Received 11-8-16

Cast your cares on Me. Give Me your burdens. The end will not be like the beginning. I will restore but also change. Be about My business and calling for your life. I will take care of the other things. I will not abandon you, nor your family. Be strong in Me. Speak life and hope. Declare what you know to be true – to yourself and to others who are looking to you.


Received 11-9-16

When I asked what does this all mean?

Come and I will show you. Your nation has turned a corner. It was moving away from Me and now it will pursue Me. I will speak to your leaders and will lead them. As long as My people are praying, I will respond. I will be glorified. My name is Jehovah Jireh – the Lord will provide. I have provided a Savior, a sacrifice worthy of praise and honor for all to see. Lift Him up and proclaim My truth. What is flawed, can be filled. Pray and rejoice. Look not to a man, but to Me.


Received 11-10-16

Much is required where much is given. I have revealed Myself to you in many different ways. I will continue to show Myself to you as you seek after Me. I love you and those you love. One must give up their opinions and beliefs that are conflicting with who I am, for I do not change. I am who I have revealed Myself to be. The deceiver has planted seeds of doubt and unbelief. He lies about who I am and some take those lies as their own beliefs. Allow My Word to wash those thoughts out, to expose them. False love, conditional love is not who I am. Forgive and release your loved ones to Me. Be careful what you speak about them. Declare salvation and life over them.


Received 11-11-16

An undivided heart, focused solely on Me, full of love and devotion – this is the one who pleases Me, who I can use greatly. Are you that person? I see the heart and I fill that heart with My love.


Received 11-12-16

My hand is on you. I am guiding you. Be open, alert, flexible, determined to follow. I will take of your issues of life. Seek after Me and what I am doing in you and through you.


Received 11-13-16

Give your cares to Me. Pray and don’t be anxious. Don’t withdraw, but be engaged in life – with people and family.


Received 11-14-16

What have you learned? I am at work. Be patient, yet always praying. Present yourself before Me.


Received 11-15-16

I am on the Throne, seeing and knowing everything. Does this bring you peace? I guide the hands and feet of a man. I direct his steps. I inspire and guide. I will be found by all who seek after Me, who seek Me with all of their heart. I know when a man is just saying words with his tongue, but his heart is elsewhere. Who is for Me is not against Me. I can work with a person who believes that I exist.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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