Received 6-7-16

Let My voice guide you. Seek Me often, even in small things. Let My Word comfort and instruct you. Read, meditate, study, memorize, apply it. Pray with it to remind your spirit what is truth and what is My will about your need or situation. I will speak to you through My Word, just as I am speaking now. Train your spirit to listen in every way possible.


Received 6-8-16

Be careful with any attitude toward the new money that you will receive. Use it as a tool to bless others and not as a possession. Let Me be the owner of everything that you have. I am your Source. This has come about through My blessing for your life. Guard your heart with all diligence.


Received 6-9-16

Yes, meditate on the passages on stewardship. Excel and be diligent. If the money is Mine, it will be blessed. My Spirit is with you. Receive the wisdom of My Spirit. All things are Mine. I see and know everything. Be fruitful and multiply. Care for what I have given you. Work as a good steward.


Received 6-10-16

All that is good, all that is worthy of praise and all that comes from Me will last. Mistakes, sin of any kind, failure, hurt, disappointment, bitterness, unbelief, rebellion, disobedience – all of this will remain on the earth and be forgotten by men who come to Me as they see Me. For an instant, they will see Me on the cross for them, so that they will appreciate what sacrifice I made for them. I will wipe those tears away and they will experience My joy as never before. They will share in My joy, the joy that brought Me to the cross and to the other side of the cross. They will see and experience the love I have for them. My love will heal and erase any and all wounds of the heart. They will live in My love forever.


Received 6-11-16

I know what you need. You know a little, but you could benefit from My knowledge. Just ask and then believe.


Received 6-12-16

If you love Me, you will obey Me and My commands. My yoke is easy and My burden is light for those who will follow after Me. Repent of your unbelief and be ready to respond as My Spirit leads. Train yourself to hear and to respond. Seek after My wisdom and direction.


Received 6-13-16

I will open up doors that have been shut for you. Knock in the Spirit in prayer and these doors will be opened to you. Let My Spirit teach you. Doors of selfishness and pride, anger and lustful thoughts. These doors are hindering My Spirit from moving in you.


Received 6-14-16

I will give you the wisdom and insight you need. Just ask Me. Open up your eyes to the hurting world around you. People are like walking dead, unaware of their fate, lost and wandering aimlessly. They need a Savior. Point them to Me. Be winsome, yet firm and direct. You have what they need. You have My Spirit and are full of My grace and love and peace. Let them see all of this in you.


Received 6-15-16

Life goes on. Do not miss the opportunities that I bring for you. Pray for those you see. Pray in My Spirit and change the atmosphere around you. Pray in My Spirit and remove the dullness in your spirit and mind. Give Me praise to turn your attention to Me and away from the things of this world, corrupted by sin.


Received 6-16-16

Give life in words and actions. Build up and strengthen people. Encourage, admonish in love, challenge, inspire. Remind them about My Word. Give them a hunger for My Word as you show your appreciation for and use of My Word.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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