Received 4-29-17

Be careful today to look for Me in what you do. Rejoice and be glad.


Received 4-30-17

What is new, happened before. Each generation experiences something new. My Word has new meaning and application. I am new and I am old – I do not change: I AM.


Received 5-1-17

I can see all that you do. Can you see Me in what you are doing? Watch for Me. This is the world I have made. These are My people, even those who haven’t responded to My love. I am reaching out to them all in My love and grace.


Received 5-2-17

What is Mine I give to My people, freely and with love and grace. Can you say the same?


Received 5-3-17

Relax and receive the joy of this day. Give Me praise in all that you do. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Come before Me with thanksgiving. Acknowledge and testify of My goodness and faithfulness. Celebrate and remember. Be at peace about everything in your life for I am taking care of you.


Received 5-4-17

Much to do, but not too much that really matters. Take My yoke upon you and follow Me. Everything you do will be blessed then. Let Me tell you what to do for others. Give of yourself, but give wisely and to meet real needs. Pray and intercede for others should be number one. Be cheerful and loving and not grumbling. You are serving My body – worthy of My shed blood.


Received 5-5-17

All of your cares are Mine. I take care of My people, not to keep them from all hardship and pain, but to keep them with Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Guard your heart against false idols.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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