Received 6-23-17

What is in a name? In My name there is power and all authority. Use My name for you are in Me and I am in you. Break off the chains of darkness. Set free the captives. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. All things are possible in My name. If I did it, so can you.


Received 6-24-17

Life is empty without My presence. No labor of man can provide what I am. Call upon Me and rejoice.


Received 6-25-17

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Everything I have is a gift to you. In Me are the resources that you need. Don’t waste your time seeking after them in the world for they are deceitful and empty. I care about you. If you realize how much I think about you and know what you are thinking and doing, then you will have peace. Peace is a gift from My hand.


Received 6-26-17

What is in the heart of man? I know, even more than a man knows himself. It is My joy to see a man who lets Me make changes as He cooperates with My Spirit and as he submits and obeys My Word.


Received 6-27-17

My way or what? Let Me help you do what is needed and what is helpful. Ask Me for wisdom. Ask Me.


Received 6-28-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. He will rescue His people and bring judgment on His enemies. Who is downcast but he who does not look to Me, the author of life?


Received 6-29-17

My grace is sufficient for you. Pray and seek My wisdom and knowledge. Don’t rely on your own strength or knowledge or wisdom. You are weak, but I am strong in ways you cannot understand.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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