Received 6-16-17

I am great and you are My chosen ones to bring Me glory. Let your lips sing out My praise and testify of My goodness and what I have done for you and in you. People need to hear and you need to speak. This is My timing for you and for him. Allow My Spirit to teach you.


Received 6-17-17

What is in a man? Does he have: hope or despair? Does he desire to do good or evil? What is in your heart? I see a changed heart, more like Me every day as My Spirit works. Your experiences are for learning as you seek Me. Be at peace and enjoy the wife of your youth. I have given you this pause at this time knowing everything.


Received 6-18-17

I will always love you. I love My people and I have from the beginning. Sometimes love means punishment for wrongdoing and disobedience. Sometimes it is withdrawing so that the forces of evil prevail for a season. My promises are yes and amen for those who believe. Belief in Me has benefits and responsibilities. You must allow My Spirit to do His work. I know that you are weak, so I give you My grace. Help comes through prayer.


Received 6-19-17

Come and be quiet. What I have, I give to you. Train yourself to always think of the spiritual aspect of what is happening. What is coming upon the world is a spiritual attack – the forces of evil against My people and against Me. They have all rebelled and are believing the lie. They will believe what some say because they agree with what they say regardless of what the truth is. Soon the lie will be exposed for what it is. Foundations are crumbling. The house is shaking. Do not be caught up in this world for it is failing. Let My Word be your source of truth and life.


Received 6-20-17

Do not think or imagine what might be negative in a person. It is not for you to judge for I am their Judge. I can redeem anyone with My love and forgiveness. I can heal and restore. What have I done in your life? Paul thought that he was the chiefest of sinners because of his persecution and ill treatment of My people. I have saved many who were not deserving and that is what mercy is about. Learn mercy and how to show or give mercy to others. Forgiveness is a big part of mercy. Blessing and prayer for others is mercy. Love is mercy and grace. Yes My grace is unlimited in power and scope, but your grace given to others can be powerful as My Spirit leads you.


Received 6-21-17

Pray and rejoice for I am with you. My Word sustains you for all situations. I am a Life-giver. You too should give away your life.


Received 6-22-17

I will open the doors wider for you. Opportunities will come from Me. Say yes to Me now and yes when the opportunities come. Allow your spirit to trust in My Spirit. I have words of life for you and for those you help.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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