Received 9-28-16

I will teach you the ways of this world so that you can avoid falling into its traps. The thief is a liar and he wants only to destroy and bring down. But I have come and the victory was won on the cross. Remind him and his workers of the cross. What he thought would be victory was defeat for him. He is judged. It’s not what you see that matters. For the real battle is unseen. What is seen is merely the fallout of sin and the depravity of man. It will get worse. Pray and intercede for your brothers and sisters. Push the darkness away. Reveal the Truth as My Spirit shines on it. He will speak of what He sees and tell of what He hears, My Father and I are at work bringing many into the Kingdom. You must be at work too. The soldier does not get involved in civilian matters. He listens to orders and obeys.


Received 9-29-16

There will come a time when deception will be the norm. People will not be able to recognize truth from a lie. Many will lie and cheat to get ahead, to cover up. After a while they will believe their own story. The media will spread lies, for their sources will be corrupted by lies. Bias and prejudices will abound. People will listen only to those who believe what they believe. Even spiritually, people will think they are doing good by attacking My people. They will think that their religion will get them to heaven, no matter how loose its requirements are. My Word will be challenged. Pray and intercede and warn. None of this is new, but it will be new to this generation.


Received 9-30-16

What will you do? How can you inspire men to respond? My Spirit is at work, can we help?


Received 10-1-16

Bring you cares and burdens to Me. Ask Me to turn a man’s heart. Ask Me to intervene in your country, your world and your family. My power has no limit. I have restrained Myself so that man can see the folly of his ways. Pride and deceit are evident, sin and corruption of mind and body fill the airwaves. When will My people repent and call upon Me?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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