Received 7-1-16

I am with you. Your heart is in My hands. Your life is in My hands.

Received 7-2-16

Life is good and beautiful for the one who knows Me for I am with him as a loving parent. He rests secure in My love. He has no care but to be with Me, to please Me by doing what I ask of him. My burden is light and My yoke is easy.

Received 7-3-16

My Word brings life and correction. Love equals obedience – if you love Me, you will obey My commands. Believe in Me and the door to life will open for you, and My glory will be revealed in you.


Received 7-4-16

My Love will overcome what is lacking in you. I give to those I love all that they need to love Me and to love others.

Received 7-5-16

Today keep watch over those you love. Guard them from the attacks of the enemy. Stand guard, but also go to battle to bring down the forces coming against them. They are not aware.

Received 7-6-16

I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by Me. The thief climbs in over the fence to steal. My way is narrow. My sheep hear and know My voice. My sheep have My peace because I am with them. I am all that you need.

Received 7-7-16

Much is given and much is required. I give My people gifts of service to be used to further My kingdom in ways that bring Me glory. If you are faithful, I will double what you can do with My power working as you call upon Me.

Received 7-8-16

All things work together for good for those who love Me and who are called for My purpose. I know all things and I bring all things into what is good. My ways are best and good. My will is perfect. Say yes to Me and give yourself over to doing what I desire in you. Read My Word and fill your heart and mind with what is says.

Received 7-9-16

Gain knowledge and apply wisdom. Call upon Me for guidance. Learn from the truth of My Word; there are principles of living before Me which will bring blessing and life. Rejoice and be glad for the kingdom of God has come upon you.

Received 7-10-16

Looking ahead to what will come, trusting Me for all things, relying on My power and wisdom – these things are important for you to do. My grace is sufficient, My power is unlimited. Call upon Me, ask of Me and don’t be shy about it. My Son has made a way for you to come into My throne room.

Received 7-11-16

What is in a name? Does a name tell the character of the person? Or does the character of a person support the name. How much does trustworthiness and faithfulness and good servanthood and love and anointed and close to God speak to who the person is? Your behavior can tarnish or strengthen your name? People will listen to you if you have a good reputation for being wise and caring. Wisdom comes from My Word and My Spirit. Grace and anointing come from My Spirit.

Received 7-12-16

I direct the steps of My people, those who desire to do My will and those who will do so in the future. I have plans for each person I create. Yes, I have not stopped creating. Each person is unique and special. It may seem to be a natural process of conception and giving birth, but it is supernatural as I create a living spirit with a body that is forming.

Received 7-13-16

Is there anything that I cannot do? My power and grace are more than sufficient for you and for all of My people. Those who call upon Me will not be disappointed. I am strong. I am love and caring. Even the little ones, the weak, the needy are in My care.

Received 7-14-16

Give Me praise and thanks for who I am. I am much more than you could ever imagine, What I have revealed to man is only the beginning. What could you learn about Me in 80 years? I am love and I am good and I am holy and I am just. Can you be like Me? Yes, by My Spirit living within you. He is at work. Die to yourself and live in My Spirit. Do not be afraid, for you will be with Me forever.

Received 7-16-16

Do you trust Me? Now get to work, keep living and loving. Keep pursuing Me. You realize now that I protected you. I know all about you.

Yes, the world is falling apart as sin begins to take over. It doesn’t take an army to bring carnage, only a man enslaved to sin. Repent and pray for My grace to cover you.

Received 7-17-16

What is ahead for you? Be a man of prayer – inspire others to pray, teach others to pray. Allow My Spirit to guide your prayers. Yes, pray in the Spirit, but also be understanding and respond to know who needs prayer and when to pray.

Received 7-18-16

Fill your mind with My Word. Let My Word guide your steps and attitudes. Truth will win over lies. My Truth lasts forever. My covenant is sure.

Received 7-19-16

Rest in My love. Receive the grace I have for you. I have purchased you and brought you out of darkness and sin so that you can be with Me forever.

Received 7-20-16

My joy is in you to lift you out of depression and worry. My grace is covering you to carry you through any situation. My love for you never ceases.

Received 7-21-16

Rejoice and be glad for what was promised long ago has come. All things are possible for him who believes in Me and My Words. I love you and you will be with Me forever.

Received 7-22-16

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You O Lord. You see my heart and You know my thoughts.

Received 7-23-16

Give yourself to Me and do not turn away from difficult situations. You have been given wisdom and knowledge for every situation. My Spirit will give you words to speak.

Received 7-24-16

Ten-thousand years is just the beginning. Any number you can think of is still too small. How many grains of sand and how many stars – there is a finite number that can be counted, though more are being made every second, but only I know them. I have made you in My image. You have the capacity to understand and think about who I am.

Received 7-25-16

My ways will bring you life and joy. Sin is all around in this world, but My people will shine as lights on a hill in the darkness. My blessings to you stir up the anger of the enemy. He attacks but can’t get far, for he is defeated and holds no power over Me. Banish him from those you love. Speak My Words of life and truth.

Received 7-26-16

The world will know that I sent you for you have My Spirit in you, the Spirit of Truth. My Truth brings freedom from the lies and deception of the enemy and the world. My Truth is an anchor for your soul.

Received 7-27-16

Your name is before Me. I know your name; I know who you are. You are Mine.

Received 7-28-16

Peace be to you. The world may hate you because of Me, but My peace I give to you. Grace and truth join together to bring revelation, understanding and wisdom. My power is made perfect in your weakness. What I do, only I can do.

Received 7-29-16

I will lead you. Pay attention to the voice of My Spirit. Be obedient to pray. Offer your time to Me and I will redeem it and use it for My glory.

Received 7-30-16

As a voice in the wilderness cries out – repent and turn to Me, speak a warning, but also give hope and a promise. My Word contains the truth about life as I designed it to be. I live, I am, I am the Source of all life.

Received 7-31-16

You are godly because I am God and I am in you and you are in Me. My life flows into you and you are changed. You must agree with Me as I change you and remove your old attitudes, opinions, thinking and way of living. Do you eagerly embrace My changes with a willing heart as I point out things during trials and troubles and good times? Is your will submitted to Mine as your Lord and God?

Received 8-1-16

Behold the glory of the Lord, the very Presence of God. Come before My throne. Enter by My Spirit covered with the blood of My Son. We welcome you!

Received 8-2-16

Continue to be open to My Spirit at all times. Even talk to My Spirit – check in. Open your ears to hear and your heart to respond in obedience and faith. All things are possible for him who believes!

Received 8-3-16

Behold your King coming in the clouds, clothed in light. Will a man repent when he is sees the Judge? Will he call out for mercy? Will he shake his fist in rebellion? Free will is given, but My Spirit persuades hearts, making the choice clear. Some have been so blinded by their sin and the enemy’s lies, their ears have been stopped up. The Truth has just become a truth they ignore to their harm. But I don’t give up and nor should you. A hard heart can be softened in a time of need. Instinctively they will call upon Me in their desperation and pain. I love them in spite of their duplicity – wanting My help but not wanting Me. Pray and break off the chains of unbelief. Rescue the weak from the snare of the enemy.

Received 8-4-16

Will your life count? How many conversations about your life and faith can you have? Are you a good witness for Me, testifying what I have done for you? I have a part to play as I bring people into your life for you to interact with. Be ready and be sensitive to My Spirit.

Received 8-5-16

Be patient. Listen more. Discover what it takes to hear on the spot when you need My direction. Every time he went back over the topic as it was written, he was listening. You men were sounding boards and he was weighing what you said. He was praying too.

Received 8-6-16

My name is written upon you. I have marked you with My Spirit. You are Mine. You are flesh of My flesh as it were, coming out of Me. I have brought you forth to do My will. I have empowered you with My Spirit.

Received 8-7-16

My way is best. You have been reminded about how I have planned your life. I have chosen you and appointed you to bear much fruit – fruit in your family and in others. Your faithfulness speaks loudly to others who know you. It’s not just one deed that you have done, but the many deeds done that people notice. But every deed or word can touch someone and be used by My Spirit to bring life.

Received 8-8-16

Keep your eyes open and your spirit in tune with My Spirit. I will bring people to you and I will lead you to people who need to hear your words of life and testimony. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. The prayers of two or more in agreement contain much power. A humble man, fully submitted to Me will accomplish much in My kingdom. Prayer is needed for anything to succeed.

Received 8-9-16

Open your eyes to see into the spiritual world. See the lost souls. See the power of the cross to save.

Received 8-10-16

If today was your last day to live, what would you do? Who would you talk to and what would you say? My Son had a lot to say. Would you write a letter for people to read?

Received 8-11-16

Give your life to Me each day; it is My gift to you. Let Me guide you. Be alert to the things of the Spirit. Give and it shall be given to you. Sow what you want to reap, not to get, but as if you would want to receive from others.

Received 8-12-16

Give Me your peace and I will give you Mine. Yours is incomplete and it can be easily shattered. What I give goes deep within. My peace comes from knowing Me and who I am. I am your shield and defender. I am solid and unchanging. Call upon Me and I will answer.

Received 8-13-16

Today will be a day for rejoicing, a celebration of My resurrection. My disciples were afraid at first to see Me, but as I opened their minds to see what was written about Me, they began to believe. You believe because of their testimony. You believe because of the power of My Spirit within you. You are My witnesses to all the world. Proclaim the Truth as My Spirit gives you words to speak.

Received 8-14-16

Bless the Lord O my soul. He desires a relationship with those he has made. He has the infinite capacity to know everything about us – our thoughts and deeds. He wants us to seek after Him, to believe in Him and His Son, and to enjoy His Spirit working in us.

Do you enjoy spending time with Me? Can you quiet yourself to hear My voice? I am your Teacher. I will use My Word to show you what to do.

Received 8-15-16

With these hands I will bless people. Touch them and pray. Pray for healing and for blessing. Pray in the Spirit and with love. Think of how My Son blessed people. Freely give of yourself.

Received 8-16-16

My ways, My truth will stand. The world is fading away and life will end for every person. Do not put your hope on the uncertain things of this world.

Received 8-17-16

I love you and I sent My Son for you. I speak and you listen. Speak to others for Me. Shine and be joyful and winsome. I am yours and you are Mine. Put your hope in Me. Put your trust in Me. Believe My Word and accept the truth it contains. Rejoice and celebrate My victory over death and sin.

Received 8-18-16

My ways will lead to My glory being revealed in you. All things are possible for the one who believes in Me. I am near to the one who calls upon Me. I am near to the downcast and needy. I am near to My people.

Received 8-19-16

I know My people and what they need. I wait for them to respond to My call, My invitation to receive the priceless gift My Son has given. I can use anyone to accomplish My purposes. I can transform you by My Spirit, but you need to be willing to allow My Spirit to work in you to root out the old sinful nature. This can be a hard process, for your flesh and mind do not easily die. It can take for some a very hard situation to break down the resistance of who you are. You need to be desperate enough not to fall back into the old nature.

Received 8-20-16

Today you will be blessed as My Spirit will empower you to speak words of life. People will seek you out. Be winsome; be ready; be prayerful and listen. Hear the cries of their hearts. Some will try to mask their pain. Do not judge, but love and be gracious.

Received 8-21-16

I am with you. I will never leave you. Pray for them. It’s not what you know about them, but what I am doing in their lives.

Received 8-22-16

My will must be your will. You must choose to seek out My will and obey, not just to avoid sin and disobedience, but to accomplish My plan and purposes for you and others around you. Rejoice and be glad for I do have a plan for you. As you walk in it, you will find it to be good, and pleasing to your spirit.

Received 8-23-16

The time has come for the end of times. Do not look to any man for all have been corrupted. Wars and fighting will increase, so that the people cry out. He who remains till the end will be blessed, but at a great price. The King of Glory comes!

Received 8-24-16

Great is the name of the Lord. For His Name contains power and authority. His Name contains truth and righteousness.

Received 8-25-16

My ways are right and just. I do only good. I lift up those who fall. I carry the weak. I provide for the needy. I give blessing to those who are blessing others. I raise up the lowly for they will follow My commands. Partner with Me and see My glory displayed.

Received 8-26-16

Truth will always come out. Lies will be exposed and confronted. Confess your sins one to another and to Me. Come to Me and be forgiven, healed and restored.

Received 8-27-16

Let your heart and spirit soar to the heavens, to My throne room. Come before Me with praise and thanksgiving. Rejoice in what I have done for you. Worship Me in spirit and in truth. Forgive others, bless others, serve others, pray and intercede for others. When you do these things in My presence you will be changed and they will be helped.

Received 8-28-16

Much is required. No one will notice, except I see. I see into your heart. Ask Me to do great things and then expect and believe. Respond with the faith I give you.

Received 8-29-16

My God is – how would you describe Me? Would you talk about My attributes? Would you talk about how I have helped you? Would you describe what I am not or compare Me to the many false gods of this world? Do you really believe in Me and trust Me for any and every need and situation? Do you love Me? Will you obey My commands?

I have been revealing Myself to you as you go through your life and as you listen to My Spirit. Share what you know about Me with others as I bring them to you.

Received 8-30-16

There is excitement and praise continually around My throne, for I am making all things new. I have not stopped creating. I am the Master Artist, Craftsman, Sculptor, Writer, Musician and Designer. I have given you senses to experience what I create.

Received 8-31-16

The old has past. The new begins. Every day the new comes. I make all things new. Do not cling to the past. Learn from the past, but welcome the future. Let My Spirit be your Teacher. Submit to His examination. We expose so you can see. Within you is My Seed of righteousness. It is shining bright to expose the dross on the surface. Be open and real. What you at times so easily see in others as faults, I can see in you.

Received 9-1-16

What endures to the end is faith. Faith grows stronger as I help you through trials and difficult situations, which are bigger than you could handle. Faith grows in little blessings, answered prayer for little things, as you realize that I am working on your behalf. Faith and hope are related. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Received 9-2-16

Great is the Lord. He is mighty in power and His glory fills the universe He made out of nothing.

When I made the world you know and when I made you, I saw good. I see good now because of what My Son has done in you. You were made in My image and likeness. You can perceive My presence. You can hear My voice. When My Son ascended on high, He gave gifts to men, gifts of My Spirit – power to do all that I desire in you and through you.

Received 9-3-16

Wait upon the Lord, for He will reveal the Truth that you need. Call upon Him. Present yourself before Him. Know that He is God and there is no other. Come into His Presence with thanksgiving and praise.

Received 9-4-16

Let this be a lesson to you. Be sensitive to My Spirit. Humility is better than boldness. You can wrongly presume and judge.

Received 9-5-16

I will bless the work of your hands today. Ask Me for wisdom and understanding. I am all you need.

Received 9-6-16

No one can know the end of a path, the ramifications of the choices we make. For those who know Me and have experienced My Spirit, they have all the wisdom they need – for the asking. I give free will, but I also give wisdom and discernment. The enemy wants to deceive, to lie, to get you off My path. Even if you are on My path, he will try to stall you with confusion and side issues, lies about your past and who you are in the flesh. You have been made new in My Spirit. Walk on My path and live in the power of My grace and love.

Received 9-7-16

Life moves on with sometimes no time for the important things, unless you make time for them. He who follows Me must deny himself and take up his cross daily. Can you leave your schedule open for Me? Can you seek after Me? Will you draw near to Me, expecting Me to come to you?

Received 9-8-16

As the deer pants for water, so my soul longs for you. What is a relationship, if not to be together with one another? I came to reveal Myself to those I created, to those whom I have chosen. They were expecting Me to come. They wanted Me to come. But they wanted a different person. I came to reveal the Father, to show My relationship with My Father. I was not of this world. I came for a short time, to fulfill a mission of life-giving. Then I went back to My Father in heaven. I want to bring you to where I am, to be with Me. But even now I am with you, within you in My Spirit.

Received 9-9-16

Come to Me all who labor, who are burdened. Take up My yoke. Allow Me to lead, to carry you. My grace is sufficient for you, but you must rely on Me and not on yourself. Banish worry and fear. Stand against them in prayer. I am going ahead of you to make a way for you. You will know the place I am going, if you seek after Me. I will lead you.

Received 9-10-16

What are you waiting for? Come before Me with praise. I am doing something new in you. I am touching you in ways you will recognize as from Me.

Received 9-11-16

What is on your heart that I don’t know about? What thoughts that I don’t hear? When will you stop worrying? When will you finally think of Me, to call upon Me? Even if you don’t, I am here with you. I will do what you cannot do, because I love and care for you.

Received 9-12-16

Life can be hard, but My grace can help you overcome despite difficulties. You sensed your pride rising up, seeking recognition. You will overcome because of Me, because of My victory.

Received 9-13-16

I will care for you. I will lift you up over your enemies. My victory is your victory.

Received 9-14-16

Give Me your burdens and I will carry you. My blessing is upon you. Watch for Me today in what you do and who you talk to.

Received 9-15-16

On My right and left are angels and the people I have made. They are praising Me. They are full of joy. My Son is beaming, full of light and glory. He has rescued men from darkness; He has purchased Men from death. We are still at work.

Received 9-16-16

Rescue the lost. Set them free from the bondage of sin and death. Lead them to the cross, to the Savior, to the Lord of all. My chains are gone. I’ve been set free. Break off the chains of unbelief and sin. Pray and intercede. Rebuke the devourer. Wake up the dead, those who are asleep to their need for a Savior.

Received 9-17-16

Come to the well of refreshing water. Drink deeply until you are satisfied. The journey is long, so be filled to sustain you. Come away to a quiet place to rest. Let My Presence envelop you. Do not be weary, but be strengthened. I will make the way before you.

Received 9-18-16

Where My Spirit is there is liberty. Sin brings bondage to more sin. My Spirit frees you from sin as you obey My Word. Call upon Me.

Wash me with Your Word. Cleanse me with Your blood.

Received 9-19-16

Grace and mercy cover you. Rejoice and let your spirit rise to Me. What brings life is found in Me. I am alive and I give My Spirit freely to all who call upon Me.

Received 9-21-16

What is in your hand? What tools do you have? What knowledge of the Holy One can you possess to pass on to others? Do not hold back from proclaiming the truth and warning people from the path of destruction they are following. It is not about sin, but unbelief and rebellion, thinking they don’t want to believe in a God who will demand things from them. They don’t realize the great love I have for them. They don’t understand the goodness of My heart toward them. They believe the false teachers of this world and not the truth from My Word.

Received 9-22-16

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. There is life in My Son. Do you believe in Him?

Received 9-23-16

There is nothing that you can do to earn your salvation. My salvation is free for the asking, free for the receiving by faith. I paid the penalty already for your sins and unbelief.

Received 9-24-16

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. All sin will be exposed. Every good deed will be rewarded. I am a good God and I am a just God. I made a way through My Son to pay for your sins. Your debt has been cancelled and marked paid in full. Make what you do and how you live count. Bring glory to My Name as an example of My love, working in you.

Received 9-25-16

Today you will see My glory. I will bring My glory with you into the place of the enemy. He is defeated and you will see chains come off those he has snared. Speak in My Name and in My power. My Light will shine in a dark place. Expose sin and darkness.

Received 9-26-16

The wages of sin is death, but I have paid the price so that you can live and be free from sin. Rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is near. Do not be afraid, but rejoice. I am coming for My bride. I am coming to make things right again – even more than right.

Received 9-27-16

Give away yourself. Show love and intercede before My throne. The way of the world is hard and damaging to the soul. Be a watchman to warn what is coming. I will reveal all that you need to know.

Received 9-28-16

I will teach you the ways of this world so that you can avoid falling into its traps. The thief is a liar and he wants only to destroy and bring down. But I have come and the victory was won on the cross. Remind him and his workers of the cross. What he thought would be victory was defeat for him. He is judged. It’s not what you see that matters. For the real battle is unseen. What is seen is merely the fallout of sin and the depravity of man. It will get worse. Pray and intercede for your brothers and sisters. Push the darkness away. Reveal the Truth as My Spirit shines on it. He will speak of what He sees and tell of what He hears, My Father and I are at work bringing many into the Kingdom. You must be at work too. The soldier does not get involved in civilian matters. He listens to orders and obeys.

Received 9-29-16

There will come a time when deception will be the norm. People will not be able to recognize truth from a lie. Many will lie and cheat to get ahead, to cover up. After a while they will believe their own story. The media will spread lies, for their sources will be corrupted by lies. Bias and prejudices will abound. People will listen only to those who believe what they believe. Even spiritually, people will think they are doing good by attacking My people. They will think that their religion will get them to heaven, no matter how loose its requirements are. My Word will be challenged. Pray and intercede and warn. None of this is new, but it will be new to this generation.

Received 9-30-16

What will you do? How can you inspire men to respond? My Spirit is at work, can we help?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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