Received 7-23-16

Give yourself to Me and do not turn away from difficult situations. You have been given wisdom and knowledge for every situation. My Spirit will give you words to speak.


Received 7-24-16

Ten-thousand years is just the beginning. Any number you can think of is still too small. How many grains of sand and how many stars – there is a finite number that can be counted, though more are being made every second, but only I know them. I have made you in My image. You have the capacity to understand and think about who I am.


Received 7-25-16

My ways will bring you life and joy. Sin is all around in this world, but My people will shine as lights on a hill in the darkness. My blessings to you stir up the anger of the enemy. He attacks but can’t get far, for he is defeated and holds no power over Me. Banish him from those you love. Speak My Words of life and truth.


Received 7-26-16

The world will know that I sent you for you have My Spirit in you, the Spirit of Truth. My Truth brings freedom from the lies and deception of the enemy and the world. My Truth is an anchor for your soul.


Received 7-27-16

Your name is before Me. I know your name; I know who you are. You are Mine.


Received 7-28-16

Peace be to you. The world may hate you because of Me, but My peace I give to you. Grace and truth join together to bring revelation, understanding and wisdom. My power is made perfect in your weakness. What I do, only I can do.


Received 7-29-16

I will lead you. Pay attention to the voice of My Spirit. Be obedient to pray. Offer your time to Me and I will redeem it and use it for My glory.


Received 7-30-16

As a voice in the wilderness cries out – repent and turn to Me, speak a warning, but also give hope and a promise. My Word contains the truth about life as I designed it to be. I live, I am, I am the Source of all life.


Received 7-31-16

You are godly because I am God and I am in you and you are in Me. My life flows into you and you are changed. You must agree with Me as I change you and remove your old attitudes, opinions, thinking and way of living. Do you eagerly embrace My changes with a willing heart as I point out things during trials and troubles and good times? Is your will submitted to Mine as your Lord and God?


Received 8-1-16

Behold the glory of the Lord, the very Presence of God. Come before My throne. Enter by My Spirit covered with the blood of My Son. We welcome you!

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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