Received 3-17-17

Just as the rain and snow fall to the ground, so My Word comes to everyone. Creation speaks. People need what I provide. Daily take in My Word, into the inner man, into the spirit. Erase the false thoughts of your mind and replace them with My Truth. Believe everything I reveal to you. I have what you need.


Received 3-18-17

This day choose who you will serve. This day live for Me and My people. This day look for truth and life in what I reveal in My Word. Boldly declare your love for Me.


Received 3-19-17

Love and be loved. Give and be given unto. What is Mine, I have given to My people.


Received 3-20-17

All things work together for good when I am involved. I am involved in the lives of My people, to those who call upon My Name.


Received 3-21-17

Many a man will graduate, but will be left behind for not continuing the quest of righteousness. Pursue those and rescue them from deception and darkness.


Received 3-22-17

With God all things are possible.


Received 3-23-17

Watch and see Me at work in your life. Allow My Spirit access into your heart. Allow Him to break your heart and then to put it back together.


Received 3-24-17

The days of wine and roses, milk and honey – will these temporary pleasures satisfy the soul? What satisfies? Is it peace with God? Is it the anointing of the Spirit? Is it the Presence of God? Is it in doing the will of God? Jesus said, I have come to bring life, abundant life. Is that for all or only for those who seek first His righteousness, His kingdom reign in us?

If you abide with Me and My Word abides with you, you can ask Me for anything and it shall be given unto you. I delight to give good gifts to My people. If we ask according to His will, we know that He hears us and that He will do what we ask.

What about the products of the fall of man? – sickness, pain, hardships, trials, slavery to sin, oppression? I have come to overcome them for you. I have paid the price and won the victory.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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