Received 2-16-17

My Name is great. There is no one like Me. I bow before no one. Offer the sacrifice of praise from your lips and heart. Offer your life to Me.


Received 2-17-17

All your efforts mean less than the prayer you bring before My throne. You are limited, but I am not. I love you and I have a good plan for your life. Seek after Me always and I will reveal Myself to you.


Received 2-18-17

When the roar dies down, then the people will see and hear. Continue to be My witness in words and deeds. Allow My Spirit to speak to you to direct your steps.


Received 2-19-17

What are you looking for? What are you seeking after? Where is your heart’s treasure? I have met all of your needs. I can be all that you want.


Received 2-20-17

Be at peace, My peace and joy. May your eyes be on Me and My promises.


Received 2-21-17

When you were a child, I nurtured you. When you were a young man, I tutored you. When you were a new believer, I discipled you. Now I show you who I am. My voice is going out to all who will listen. I am leading My sheep and My church. Do not fear the future, for I am there with you.


Received 2-22-17

My grace is covering you and all that you do. Do not hesitate to proclaim My Word and My truth. I have opened and will open doors for you. My Truth will set you free of the bondage of sin and unbelief. Trust Me with everything and give to Me everything. You have the source of all revelation in My Word and in My Spirit. Ask Me anything and I will reveal what you need.


Received 2-23-17

I will bless you and keep you and make My face to shine upon you, and grant you peace. As you give yourself to Me, I will give Myself to you.


Received 2-24-17

There is life in My Name. Use My Name to speak life and truth and grace. My authority is in My Name. It is who I AM.


Received 2-25-17

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the God of your fathers. I am the God who cares for you now and who loves you with an everlasting love. What do you need? Come to Me and ask. My hope is your hope. My life is your life. My joy is your joy. My eye is upon you for good. These words will not fail.


Received 2-26-17

Your name is great and every created thing bows before you. Where there is life, there I am. Sin and death versus forgiveness and life. I restore, I redeem, I heal, I deliver.


Received 2-27-17

What is hidden will be revealed. The lies of the enemy will be disclosed. Truth will reign. Love will win over hate. Every eye shall see Me in My glory. All doubts will be erased. The desire of man’s heart will be made known, either rejoicing at My coming or fear. They will look upon the One whom they pierced and mocked. Their mouths will be stopped up. The demons will flee into capture. The whole world will tremble. The creation will meet its Creator.


Received 2-28-17

Much is given and much is required, but do not grow weary. Come to Me and find rest for your soul. Strengthen your spirit in My Word and in My Spirit. My Word contains life.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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