Received 4-27-16

All things are possible for him who believes. Watch for Me today and be open for the move of My Spirit upon you and others. I am not silent.


Received 4-28-16

Listen for Me more often. Re-read what I spoke to you. Read My Word. I am not silent. What is hidden to man, I can reveal. I AM Wisdom. I AM Knowledge. I AM Truth.


4-28-16 direction for this time in my life




Place before Me everything you have and give it all to Me

Target areas of weakness and build them by My Spirit

Pray without ceasing

Invest in people you love and those you don’t

Be disciplined yet free to be interrupted

Forgive as you want to be forgiven

Your spirit is more important than your body

Repent of unbelief and sin, give no place to either

Discover worship again, more than words and music

Love unconditionally, sacrificially

Ps 100


Received 4-29-16

I will bless you as I have always blessed you and those who love Me. I have great love, which I lavish on those who call upon Me.


Received 4-30-16

My plans will succeed. If you are connected with Me, your plans will succeed. Honor Me with your lips but also with your heart. Pretend that you are standing before Me. What would you say?


Received 5-1-16

Will you obey Me? Much is required, but much will be given. Sacrifice is the path to much fruit. Be involved in what you support, with hands on, connecting with people in need. Use discernment and prayer. Be ready in season and also, when it is not convenient or planned.


Received 5-2-16

This day choose whom you will serve. Choose life and not death, sin and disobedience. Choose to forgive and not be angry or bitter. Choose blessing over cursing. Choose to love and serve Me above all others, first and only, faithful to guard over your heart not to lust after other so-called gods.


Received 5-3-16

Be at peace and rest in My love. I have blessed you; now bless others. Give freely and joyfully, not with compulsion. Seek My direction and wisdom. Do not rely on yourself, for you cannot see what I see. Live and walk in the Spirit. Call upon Me even now. For I am good and My mercy endures forever.


Received 5-4-16

A new day and new challenges and opportunities. Always look ahead, except to remember how I helped you in the past. Faith is built upon My faithfulness to My Word and promises to you. What I have done for you is nothing new, but is a continuing of My acts of love and grace. You are My workmanship, created in My Son, My joy and good will.


Received 5-5-16

Wait and see. Look for Me to act and open doors. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate My goodness and provision. Let your hands bless others. Give yourself to Me and I will direct your steps.


Received 5-6-16

You will understand what I have for you now. Revisit your prayer list. Allow Me to add more people and things to intercede about. Make prayer a priority. Allow My heart to break yours over the issues and difficulties people face.


Received 5-7-16

Will you be surprised? Can you find joy in your heart again? Seek again the love you had at first. Then joy will follow. Learn to praise Me all over again.


Received 5-8-16

It is not what I want, but I can use anyone for My purposes. I am looking for the one who loves Me enough to follow Me and who is willing to do what I ask of him.


Received 5-9-16

The Lord is good and His mercies endure forever.


Received 5-10-16

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise is He. Forever He is and will be. He has made us in His image and likeness so that we can know Him and seek after Him. All that He has made speaks of His glory and majesty.

I will come when you do not know. I will ask of you, “Who am I?” Your answer will determine your future. Those who know Me will be blessed, those who do not, will be cast out. I will have mercy on who I will have mercy.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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