Received 4-21-17

My grace is sufficient. My Son did not heal everyone. He said that in the world you would always have the poor. People are mistreated every day. How big is your heart?


Received 4-22-17

Let Me help you. I have the wisdom that you need. I know his heart and soul. Pray and break off the chains of pride and manipulation.


Received 4-23-17

You are raised from the dead. What was dead in the old man is now new in the new man of the Spirit. My Spirit is at work in you to bring Me glory. My Spirit is at work in you to bring forth life in its fullness.


Received 4-24-17

What do you have and what do you need? All those who call upon Me  will be saved. I am everything you need.


Received 4-25-17

Rejoice and be glad for the day is soon approaching when freedom will come with My Son and all the chains of the enemy and sin will be broken away. The mockers will mock, but their words will come back to them as bitter pills. My Word will be magnified. There will be new chapters written as the story continues. Be about doing My business with My Spirit strongly working in you and through you. Play no games with sin for the time is short and My people will rise up and shine like the sun of righteousness.


Received 4-26-17

The Spirit of the Lord brings freedom from the law of sin and death. The price has been paid in full. The demands have been met. The sacrifice was given. Receive what I have done in faith. Walk it out with My grace. Change your thinking to align with My Word. Experience who I am as you seek Me in all that you do.


You will walk and not run. The enemy will flee before you. Reclaim the land where your feet walk. Declare the light and love of Christ. Push back darkness in the spiritual realm. Detach their grip off your family. Cancel any foothold and opening they claim. Seal up those holes.


Received 4-27-17

You will make an impact in the heavenlies as you pray. Pray in the Spirit and with understanding. Pray often and boldly. Cover your family with prayer. Intercede as My Spirit directs. It’s not too late, but the battle has been waging. The end is near and resistance is high. We have the victory. It is assured. I said, “It is finished!” What I have done lasts forever. My hands are stretched out for My people. I look upon My scarred hands and I remember. The price was high, but it was needed and joyfully done in spite of the pain. My will was submitted to My Father’s. The enemy had no hold over Me. I laid down My life and I took it up again.


Received 4-28-17

A wise man is he who always calls upon Me, whose lips praise Me in everything, whose heart is clean before Me. A wise man is he who lives to please Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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