Received 11-1-17

What is past is past. What is now is for life. What is in the future will be glorious. I AM for those who believe. In Me there is hope.


Received 11-2-17

Allow My peace to cover you. Watch and pray for those you meet as My Spirit leads. Your testimony will attract people to what they are seeking, but not knowing what it is they need.


Received 11-3-17

When did we serve You Lord? When you did it to the least of My brothers. Any time you respond to a need in My body, My people with a word or deed, you are fulfilling My purpose. My light shines in the darkness. People will notice. Serving others is a form of dying to self, unless your motive is to be noticed out of pride.


Received 11-4-17

My voice has gone out to all the world I have made. It calls all to My Son and His sacrifice. Point people you meet to their Savior. People need a Savior. People need to know My plan for their lives. Emptiness and frustration await the rebellious soul, but Life and joy and peace are for the man who seeks to do My will.


Received 11-5-17

In all things, give thanks and praise to your Maker. What you have, is from Me. Give Me what you have and I will give it back in greater measure.


Received 11-6-17

Mine is the kingdom and the glory. I AM secure, safe, trustworthy. What is your need? What I have made speaks about Me. Man will never fully understand all that I have done. By seeking after Me, you will find a desire for more of Me, and that is good and pleases Me.


Received 11-7-17

Purity, holiness, faithfulness, righteousness, love, goodness, peace, joy, truth, integrity, steadfastness, patience, forgiving, merciful, kindness, gentleness, grace, victorious, awesome, worthy, promise keeper, giver, generous, protector, shield, healer, helper, all knowing, all present, all powerful, almighty, wise – in all these traits and descriptions God is God and we are to be like Him.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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