Received 9-24-17

Does it bother you that persecution will come, that it has come? Are you willing to stand for Me, knowing that it will cost you, even your life? He who loves his life in this world will lose it, but he who loves Me will gain true everlasting life. To die to self is to gain true life. Humility comes before honor, not that you are brought low, for that is for the proud and haughty. But he who humbles himself before men and before his God, submitting to His commands, shall be lifted up with Him.


Received 9-25-17

Watch and wait, pray with focus.


Received 9-26-17

Can you trust Me? I will bless those who come. I have been speaking to them already, just as I speak to all My people. You will witness My grace and kindness. My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me.


Received 9-27-17

What is lost, can be found again. What is gained, can be lost. Diligence is needed, watchfulness and prayer. The enemy does not rest, neither should you. I give My people rest from their striving and self-effort, as they trust in Me.


Received 9-28-17

Where there is life in any form, there I have been. I am still creating, designing, making, shaping, arranging so that all will notice and seek after Me. I am still working in your life to lead you to Me.


Received 9-29-17

Do not be anxious, but pray. She is relying upon Me and so should you.


Received 9-30-17

My will is being done all over the world as people are coming to Me in repentance and in need. The more needs the better as My grace covers it all. Those who don’t think they have any needs are deceiving themselves in their pride and independence. I am the Source for all supply. Why seek after that which doesn’t satisfy?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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