Received 8-15-16

With these hands I will bless people. Touch them and pray. Pray for healing and for blessing. Pray in the Spirit and with love. Think of how My Son blessed people. Freely give of yourself.


Received 8-16-16

My ways, My truth will stand. The world is fading away and life will end for every person. Do not put your hope on the uncertain things of this world.


Received 8-17-16

I love you and I sent My Son for you. I speak and you listen. Speak to others for Me. Shine and be joyful and winsome. I am yours and you are Mine. Put your hope in Me. Put your trust in Me. Believe My Word and accept the truth it contains. Rejoice and celebrate My victory over death and sin.


Received 8-18-16

My ways will lead to My glory being revealed in you. All things are possible for the one who believes in Me. I am near to the one who calls upon Me. I am near to the downcast and needy. I am near to My people.


Received 8-19-16

I know My people and what they need. I wait for them to respond to My call, My invitation to receive the priceless gift My Son has given. I can use anyone to accomplish My purposes. I can transform you by My Spirit, but you need to be willing to allow My Spirit to work in you to root out the old sinful nature. This can be a hard process, for your flesh and mind do not easily die. It can take for some a very hard situation to break down the resistance of who you are. You need to be desperate enough not to fall back into the old nature.


Received 8-20-16

Today you will be blessed as My Spirit will empower you to speak words of life. People will seek you out. Be winsome; be ready; be prayerful and listen. Hear the cries of their hearts. Some will try to mask their pain. Do not judge, but love and be gracious.


Received 8-21-16

I am with you. I will never leave you. Pray for them. It’s not what you know about them, but what I am doing in their lives.


Received 8-22-16

My will must be your will. You must choose to seek out My will and obey, not just to avoid sin and disobedience, but to accomplish My plan and purposes for you and others around you. Rejoice and be glad for I do have a plan for you. As you walk in it, you will find it to be good, and pleasing to your spirit.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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