Received 5-29-16

All is right if you are led by My Spirit, for He leads you into My truth. I will lead you through this phase in your life. Look to Me in hope. It is not about filling up your time, but seeing how I can use you as a tool in My hand. I have given you a giving spirit. Now let Me show you the needs.


Received 5-30-16

All of life is a choice. I give you the choice to believe in Me. There is no other choice as important than this. But after you say yes to Me, there will be other times to say yes in obedience to My Word and to My Spirit. Rejoice and be glad for I am with you to help you make the choices I give to you. You are My workmanship, not just when you were made in your mother’s womb, but as My child and My son in life. Just as you long to be with Me and to escape the corruption of this world, so I long to be with you forever. I am with you now, but we are not always together as you are distracted by the world.


Received 5-31-16

Bless and do not curse. Pray for others and do not judge them. Believe the best for them. What is the best? That they would know Me and the One whom I have sent into the world to die for them. This is the greatest gift.


Received 6-1-16

Is it too hard to spend time with Me? Give your cares to Me. Walk in My peace and joy.


Received 6-2-16

Pay attention to Me, not to the world. What brings life? What is good? I am your Source of life, springing up from within your spirit. I have much to give through you.


Received 6-3-16

Your love is deep and constant, for that is Your nature. We can come to You without fear, for You will receive us in Your mercy and kindness. Great are You Lord and most worthy of all praise.

I hear the cries of My people – those spoken and those in the heart. I rescue the downtrodden and oppressed. I bring them to a broad place of safety and peace. I am near to them.


Received 6-4-16

Start afresh with the bride of your youth. Do all that you can to win her heart again. She is struggling just as you are struggling. Repent of your selfishness. Start afresh to fall in love with Me – not as the world loves, but as I love. I will show you the way.


Received 6-5-16

Come to Me as a little child, eager to be with Me. Listen to My words of comfort and affirmation. Lift up the weak hands that hang down. Speak life into the brokenhearted.


Received 6-6-16

Wait, but actively be listening and looking, expecting opportunities to testify and witness and minister My grace and power to others.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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