Received 8-23-16

The time has come for the end of times. Do not look to any man for all have been corrupted. Wars and fighting will increase, so that the people cry out. He who remains till the end will be blessed, but at a great price. The King of Glory comes!


Received 8-24-16

Great is the name of the Lord. For His Name contains power and authority. His Name contains truth and righteousness.


Received 8-25-16

My ways are right and just. I do only good. I lift up those who fall. I carry the weak. I provide for the needy. I give blessing to those who are blessing others. I raise up the lowly for they will follow My commands. Partner with Me and see My glory displayed.


Received 8-26-16

Truth will always come out. Lies will be exposed and confronted. Confess your sins one to another and to Me. Come to Me and be forgiven, healed and restored.


Received 8-27-16

Let your heart and spirit soar to the heavens, to My throne room. Come before Me with praise and thanksgiving. Rejoice in what I have done for you. Worship Me in spirit and in truth. Forgive others, bless others, serve others, pray and intercede for others. When you do these things in My presence you will be changed and they will be helped.


Received 8-28-16

Much is required. No one will notice, except I see. I see into your heart. Ask Me to do great things and then expect and believe. Respond with the faith I give you.


Received 8-29-16

My God is – how would you describe Me? Would you talk about My attributes? Would you talk about how I have helped you? Would you describe what I am not or compare Me to the many false gods of this world? Do you really believe in Me and trust Me for any and every need and situation? Do you love Me? Will you obey My commands?

I have been revealing Myself to you as you go through your life and as you listen to My Spirit. Share what you know about Me with others as I bring them to you.


Received 8-30-16

There is excitement and praise continually around My throne, for I am making all things new. I have not stopped creating. I am the Master Artist, Craftsman, Sculptor, Writer, Musician and Designer. I have given you senses to experience what I create.


Received 8-31-16

The old has past. The new begins. Every day the new comes. I make all things new. Do not cling to the past. Learn from the past, but welcome the future. Let My Spirit be your Teacher. Submit to His examination. We expose so you can see. Within you is My Seed of righteousness. It is shining bright to expose the dross on the surface. Be open and real. What you at times so easily see in others as faults, I can see in you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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  1. gregvontobel says:

    Sweet words my friend. God’s speed.

    Greg Von Tobel
    Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries

    “Taking the world for Christ, one cell at a time!”

    “The Last Frontier of Missions” Blog

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