Received 7-1-17

What is needed is to believe in Me and to love Me. What is not needed is to worry. How much time do you spend praising Me, thanking Me, even just thinking about Me?

Received 7-2-17

I care about him and I care about you. I care about My people. I am aware of what they are doing and thinking. I hear their prayers and the cries of their hearts. I know those who believe in Me.

Received 7-3-17

Open your eyes to see what I am doing around you. I am working on your behalf. The more you give yourself to Me, the more I can help you. Right now I have a strong covering over you to bless what you do. But if you were to invite Me to help you in what you are doing, how much more could I do on your behalf. How much more wisdom and understanding My Spirit has for you. You see Him at work as you lead the study discussion. He reminds you of My Word, what you have read and studied before. You realize that He is helping you. So why not ask Him directly for His help? Why not acknowledge what He is doing for you by praising and thanking Him? You are doing this in a limited way now, but there is so much more for you. You are relying on yourself. My helpers are all around you to help you do so much more. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened for you.

Received 7-4-17

In every situation, I am there for you. Nothing happens in your life by chance. Your experiences are shaped to make you more like Me. Train your spirit to see Me, to hear Me, to know Me, to praise Me and to love Me.

Received 7-5-17

Peace I give you, not as the world gives. Assurance of salvation I give you, not based on what you do, but what My Son has done. Joy I give you, not as the world gives, but welling up for those who put their trust in Me and are filled with My Spirit. Love I give you, not as the world gives, but unconditional, covering, deep, encouraging, forgiving, transforming. Receive what I have for you. Walk in it.

Received 7-6-17

Love, faith, hope – do you understand these? Father, Son, Spirit – do you know Us? We are related, we are in harmony, we are in unity, we are love, we are holy. Spend your time seeking us and you will do well.

Received 7-7-17

I love you. I have not left you as an orphan, but I have sent My Spirit to be with you. My Spirit instructs you about Me and about you.

Received 7-8-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Look forward to the days ahead. The only thing good about the past is my victory on the cross and My Spirit being poured out to My people. I am redeeming you in your humanness to become like Me.

Received 7-9-17

In Your Name there is power.

Be still and know that I am God. Let your heart sense My Presence. Let My words fill your heart with life and truth. Replace the lies of the enemy with My Word.

Received 7-10-17

Once upon a time, far, far away – this is how the lie of the enemy came and has been repeated over and over to those without sense or wisdom. I am near and not far away. I have existed since before eternity. I have made man in My image. I work to make those who seek Me to be more like Me, with My attributes, so that our fellowship can be meaningful and with much life. I love those I have made and I give them many gifts.

Received 7-11-17

I am near, but where are you? Draw near, press in. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will not leave you as orphans, but I will send you my Spirit to be with you. He will teach you all that you need to know about Me. He is My gift to You.

Received 7-12-17

I know and I care. Every trial has a purpose, but mostly to make you call upon Me. You are weak, but I am strong. You are limited, but I am unlimited.

Received 7-13-17

What has happened in the past is a warning for those in the future, for those with discernment and wisdom. My Word teaches from the past, but is full of life for today and tomorrow. Your life experience can help someone else. Your testimony of how I helped you can be the key for someone else to pray in faith, to wait expectantly, to have hope for the answer. When you draw near, I can reveal the truth you need. Knowledge with wisdom brings life. I am your Source.

The Bible – the Holy Spirit teaches us to apply its truth

Godly counsel – from relationships with others of the faith, from Pastors, in sermons, in teachings, in LTGs, mentors, life group men

Prayer – seeking the Lord for answers and guidance

Circumstances – Holy Spirit wisdom to discern the signs from what is happening around us

Holy Spirit guidance – peace or no peace

Example of Paul’s desire to return to Jerusalem in spite of prophetic warnings – helped him get to Rome, gave him time to write his letters, gave him opportunity to be a witness before people, guards and kings, perhaps prolonged his life, trained others to minister in his place (Timothy, Titus), his life story passed on to us by Luke in Acts.

Example of Jesus – His relationship with the Father, times of prayer, revelation (word of knowledge and wisdom)

from the Spirit as He ministered

Example of Noah – hearing God initially and in details of how to build the ark, gather the animals and make provisions, when to enter and when to leave the ark, his obedience and faith, his testimony and witness to an unbelieving and wicked generation.

Received 7-14-17

Stepping out in faith is more than doing, it is believing in Me and reliance on Me, so that you can do immeasurably more than what you can do by yourself. Even the mundane act of service can be transformed into the supernatural with My power. Peter was presumptuous, but desperate to be in the protection and presence of the Lord, in spite of the circumstances. Witnessing the supernatural working of God is not enough. It’s when you try to do what you cannot do and will utterly fail without God, that’s when it goes deep into your soul that God is real and alive and wants to use you. My disciples witnessed My healing power, but when I sent them out, they came back with joy that they had power to cast out demons and heal the sick as I commanded them.

Received 7-15-17

Everything I do is motivated by My love for you and those I have made. Just as a parent cares for his children, so do I and much more. What motivates you? You have separated yourself from some of the world and that is good for you to do. Now train yourself to focus on Me throughout the day. Allow My love to overwhelm you.

Received 7-16-17

All is not lost. My Spirit is at work in you and in them. I love them too. I care for them because 0f you.

Received 7-17-17

This is a special day. Pay attention to what My Spirit tells you. Listen throughout the day and be ready. What is ministry, but to do what I did.

Received 7-18-17

Be wise with your time and what you take into your mind and heart. Guard your heart. Pray and intercede as you have time. Change how your pray as My Spirit will guide. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added unto you.

Received 7-19-17

Let love be your guide. My love for you is strong enough to carry you through the storms in your family.

Received 7-20-17

Don’t look for a natural explanation for it is a spiritual attack. You do not have to be perfect. Everyone has flaws. Satan wants to divide families and nations and churches.

Received 7-21-17

Every good and pleasing thing comes from Me. The enemy wants to counterfeit this in drugs and sinful behavior, which always has a downside and consequences. The wages of sin is death. For those who seek after Me, there is life and life to the full.

Received 7-22-17

To part the water, the priests had to be obedient to step into the water. Moses had to stretch forth his staff over the water. Peter had to step out of the boat. You have to obey what I command you in spite of what you see. My love will compel you.

Received 7-23-17

What is love? Greater love is this that a man lay down his life for another. One who loves, denies himself and obeys My Word.

Received 7-24-17

The world is being made ready for My Son to return. Keep your eyes open. Pray for the peace of My city Jerusalem. Pray for My people.

Received 7-25-17

You are learning. You are growing in My love. What is old becomes new in My kingdom. What is new becomes old in this world.

Received 7-26-17

You should not be surprised. He cares about people. They are showing him attention, even if it is for the wrong reasons. I care about My people, both you and him. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

Received 7-27-17

I am yours and you are Mine. Do not be anxious, but ask Me to help you.

Received 7-28-17

Walk with Me. Let Me be your guide.

Received 7-29-17

Open doors of communication and love. Be proactive and involved. Passively waiting will bring few results. Waiting with prayer will bring much. Waiting and listening will help.

Received 7-30-17

My victory counts for eternity. Though not all are willing to bow before Me, they will! All authority has been given Me and I give My authority to you over the enemy. He is defeated.

Received 7-31-17

What was new becomes old, fresh becomes stale. I do not change. My promises are new every morning. I give life and life to the full, joy unspeakable, love never ending – for those who love Me and pursue after Me.

Received 8-1-17

Training yourself to listen to My Spirit is very good. Trusting Me to help you is very good. Honoring Me with your lips of praise is very good. Reversing anxious thoughts into declarations of faith is very good. Having a willingness to obey in love what My word says and what My Spirit asks is very good.

Received 8-2-17

There is nothing I cannot do with your faith and My power and grace. How big does your faith have to be? Find out by asking Me with the knowledge of who I AM you have. It is not what you are asking Me to do, it’s about who I AM in your heart, in your universe. What I have done before I can do again. What I have promised is still true. Who I AM is still here for you and for My people. Moses kept coming back to be with Me, so too you must keep coming to Me.

Received 8-3-17

His failings are your failings. What breaks your heart? Who are you serving?

Received 8-4-17

My heart is full of love and joy. The end is near. My time is at hand. You will witness My glory on the earth as never before.

Received 8-5-17

All things work out together for My good and My glory.

Received 8-6-17

You are learning to trust Me. You don’t have to get it right, just lean on Me and I will make it right. Right might be different for Me. Even trusting in Me and failing is better than trying on your own with some success in the natural. Ishmael was a success in man’s eye’s, but not My will. Sacrifices and offerings don’t please Me if done with a deceitful heart. I see the heart.

Received 8-7-17

These men will please Me as they try to be like Me for others. Cover them with prayer.

Received 8-8-17

Open your eyes to see the wonders I have made. Explore and marvel and give Me praise.

Received 8-9-17

It pleases Me that you want to hear from Me. Ask Me questions. Talk with Me. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You are not alone. Others are at work. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 8-10-17

It is not up to you. You were faithful to do what you could. Keep interceding.

Received 8-11-17

When you come to Me, bring an offering of praise and thanksgiving, not an animal sacrifice, but the fruit of your lips. This turns My heart towards you. My heart is toward you a lot, more than you can know. I love My people as a father a child, as a mother to a nursing babe, much more, deeper and forever.

Received 8-12-17

Much is given to give away. Freely give not expecting anything in return. I will notice and be your reward. I am the Reward.

Received 8-13-17

Wise is the man who seeks after Me. It is not in you, but in Me that Truth and Life reside.

Received 8-14-17

I know rejection from family.

Received 8-15-17

I am at work on your behalf to restore what the enemy has done. His lies will be exposed. The end is near. People are believing his lies as it was foretold. I am the way, the life and the truth, altogether and separately. People must accept and believe in Me as the whole, not for what they want. I am Lord of all and over all. My Word is Truth.

Received 8-16-17

My way will lead to glory. My path is narrow but sure for those who choose to walk in it. My Spirit will guide. My Word will guide. Keep your eyes on Me and not on the things of this world. This world is failing and full of lies. The restraint is lifting as men pursue their own way. Be at peace for I am Lord over all.

Received 8-17-17

There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. All men will die, but I have life for those who believe.

Received 8-18-17

He who knows My Word will be blessed if he does what it says. The good man brings forth what is good for others. Love comes before pleasure. Love is patient, love is kind.

Received 8-19-17

What you have done is good with My help. I help My people. My ways are best as you have seen. Rejoice and be glad for this is the day of the Lord. All things become new in My kingdom. In My Name there is victory, healing, deliverance and whatever you need.

Received 8-20-17

Take each opportunity to live for Me. It is not enough to stop from doing wrong, for I have paid that price in full for you. No, you must live for Me to expand My kingdom around this fallen world. Take back what the enemy has stolen.

Received 8-21-17

What is new has been before. From ages past I knew you and I know you now. Lift up your heart to Me. Come into My presence with singing. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in My book of life. You will experience life forevermore.

Received 8-22-17

Wise is the man who puts his trust in Me and not in himself. Put My Word in your heart and you will be at peace.

Received 8-23-17

Be aware of the spiritual activity around you. Do not assume, but discern with My Spirit. Mike was bound, but your presence stirred him. My grace covers you. There is much activity in your government and leaders. The enemy is stirring up hostility and strife, anger. Most of what is obvious in the natural has a demon prodding behind. Pray and take authority, My authority, over what is happening. My will is being accomplished to expose the emptiness of human effort. Foolishness abounds and judgment will come.

Received 8-24-17

Let My thoughts be in you. I love you and want what is best for you. Do you believe this? You seem to be willing to give up your plans and to do My will. Is that right? What is holding you back?

Received 8-25-17

What is gained can be lost through inattention and undisciplined living. Sin is always crouching at your door. My grace is sufficient in your weakness. My Spirit is at work always on your behalf. Call upon Me.

Received 8-26-17

I will declare the wonders of my God. He is all powerful – placing the stars, planets, moons, asteroids in the heavens for man to see and ponder; healing those who call upon Him in faith; raising the dead in newness of life forevermore; He has perfectly positioned the sun, earth and moon so that we can have the conditions for life. He has displayed His glory in creation with the multitudes and variety of life forms, colors, sizes, relating to one another in His design and plan. He has made man in His image and likeness, able to think, reason, remember and seek out their God. He has loved us and loves us in spite of our sinful ways. He has made a way to know Him. He forgives our sins and gives us His grace and His Holy Spirit to help us in our weaknesses. Marvelous and awesome in every way is our God.

Received 8-27-17

Blessed are those who choose to walk in My ways in faith. They will not be shaken in hard times. Troubles only cause them to seek Me more. Even death has no alarm to them for they have confidence in the resurrection from the dead. Trust Me for your family. I am at work to bring glory to My Name.

Received 8-28-17

I am with you to bless you and keep you. When you go through the storm, I am there.

Received 8-29-17

All things are possible for those who believe in Me and hope for My coming again. All authority on heaven and earth has been given to Me. I give this to you in My Name. Rescue those who are perishing. Heal the sick, raise the dead. Bring life to a lost generation.

Received 8-30-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Look beyond yourself to what is happening around you. People need to hear the gospel. People need to be encouraged with words of life and hope.

Received 8-31-17

People need help but don’t know how to ask. People like you are proud and have their excuses.

Received 9-1-17

Rejoice and be glad for My work in you and in My people never ends until that Day. You are born again into a new life of victory and promise and hope and faith. The old has passed away, the new has come. Blessed be the name of the Lord forevermore. Control your tongue and give Me glory.

Received 9-2-17

What is in a man? Can you see his body parts? Can you understand how they were formed? Where is the source of his life, his person hood? How does he feel, smell, taste, see, hear and think? I know all this and much more. You were made in My image and likeness. You have been given the capacity to seek after Me and to find Me by faith in the unseen.

Received 9-3-17

My way is the only way to Life. No man has the answer. Everything good comes from Me.

Received 9-4-17

What do I see in you? A man trying to do what is right, but falling short. Let My Spirit help you. Pray constantly. Give Me everything.

Received 9-5-17

I am building My temple in you and in My people. I am the light in My temple for all to see and to see by. Open up your eyes to see what I see.

Received 9-6-17

In all things give thanks. Recognize that I am at work on the behalf of My people for good and for My glory.

Received 9-7-17

I have covered you. Not everything you do will be easy. Learn to put Me first and rely on My Spirit and grace. Needy people can have great needs that only I can meet – through My grace, through My people helping, through prayer. Sin brings death in many forms. A sinful world produces needy people. You are My workmanship, created for doing good in a lost world, to those I give you.

Received 9-8-17

The wind of change is coming. Nothing like what you will see has happened like this. Be ready in your spirit and watch with prayer. I am on My throne, but the world will be in chaos. I will show mercy and whom I will show mercy. Be a light shining in a dark world.

Received 9-9-17

All is not lost. I have gained a place in your heart. Don’t be discouraged.

Received 9-10-17

The victory has been won. Now walk it out. You are on the winning team. You have made the right choice to follow Me.

Received 9-11-17

My heart breaks for the needy, the lost, the hurting. My heart breaks for the sinner. I have made a way.

Received 9-12-17

Be like My Son: be obedient to Me in everything, think of others as better than yourself, take up your cross and die daily, follow Me, live according to My Spirit and not your flesh.

Received 9-13-17

I am with you to help you do what I ask of you. Realize that I give you opportunities to be My witness, My love, My grace to others. Every person is precious in My eyes and heart. I created them and gave them life.

Received 9-14-17

My grace is sufficient. My power is unlimited. My victory was complete. My Spirit is with you.

Received 9-15-17

Come enjoy the fruit of your labor. Lift up your head and be glad. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. Bring joy to others.

Received 9-16-17

Change can be good to open your eyes to new ways of living, My ways. Callings don’t change, but assignments do.

Received 9-17-17

Be careful today. I will protect you. I will bless you and keep you. My face is upon you.

Received 9-18-17

All of the days of your life have been counted. To say they are planned out in advance is an understatement. I know you and know how you will respond. Still My Spirit woos and teaches you. The more you say yes to Me in obedience to My will for you, the more I can use you to bring glory to My Name.

Received 9-19-17

What comes before success can be failure. Learning never ceases for the one with a teachable heart. Be humble enough to receive criticism without lashing back or being defensive. Nothing you have really is because of your efforts apart from Me.

Received 9-20-17

All the work of My hands will prosper. You are part of My work as you submit to Me and do as I command.

Received 9-21-17

What is past cannot be done over except in My power. Words spoken, thoughts, and acts done are either full of life or they are full of death. Forgiveness, atonement with what I have done on the cross, is what makes the negative things possible to reverse. A careful disciplined man, full of My Spirit brings forth life in what he does. There can be fruit that will last with the aroma of life. The enemy has been defeated. Don’t let him rob you and hurt you. I have won the victory and given you the authority in My name to restore and heal and proclaim life in all of its forms.

Received 9-22-17

Relax and enjoy this day. It is a gift from Me to you. Each day is full of life for those who know Me and can sense what My Spirit is doing around them. Be full of grace always. Be thankful and expectant. Every encounter with others has potential to experience life and to give life away. Let your words be full of life.

Received 9-23-17

There is a time and a season for everything. If you are sensitive to the leading of My Spirit, you will be able to find where and what is best for your time in the sun.

Received 9-24-17

Does it bother you that persecution will come, that it has come? Are you willing to stand for Me, knowing that it will cost you, even your life? He who loves his life in this world will lose it, but he who loves Me will gain true everlasting life. To die to self is to gain true life. Humility comes before honor, not that you are brought low, for that is for the proud and haughty. But he who humbles himself before men and before his God, submitting to His

Received 9-25-17

Watch and wait, pray with focus.

Received 9-26-17

Can you trust Me? I will bless those who come. I have been speaking to them already, just as I speak to all My people. You will witness My grace and kindness. My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me.

Received 9-27-17

What is lost, can be found again. What is gained, can be lost. Diligence is needed, watchfulness and prayer. The enemy does not rest, neither should you. I give My people rest from their striving and self-effort, as they trust in Me.

Received 9-28-17

Where there is life in any form, there I have been. I am still creating, designing, making, shaping, arranging so that all will notice and seek after Me. I am still working in your life to lead you to Me.

Received 9-29-17

Do not be anxious, but pray. She is relying upon Me and so should you.

Received 9-30-17

My will is being done all over the world as people are coming to Me in repentance and in need. The more needs the better as My grace covers it all. Those who don’t think they have any needs are deceiving themselves in their pride and independence. I am the Source for all supply. Why seek after that which doesn’t satisfy?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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