Received 11-16-16

My Word will go forth to all the ends of the earth. All will hear the good news – A Savior has come to take away sins.


Received 11-17-16

My ways are higher and best. Give Me praise because I am working on your behalf and My glory. All that I have made is good. Even now what has been corrupted by sin and unbelief, these can be redeemed and restored. Nothing is impossible for Me.


Received 11-18-16

All of my life You have been working for me. Great is the Lord. Wonderful is He. With the Lord on my side, what can happen to me? My lips will testify of Your goodness Lord.


I am at work. Trust Me to do what is best for you. Give Me thanks and praise always.


Received 11-19-16

My eyes shall behold Him. He will be arrayed in Glory, full of Light. He will see through me and into me.

Rejoice and be glad for that day will soon come, but not without hardship and testing. Those on the earth shall see the glory of the Lord when He comes, but it will be too late for many. Every eye shall see Him.


Received 11-20-16

Come to the table and feast on what I have for you. See My goodness and experience My love. Is there anything more that you could need?


Received 11-21-16

Come, run away with Me, where I dwell. Spend your time with Me. Give your heart over to Me. Watch for the dawn to rise up in your heart as My fullness overtakes you.


Received 11-22-16

Only a few can prepare their hearts for what is coming. Those whom I have called for this time will be ready. Others will learn, but after the fact, as My glory is revealed in them. Look at My disciples, how they struggled to believe, even as I was with them, teaching them. But when they received the fullness of My Spirit, then finally their spiritual eyes were opened. Be determined to follow My Spirit.


Received 11-23-16

Open your eyes and you will see My glory. It can be found in what I have made. It can be found in actions I have taken to turn a person or a nation. You can experience it as you look at your changed heart. Love will eventually win out over hatred, lies, anger, lust and any sin you could name.


Received 11-24-16

This is a new day, yet an old day. What you are experiencing is normal. Be willing to sacrifice for your family and for Me. Who is the greatest, but the one who serves?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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