there. You must use your spiritual eyes to see what is out there and what is happening to the people you are praying for. Cover them as if you were putting on an outer garment, a special garment that identifies them to the spiritual world.

Received 10-16-17

Yes, I delivered you from all of that so that you could live for Me. My blood sacrifice is sufficient to cover all your sin, both physical and mental sin. Let’s move on to new things – righteousness, forgiveness, Lordship, Truth, Hope, Love. Salvation is found in no one else. All others are imposters and frauds from the enemy, deceiving the weak. Come to the Rock.

Received 10-17-17

Watch and see what I will do. Pay attention to My Spirit. He will guide you. In all things give thanks, for this is My will for you.

Received 10-18-17

My way is better for you. Trust in Me to do what you cannot do, what is impossible without Me.

Received 10-19-17

I love you and I want the best for you in everything you do. Let your love be without hypocrisy, not saying one thing but doing another.

Received 10-20-17

My will and My way, seek after these with all of your heart, mind and strength. Allow My Word to permeate into you for it contains truth and life. My Spirit will teach you for He knows all things. Copy the life of My Son. He lived and died for Me. Bring your gifts to the altar.

Received 10-21-17

Walk with Me and listen for My voice. Say yes and obey My words. I am not far away. I am nearer than your breath. I care about you and I care for you in ways you will never know in this world. You are reading about the complexity of My creation. All of this is so that people would wonder about Me and seek after Me. Sin entered the world and tarnished what I had made. I will restore it someday and people will wonder and give Me praise as never before. Length of a man’s days are in My hand. Seek Me each day.

Received 10-22-17

I have prepared you. Now listen to My Spirit and proclaim the truth. Be winsome, yet be strong. You will see My glory today being poured out for all to see.

Received 10-23-17

In all things give Me thanks. I am at work in your life for good and for My pleasure.

Received 10-24-17

There is a time for everything. It has happened before and it will happen again. I direct time and what is happening. I manage My creation for My purpose and pleasure. I put you in charge to rule over what is around you. Rule with your prayers and speak to situations in My Name.

Received 10-25-17

Give Me glory and praise for what I am doing for you. Trust Me and expect Me to do what you cannot do.

Received 10-26-17

I am with you always. Do not live for yourself, but for others and for My glory in you. There is hope in Me. The world is decaying fast as sin is abounding. What will it be like without My people to restrain the evil?

Received 10-27-17

Time marches on without pauses. Soon the days will recede into night. But the Light is coming to push back the darkness. Open your eyes to see what I see. This day will bring changes, for you and for others. Be aware and see and listen.

Received 10-28-17

There is life beyond the grave. There is life now for those who seek after it. It is not in this world. But in My world, My dimension, where I dwell. You know the way. Call upon Me and I will answer. I will show you what is in your heart.

Received 10-29-17

Grace and peace comes where My Spirit rests. Seek Me and you will find peace. Though the storms may rage outside, there can be peace inside the heart. Peace is a place of confident rest, trusting the One who is caring for you.

Received 10-30-17

A day of roses and wine for the victors. Who are the victors? The ones who trust in Me, who take from My victory. Every eye shall see Me when I come. Some will try to hide, but there is no hiding from themselves and what they have done. Either a man is for Me or he is against Me. He will run to Me in expectation or he will run away in fear of judgment. Even now choose to run to Me, to call upon Me, to live for Me. My plan is good. My life for you is good.

Received 10-31-17

I will bless you as you follow Me. Open your eyes to see the needy people around you. Don’t turn away or pretend they don’t exist. Pray for them. Help them if you can, as My Spirit leads.

Received 11-1-17

What is past is past. What is now is for life. What is in the future will be glorious. I AM for those who believe. In Me there is hope.

Received 11-2-17

Allow My peace to cover you. Watch and pray for those you meet as My Spirit leads. Your testimony will attract people to what they are seeking, but not knowing what it is they need.

Received 11-3-17

When did we serve You Lord? When you did it to the least of My brothers. Any time you respond to a need in My body, My people with a word or deed, you are fulfilling My purpose. My light shines in the darkness. People will notice. Serving others is a form of dying to self, unless your motive is to be noticed out of pride.

Received 11-4-17

My voice has gone out to all the world I have made. It calls all to My Son and His sacrifice. Point people you meet to their Savior. People need a Savior. People need to know My plan for their lives. Emptiness and frustration await the rebellious soul, but Life and joy and peace are for the man who seeks to do My will.

Received 11-5-17

In all things, give thanks and praise to your Maker. What you have, is from Me. Give Me what you have and I will give it back in greater measure.

Received 11-6-17

Mine is the kingdom and the glory. I AM secure, safe, trustworthy. What is your need? What I have made speaks about Me. Man will never fully understand all that I have done. By seeking after Me, you will find a desire for more of Me, and that is good and pleases Me.

Received 11-7-17

Purity, holiness, faithfulness, righteousness, love, goodness, peace, joy, truth, integrity, steadfastness, patience, forgiving, merciful, kindness, gentleness, grace, victorious, awesome, worthy, promise keeper, giver, generous, protector, shield, healer, helper, all knowing, all present, all powerful, almighty, wise – in all these traits and descriptions God is God and we are to be like Him.

Received 11-8-17

In Your Name there is victory over all disease and sickness and oppression from the enemy. I have all power and authority. Receive from Me and call upon Me. I will never leave you or forsake you. The storms of life can be overcome in My Name. Whatever you saw Me do, you can do.

Received 11-9-17

I see, I know and I care. There is misery and hardship all around as sin takes its toll. Life begins with Me. I can rescue and deliver those who call upon Me. Bring glory to My Name. Honor Me with your lips.

Received 11-10-17

Trust Me to do what you cannot do.

Received 11-11-17

All power and authority are Mine. Nothing in this earth escapes My notice. Sin brings destruction and pain. Notice and look for what I am doing, for it is good and gracious.

Received 11-12-17

None of this matters for eternity, except what is done in My Name and for My glory. Be at peace as you are seeking to do My will. I will guide you. My Spirit is active in you to do My will.

Received 11-13-17

There is a time and a place for every activity under the sun. There is a time and a place for every person under the sun. Let Me guide your steps.

Received 11-14-17

Wake up and see the times. Recognize the things that are happening around you. This world is not all there is. When evil reigns, men hide. They mock good and right. They know what they are doing is wrong, but they don’t fear punishment for they think they will escape.

Received 11-15-17

There is a place for you, a place that brings joy and contentment. You have peace and contentment now, but you lack joy. Seek after Me and do My will. Share My gospel and watch Me use you to help people. Pray more in the Spirit as you go about your day. He will lead you.

Received 11-16-17

Life is more than eating and drinking. It is about people and relationships. It is about working in My kingdom to do My will, to influence those around you to seek Me.

Received 11-17-17

Come experience the joy I have for you. I have joy that you can’t believe; it is so wonderful.

Received 11-18-17

The times and dates will soon be over. In My world there is no time, only now forever. Reliving the past is available, because it is now. Seeing the future is possible, because it is now. I am the God of the living. Travel lightly in this world for soon your home will change. Dream big!

Received 11-19-17

Let us rejoice and be glad and give God the glory due His Name for we are His people, His sheep, His needy ones under His gracious care.

I do care for My sheep. I rescue the lost and lift up the weak. Call upon Me for those in your care.

Received 11-20-17

All things are possible. Just ask Me.

Received 11-21-17

I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I do not need to be updated. I will update your world in the future to a place much better and without sin. I am a personal God. I desire a relationship with My people. I want you to seek after Me, to discover who I am and what I have for you. Is that alright? I know you intimately, more than you know yourself. I am your healer. I am your provider. I am your joy and very life. How much more of Me do you want? All things are possible in Me. It pleases Me that you want to shut out the noise of the world, the distractions, the spirit of fear and unbelief, the sinful behaviors in the world. These things have always been there, but they are increasing and will shock those in the world as they get much worse. They will shock until they become accepted as normal. Be a beacon of light, full of peace and joy. You will be noticed in this dark world.

Received 11-22-17

Be patient and loving as you would want to be treated. Represent Me wherever you go.

Received 11-23-17

Your ways are full of life and truth.

I care about My people. Do you? I will help you to care. My grace is sufficient. Grace is My enabling power, undeserved, full of blessing and life. Call upon Me to be gracious as you pray.

Received 11-24-17

Be patient and kind, withholding criticism and judgment, forgiving and gracious, showing mercy and offering healing. Be loving in all that you do, then you will be doing My will and My way.

Received 11-25-17

What I AM, IAM. Seek after Me and I will reveal who I AM to you. It pleases Me for you to do so as you listen and as you study My Word. You are an example. Be a witness and a testimony. Be a light to the darkness. Keep your witness strong as you resist temptation. Guard over your tongue and anger. Be a sweet spirit full of My Spirit, aware of the spiritual atmosphere. Ask Me for words to speak to strangers and even to those you may know.

Received 11-26-17

Give life and not death. Reconcile the lost to the Father. Do not think of your ways as best or even as better than another.

Received 11-27-17

March and follow orders, salute and give honor to the King. Lift up your voice. Make melody in your heart to the One you love.

Received 11-28-17

The world will end someday in violence and destruction, but I will make a new world for My people. I will be their God and they will be My people, for those who are My people now. Do not be afraid for when your body dies, you will be with Me.

Received 11-29-17

Be patient and kind, not letting your anger rise. Live each day for today in total surrender to My will. It is right that you should feel inadequate apart from doing what I called you to do. For only in Me is there life and fulfillment. Your inadequacies become My strength as you trust Me to do what you cannot do. Remain dependent on Me and you will be blessed. You will shine only as I shine in you. Do not be puffed up.

Received 11-30-17

Give of yourself just as I gave Myself for you. Respond with grace and truth. Cover all that you do with Love, My kind of love. I will care for you and your family. Be at peace and serve Me freely as My Spirit leads you. Seek My kingdom.

Received 12-1-17

What is gained is lost, what is lost is gained. My ways are different than man’s ways. Not just to be different, but to be the best. Humility comes before honor. Submission comes before authority and power. I don’t demand sacrifice, but rather a heart change, an acknowledgement of My Lordship and rule over all that I have made. True worship is bowing down one’s heart in submission with the lips proclaiming My worth and what I have done to My glory. Man is puffed up over what he thinks he knows. I know all. True revelation comes from Me. How will you handle what I give to you?

Received 12-2-17

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He paid the price and covers our sins with His righteous blood. Freedom from the guilt of sin and freedom to come before a holy God – is that what you desire? Come to My Son, believe in Him and Trust Him with your life.

Received 12-3-17

I will be for you and not against you. My love covers you in ways you do not know.

Received 12-4-17

Live for Me and not for yourself. What does that look like? My disciples followed Me and watched Me and heard Me. I sent them out to do what I was doing. I gave them My authority and power. I sent them out to a lost world, a hurting world. Can I send you out?

Received 12-5-17

I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see. You didn’t choose Me, I chose you. Until you were born again, you didn’t understand spiritual truths. What is in a man? He has all that is needed to be a child of God, a son of the loving Father. Once My Spirit goes to work in him, he becomes a living soul with great potential. My grace will help him in his weaknesses. As he submits to Me and learns of My ways, he can and will do mighty things for My kingdom. Oh, if all of My people were like this man. This is the reason I came – to set free men from bondage of sin and unbelief. Be My hands and feet. Be My voice in a dark world. Be a testimony of what I can do.

Received 12-6-17

My life is in Your hands. Yes and your future is known and every day will bring new opportunities to bring glory to the One who saved you for His purposes.

Received 12-7-17

Do not be surprised at sin in people. All have sinned and turned away from the Truth. You are reaping what you have sown. No amount of talk can change the reality of sin. Only My blood can remove the stain of sin, the grip of sin. If My people repent on behalf of your nation and cry out to Me day and night, then I will move upon leaders. My Spirit is always at work. Look to Me as your Source. Do not rejoice when sinners are found out. Rejoice when they turn to Me.

Received 12-8-17

My ways can be hidden from your eyes. What I do to change a heart is mysteriously wonderful. A willing heart is so much easier to shape, just like a compliant child who obeys his parents. Sometimes there must be difficulty and hard times to overcome the resistant, willful heart. Pride and unbelief can be hard to overcome, but nothing is impossible for Me. I hear the cries of My people and I respond.

Received 12-9-17

My load is light; My path is sure; My promise is sure, a source of hope for those who trust in Me. Continue to be faithful and I will bless you, as I have always blessed you.

Received 12-10-17

Do not worry or fret. Receive from Me and give away. Listen to My Spirit. Open the doors of your heart. Can you find My love there? Do you know how to love? I will teach you.

Received 12-11-17

Be cautious and wise. Lay a foundation. Seek after Me with all of your heart, and I will be found.

Received 12-12-17

Rest in My arms of love. Picture Me holding you. This world is changing and you must change how you live too. But keep on living by My Spirit and my grace will cover you. My people, My body – I love through and to those who are Mine.

Received 12-13-17

Grow in Me, follow Me, live for Me. Can this be you? I will help you.

Received 12-14-17

Wisdom from above is peaceable, loving, reasonable and available for the asking. In all your ways acknowledge Me, humble yourself, and seek My will and guidance. I will make a way where there seems to be no way. Nothing is impossible with Me. Revelation is available. How did the Israelites conquer Jericho?

Received 12-15-17

Wait and see the dawn of a new time in your world.

Received 12-16-17

Do you see what I see? What the world sees is vain and empty, full of fear and strife. My Word is truth and life. Take it in.

Received 12-17-17

In all things give Me thanks and praise. You are not alone for I am with you. Guard over your tongue as what you say is important. Speak life and not death. Bring those you care about and the ones I care about before My throne. Present them as those who need My care.

Received 12-18-17

I am coming soon. Prepare yourself. Live for Me in all the fulness that I have for you. Be doing what I have called you to do. Care for those in your family and those looking to you for truth and light.

Received 12-19-17

Walk with Me and learn from My Spirit, not necessarily something new, but eternal truths in My Word. You will need My Word to be an anchor for your soul in times of trouble and when the deceiver comes. Already you notice the ability of deceit and lies to be believed.

Received 12-20-17

I will speak and show you many things. What do you want to know? The end will be complicated but sure. Nothing will be able to stop My will from being accomplished. I have full power, even though man sees chaos. You will see and understand in My Spirit. Do not fear for your loved ones, only believe and thank Me for what I will do. The families of the righteous will stand before Me always.

Received 12-21-17

The strength of My Word is power for those who trust in it. Faith, obedience, enduring trust – these get My attention. Is your faith hope or belief? You are hearing truth and My Spirit is teaching you.

Received 12-22-17

Grace and truth. I came to bring My grace to mankind to restore them to the Father, reflecting the Father’s love and kindness. And I came to reveal the Truth about a sinful world and a holy Father. Fools reject My grace because of My Truth, but the wise turn from their sins and submit to My Lordship. Freedom comes from a life submitted to My will.

Received 12-23-17

Do not be afraid. Trust Me and live for Me.

Received 12-24-17

Joy to the world, the Lord has come. A few were waiting expectantly for Me. A few believed My Word. Many more now are waiting for Me, even you. Waiting stimulates faith. Abraham waited in faith. The promise came. The hope secured.

Received 12-25-17

I chose you and appointed you to go into the world to make disciples. Will you teach My people all that you know and all that My Spirit reveals?

Received 12-26-17

The way of this world brings death and destruction. Men will choose this over Me. They don’t realize what the are doing. Pray more to open their eyes.

Received 12-27-17

What you believe is important. How you live is important. What you speak is important. Turn from your evil, selfish ways, repent and confess your sins. Come before Me with praise, thanksgiving and joy. Declare My Truth and live by it. Know that I love you and that I am good.

Received 12-28-17

All things become new. Now is the time to reach out to those you love. Speak life and truth. Listen for the cries of their hearts. Allow My heart to break theirs.

Received 12-29-17

The finest of wheat, the purest of drink, the sweetest of honey – these are for My beloved and much more. The peace that covers fears and anxiety, the love that binds up wounded hearts, the grace to deal with unchanging hardship, the forgiveness that restores and heals – these are not small things, but I have them for My people. I know your heart. I know your situation. I love you.

Received 12-30-17

Watch and look for Me today. Pay attention to those around you, seeking My Spirit. Lift up the hands that hang down. Carry the weak, the needy, the broken, the ones I show you.

Received 12-31-17

Every day is a new opportunity for you. Decide each day to say yes to Me and to serve My people. Even today while it is still called today, do not harden your heart or think of excuses. Don’t I know you?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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