Received 5-6-17

There are many people who need help, and it is difficult to help them. How much patience do you have? Do you have enough grace and compassion? What is your attitude if it was their fault for their problems? Are the problems with sinful behavior different than emotional, mental or physical problems? What about people who disagree with you on issues? Can you love all of these as I love you? Do people have to be like you before you will help them? What about people in other lands? I died for everyone I made, even those who say they hate Me.


Received 5-7-17

Gather your thoughts and let me examine them. What is your focus? Set your eyes on My Son and what He has done for you. Study His teachings. Learn from Him about real life.


Received 5-8-17

The sun rises and the sun goes down. Life continues because of My plan and My grace. Each day is a gift of life to you. Celebrate and welcome each day. Celebrate those in your life.


Received 5-9-17

All things are possible. My love is great and so is My grace. There is no formula for love, except you must love to be My disciple. Decide to love and I will empower you to love as I love.


Received 5-10-17

What matters today is that you keep looking to Me. This is not real life for you, only a break, a celebration.


Received 5-11-17

Walk in the light with truth as your guide, truth from My Word. The world is full of lies and deception and unbelief. Faith will grow if you exercise it.


Received 5-12-17

People have two sides or faces – the public side and the private side, who they are when no one can see what they are doing. I see both, but I look at the private side and what is in the heart of a person. I look for faith in Me and in My Word. I see your faith, but you allow your mind to wander on the things of this world. Repent and have a pure heart.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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