Received 10-11-16

Open your heart to receive from My hand. My gifts will sustain you through any situation. These gifts are temporary revelations of truth for others, not unlike prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom. Learn from Me and you will bless others. Banish pride and self, rather seek to bring Me glory. I am the Author of Life and I give the keys to life to unlock the snares of sin and bondage from the enemy. Rescue many with My love and grace and truth.


Received 10-12-16

Much is given. I am pouring out My grace as people pray. The world is turning dark, but the day is coming. Do not despair, but have hope in Me. The world is groaning under chaos, sin, injustice, oppression. The rule of law is mocked and people do what seems right for them. The enemy has sown well his lies and now people are reaping destruction. Every person is flawed. Good men are cast aside as ineffective. Be aware and pray. Lift up the hands that hang down. Be a beacon of light and truth and love. Speak words of encouragement and life.


Received 10-13-16

Do not place your hope in man, for any man will disappoint and fail you. I am the One for you. Love Me with all of your heart.


Received 10-14-16

Where am I? Deep within My people. Keep yourself unstained by the world – bodily and in your mind and spirit. Do not grieve My Spirit, but do what pleases Me – love, forgive, give grace and mercy and kindness, believe Me and My Word, obey My Spirit.


Received 10-15-16

My grace is sufficient in your weakness. Call upon Me in prayer.


Received 10-16-16

I am a Master Craftsman. I Create out of nothing. I give life. I guide the life I make into the path of life. I love My own, what I have made. I reveal Myself to those I have made. None have to be told about Me. All can be saved from sin and darkness and death. I am a personal God, a relational God, a Wonderful Father.


Received 10-17-16

Much is given and much will be required. My grace is sufficient for you. Show grace to others. Love is given unconditionally. Show love to others. Every attribute of who I am is available to you. Stand and count the goodness of the Lord, if you can. Is there any limit to who I am? If I fill the universe that I have made and still be apart from it to control all that happens, can I not fill you with My Spirit so that you can know Me?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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