Received 3-9-17

What is in your hand? I am taking care of you always. Do not fear.


Received 3-10-17

All things can work out for good through prayer. Nothing is impossible for Me. I can redeem any situation. Your sins can be covered by My Son’s blood. Death and destruction are temporary in light of eternity. His struggle is your struggle for you must love as you would want to be loved.


Received 3-11-17

My love is greater than any hate or cruelty. Death cannot stop My love and grace, for there is life after death.


Received 3-12-17

When My Spirit blows into a gathering, those with sensitive spirits can recognize the change in the spiritual atmosphere. I can soften hardened hearts like butter. I can reach dulled hearts, scarred by pain and unbelief. My power is unlimited, but I do not violate your will. An open heart can receive. Your spirit is the window into who you are and what you can see in the spiritual realm.


Received 3-13-17

All who come to Me will find Me and be satisfied. I am the source of life. What was begun long ago will come to its conclusion. Then a new world will begin. What is new will not die, but will live on in glory.


Received 3-14-17

Be patient and love, as you would want to be loved. Honor him as a person.


Received 3-15-17

When life gets hard, who can you turn to? Come to Me.


Received 3-16-17

Just as the wind blows, so My Spirit will blow across the land fanning the flames of life and power and faith to believe. Listen often for what He will say to you. He wants to help you know what to do and what I am doing among My people. I have planted many seeds of life. They will germinate in their time.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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