Received 11-20-17

All things are possible. Just ask Me.


Received 11-21-17

I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I do not need to be updated. I will update your world in the future to a place much better and without sin. I am a personal God. I desire a relationship with My people. I want you to seek after Me, to discover who I am and what I have for you. Is that alright? I know you intimately, more than you know yourself. I am your healer. I am your provider. I am your joy and very life. How much more of Me do you want? All things are possible in Me. It pleases Me that you want to shut out the noise of the world, the distractions, the spirit of fear and unbelief, the sinful behaviors in the world. These things have always been there, but they are increasing and will shock those in the world as they get much worse. They will shock until they become accepted as normal. Be a beacon of light, full of peace and joy. You will be noticed in this dark world.


Received 11-22-17

Be patient and loving as you would want to be treated. Represent Me wherever you go.


Received 11-23-17

Your ways are full of life and truth.

I care about My people. Do you? I will help you to care. My grace is sufficient. Grace is My enabling power, undeserved, full of blessing and life. Call upon Me to be gracious as you pray.


Received 11-24-17

Be patient and kind, withholding criticism and judgment, forgiving and gracious, showing mercy and offering healing. Be loving in all that you do, then you will be doing My will and My way.


Received 11-25-17

What I AM, IAM. Seek after Me and I will reveal who I AM to you. It pleases Me for you to do so as you listen and as you study My Word. You are an example. Be a witness and a testimony. Be a light to the darkness. Keep our witness strong as you resist temptation. Guard over your tongue and anger. Be a sweet spirit full of My Spirit, aware of the spiritual atmosphere. Ask Me for words to speak to strangers and even to those you may know.


Received 11-26-17

Give life and not death. Reconcile the lost to the Father. Do not think of your ways as best or even as better than another.


Received 11-27-17

March and follow orders, salute and give honor to the King. Lift up your voice. Make melody in your heart to the One you love.


Received 11-28-17

The world will end someday in violence and destruction, but I will make a new world for My people. I will be their God and they will be My people, for those who are My people now. Do not be afraid for when your body dies, you will be with Me.


Received 11-29-17

Be patient and kind, not letting your anger rise. Live each day for today in total surrender to My will. It is right that you should feel inadequate apart from doing what I called your to do. For only in Me is there life and fulfillment. Your inadequacies become My strength as you trust Me to do what you cannot do. Remain dependent on Me and you will be blessed. You will shine only as I shine in you. Do not be puffed up.


Received 11-30-17

Give of yourself just as I gave Myself for you. Respond with grace and truth. Cover all that you do with Love, My kind of love. I will care for you and your family. Be at peace and serve Me freely as My Spirit leads you. Seek My kingdom.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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