Received 4-1-16

Blessed be the God who made the heavens and the earth. Bow your knee and heart before Him. He is awesome and glorious. Who can fathom the depth of His love and mercy? He sent His only Son to die a painful death for us, bearing our sins and diseases.

Received 4-2-16

The ways of man, the joys of his heart, the longing of his soul – I made all of that, yet now it is corrupted by sin, incomplete and defective. My Son came to restore and to heal and to love again those who are precious in My sight.

Received 4-3-16

Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength. The strength of the Lord comes when you are weak and needy, but full of faith. He will not disappoint the seeker.

All who come to Me, all who call upon Me and all who believe in Me will be satisfied. For I am the key to life, the Source of all meaning.

Received 4-4-16

The blessing of the Lord and His favor are for those who love Him.

Received 4-5-16

The time has come for all men to look to their Maker. I have made you so much like Myself so that you could appreciate all that I have done for you. Man has corrupted what I have made. Still I can be found in what I have made. The many stars declare My majesty. Even the sun and the moon in their precision and faithfulness speaks about Me. Who lit the fire on the surface of the sun? Who supplied the fuel for it to burn?

Received 4-6-16

Let Me examine you. Allow Me to see in your inner most being. What is the foundation for your life? What is your motivation, your desire, your longing? What are your hidden thoughts?

Received 4-7-16

My light will shine through you to show the way of salvation and life. Speak words of life and encouragement. People are hungry for truth, though their flesh cries out for pleasure.

Come Lord Jesus, come. We need a Savior.

Received 4-8-16

Whatever is good, meditate on it and give testimony of My goodness. If you are good, it is because I am good in you. Being good is not the same as being righteous. A good person can be going to hell because of his righteousness. For all have fallen short of the glory of God. You are righteous now because of the righteousness of My Son in you. His righteousness overpowers all sin and darkness.

Received 4-9-16

I am taking care of you as you can see. Bless others and you will be blessed all the more.

Received 4-10-16

Great is Thy faithfulness. The Lord’s hand works great things. Mighty is His Name. Mighty, good, faithful, true, holy, righteous, loving, merciful, trustworthy, gentle, forgiving, patient, all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful – these are some of His character traits.

Received 4-11-16

Much of life is waiting: waiting for something to happen, waiting for the fruit to come, the reward to be seen, the prayer answered. As you wait, wait upon Me and I will bless you in ways you could never imagine.

Received 4-12-16

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Peace and grace are for those who seek after the One who made them, who cares for them, who gives them life. The enemy wants to kill and destroy, but I came to restore life to My people.

Received 4-13-16

Who the Son sets free is free indeed. Free from the slavery of sin and death. Free from the shame and guilt of unforgiven sin. Free from the lies of the enemy and this world corrupted by sin. I am the way, the truth and the life. He who finds Me, finds the way to the Father. He who finds Me, finds their eyes open to the spiritual world, the reality that is much more than what is seen with the natural eyes only. He who finds Me, gets to spend eternity with Me.

Received 4-14-16

Great is Thy faithfulness. A faithful man who can find? A man of integrity will be honored. Many are the fools who follow after their own folly, chasing one pleasure after another. Chase after Me and let Me fill the desires of your heart with lasting joy and peace.

Received 4-15-16

One person filled with My Spirit can change the world. I can work through that person to touch the lives of people wherever I send him. I can display My power and reveal My glory as he uses My Name.

Received 4-16-16

My time will grow. I will have more than enough time to do what He calls me to do. He will be my Teacher.

Don’t hesitate to ask Me for wisdom and guidance and help. What I want you to do is spiritual and it is physical. My Son lived and ministered in both.

Received 4-17-16

There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. You have experienced much, but not everything that can happen. I have spared you many hardships and trials out of My love for you and because you have turned to Me.

Received 4-18-16

Your Word gives life and instruction. All that you need is found in Me. I am the missing piece to make you whole.

Received 4-19-16

Now is the time to reflect on what I have done for you. Think of how I have carried you through trials and hardships. Think about the healing I did. Think about the faithfulness I have shown you. There is no pain that My grace cannot cover. Watch and see if I don’t perform My Word in you.

Received 4-20-16

I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. I will give you life and health and blessing because you love Me and I love you. Every person is aware of his Maker. No amount of false teaching and deceit can erase that knowledge. Why don’t they call upon Me? I have much for them.

Received 4-21-16

I will wait on you. I will see and care for you. You are weak in the flesh, but you trust in Me. You believe My Word.

Received 4-22-16

What brings life? Purpose, relationships, family, knowing Me.

Received 4-23-16

I have made a covenant with My people. I did this for their sakes to show them how much I am committed to them. They have left Me many times in their hearts and in their actions of disobedience. Still I love them for this is My nature to love. I long for them to return and I would heal them. I forgive them even when they are not deserving. I sent My Son when they all were rebellious in sin. They were helpless and wandering. I taught them and loved them back. Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden. I will bear your burdens. I will direct you to pastures and still waters. My way is best. Come back and truly live. See what I have prepared for you.

Received 4-24-16

Look for Me today in people and in what happens. I will be glorified. My words are going out to hungry people, those who are seeking Me. Just as you expect Me to speak to you, expect Me to heal, to do what I said I would do. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Received 4-25-16

Truth can be found in many places, but only in My Word is truth abounding. You must use My discernment to find truth in the world, for the enemy has sown many seeds. People don’t realize when they have been deceived by his lies. What is repeated does not make a lie truth. Lies can shade the truth. True reality is found in Me and where I am. Truth and faith are related. Truth is seen with natural eyes; faith is seen with spiritual eyes.

Received 4-26-16

Wake up your spirit. Exercise your spirit. Feed your spirit. What can do all of this? Pray in the Holy Spirit using your tongues. Meditate upon My Word and promises and truth. Confess and declare with your lips what is true and good.

Received 4-27-16

All things are possible for him who believes. Watch for Me today and be open for the move of My Spirit upon you and others. I am not silent.

Received 4-28-16

Listen for Me more often. Re-read what I spoke to you. Read My Word. I am not silent. What is hidden to man, I can reveal. I AM Wisdom. I AM Knowledge. I AM Truth.

4-28-16 direction for this time in my life




Place before Me everything you have and give it all to Me

Target areas of weakness and build them by My Spirit

Pray without ceasing

Invest in people you love and those you don’t

Be disciplined yet free to be interrupted

Forgive as you want to be forgiven

Your spirit is more important than your body

Repent of unbelief and sin, give no place to either

Discover worship again, more than words and music

Love unconditionally, sacrificially

Ps 100

Received 4-29-16

I will bless you as I have always blessed you and those who love Me. I have great love, which I lavish on those who call upon Me.

Received 4-30-16

My plans will succeed. If you are connected with Me, your plans will succeed. Honor Me with your lips but also with your heart. Pretend that you are standing before Me. What would you say?

Received 5-1-16

Will you obey Me? Much is required, but much will be given. Sacrifice is the path to much fruit. Be involved in what you support, with hands on, connecting with people in need. Use discernment and prayer. Be ready in season and also, when it is not convenient or planned.

Received 5-2-16

This day choose whom you will serve. Choose life and not death, sin and disobedience. Choose to forgive and not be angry or bitter. Choose blessing over cursing. Choose to love and serve Me above all others, first and only, faithful to guard over your heart not to lust after other so-called gods.

Received 5-3-16

Be at peace and rest in My love. I have blessed you; now bless others. Give freely and joyfully, not with compulsion. Seek My direction and wisdom. Do not rely on yourself, for you cannot see what I see. Live and walk in the Spirit. Call upon Me even now. For I am good and My mercy endures forever.

Received 5-4-16

A new day and new challenges and opportunities. Always look ahead, except to remember how I helped you in the past. Faith is built upon My faithfulness to My Word and promises to you. What I have done for you is nothing new, but is a continuing of My acts of love and grace. You are My workmanship, created in My Son, My joy and good will.

Received 5-5-16

Wait and see. Look for Me to act and open doors. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate My goodness and provision. Let your hands bless others. Give yourself to Me and I will direct your steps.

Received 5-6-16

You will understand what I have for you now. Revisit your prayer list. Allow Me to add more people and things to intercede about. Make prayer a priority. Allow My heart to break yours over the issues and difficulties people face.

Received 5-7-16

Will you be surprised? Can you find joy in your heart again? Seek again the love you had at first. Then joy will follow. Learn to praise Me all over again.

Received 5-8-16

It is not what I want, but I can use anyone for My purposes. I am looking for the one who loves Me enough to follow Me and who is willing to do what I ask of him.

Received 5-9-16

The Lord is good and His mercies endure forever.

Received 5-10-16

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise is He. Forever He is and will be. He has made us in His image and likeness so that we can know Him and seek after Him. All that He has made speaks of His glory and majesty.

I will come when you do not know. I will ask of you, “Who am I?” Your answer will determine your future. Those who know Me will be blessed, those who do not, will be cast out. I will have mercy on who I will have mercy.

Received 5-11-16

My will is perfect. My ways are perfect. My commands are perfect and good.

Received 5-12-16

Do you see a man prepared for battle? What is he wearing? What training has he had? What battle plan is he following? Who is fighting with him, alongside of him? What does he know about the enemy and the battle he is going to fight? You are already in a battle, but I have secured the victory. The enemy refuses to stop fighting. He is wounding My men. He is wounding families. Are you ready to fight – to push him back, to rescue those he has snared, those you love.

Received 5-13-16

Much is required when much is given. To be effective, you must be responsible as a good steward. What I give is not for yourself only, but it is to be given away to help others, to benefit them. Let your yes be yes.

Received 5-14-16

My ways will satisfy the soul. Discover contentment, gratitude, peace and joy. Contentment dispels jealousy, envy and greed. Gratitude dispels pride. Peace and joy are My gifts and they flow out of contentment and gratitude, based on a relationship of faith and trust in who I am.

Received 5-15-16

The Lord He is God and there is no other. He has made all that there is. He rules over all; nothing escapes His notice. Let all who live on the earth give Him praise. Rejoice and be glad, all you who call upon the Lord. He is our Shelter and Fortress. He is our Healer and Deliverer. Taste and see that the Lord is good. His mercies and loving kindness endure forever.

Watch and be ready for the Day of the Lord is approaching.

Received 5-16-16

Come before Me with thanksgiving and rejoice with the blessings I have given you. Where much is given, much is required. You have been faithful to serve Me. Continue to do so, but remember that I am Your Lord. Pray and discern the times. Intercede for the lost and deceived ones. Open their eyes to the horror that awaits them.

Received 5-17-16

Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Trust Me to do much more than you could ever ask or think. Don’t be anxious, but trust Me and give Me thanks and praise.

Received 5-18-16

The wages of sin is death. Death has many forms, but they all involve a separation from life, real life. Sin takes away from what is good and pure and beautiful. I have come to bring life, to restore what was lost, to mend the broken heart.

Received 5-19-16

Much is given; much more will be gained. Be fruitful and multiply. My Seed brings increase and Life.

Received 5-20-16

Joy comes in the morning, after waiting the night, after waiting and believing in Me. Joy and Peace are My gifts

Received 5-21-16

Grace and peace are the building stones; joy and love are the mortar; and I am the Builder, the Master Craftsman. What I build, no man can tear apart. What is true and right, never changes. Come to Me with your burdens and needs. I am a good Father, a compassionate Friend, and a Lover of your soul. No one can come to Me unless I draw them, but I put in everyman’s heart a desire to know Me. They may not recognize that desire at first. The enemy confuses and lies. You are reaping what you have sown as a people, as a nation. Pray for mercy and repentance. I have come to bring Life.

Received 5-22-16

A few will respond for My way is narrow and not all will walk its path. The rewards are great, but the cost is your very life. I want men who are all in, devoted to Me as Master and Lord. I will be with you as always. Do not despair over what you are losing, but rather see ahead to what is before you as you go deeper with Me. Allow My Word to wash over you – to transform you. Believe and receive all that I have for you.

Received 5-23-16

All that is good and right comes from Me. I have planted the seeds and they bear fruit. I respond to the prayers of My people, as they call upon Me with faith. It is My joy to be present with them and for My Spirit to enlighten the Words of Life spoken and read. Much is given, grace upon grace and blessing upon blessing.

Received 5-24-16

Wages, rewards, gifts, love, thanks – what motivates you? Does My Presence and anointing mean anything? Is My favor and blessing of immeasurable value to you? You are My son. I gave you life and opened up your eyes to see Me, to desire Me.

Received 5-25-16

Love is My nature, My core, My motivation, My response. Love is who I am. If you want to be like Me, then you must love as I love. You don’t have the knowledge, power, grace, mercy that I have to fully love as I do, but you have My Spirit to help you love. You can respond to My love for you, by giving love in return and to others. Love gives and forgives. Love comforts. You can never fully understand the depth of My love, but you can always try to do so by loving others and being loved by others.

Received 5-26-16

What is needful? What is My Spirit saying to you? I warn you to prepare you, to help you stay on My path. My Spirit builds up and strengthens. My Spirit restores what the enemy takes away. You are My son in every way.

Received 5-27-16

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. Jesus paid a very high price to ransom me from sin and darkness. He humbled Himself to become a man, then suffered great physical pain and death at the hands of man. He took the weight of shame and guilt of my sins upon Him.

Received 5-28-16

He that gives will see My hands at work. Where there are needs, there I am, to reach out as people cry out to Me. Revival comes out of need, both personally and corporately. Joy is born through answered prayer, and is renewed as thanksgiving is offered up.

Received 5-29-16

All is right if you are led by My Spirit, for He leads you into My truth. I will lead you through this phase in your life. Look to Me in hope. It is not about filling up your time, but seeing how I can use you as a tool in My hand. I have given you a giving spirit. Now let Me show you the needs.

Received 5-30-16

All of life is a choice. I give you the choice to believe in Me. There is no other choice as important than this. But after you say yes to Me, there will be other times to say yes in obedience to My Word and to My Spirit. Rejoice and be glad for I am with you to help you make the choices I give to you. You are My workmanship, not just when you were made in your mother’s womb, but as My child and My son in life. Just as you long to be with Me and to escape the corruption of this world, so I long to be with you forever. I am with you now, but we are not always together as you are distracted by the world.

Received 5-31-16

Bless and do not curse. Pray for others and do not judge them. Believe the best for them. What is the best? That they would know Me and the One whom I have sent into the world to die for them. This is the greatest gift.

Received 6-1-16

Is it too hard to spend time with Me? Give your cares to Me. Walk in My peace and joy.

Received 6-2-16

Pay attention to Me, not to the world. What brings life? What is good? I am your Source of life, springing up from within your spirit. I have much to give through you.

Received 6-3-16

Your love is deep and constant, for that is Your nature. We can come to You without fear, for You will receive us in Your mercy and kindness. Great are You Lord and most worthy of all praise.

I hear the cries of My people – those spoken and those in the heart. I rescue the downtrodden and oppressed. I bring them to a broad place of safety and peace. I am near to them.

Received 6-4-16

Repent of your selfishness. Start afresh to fall in love with Me – not as the world loves, but as I love. I will show you the way.

Received 6-5-16

Come to Me as a little child, eager to be with Me. Listen to My words of comfort and affirmation. Lift up the weak hands that hang down. Speak life into the brokenhearted.

Received 6-6-16

Wait, but actively be listening and looking, expecting opportunities to testify and witness and minister My grace and power to others.

Received 6-7-16

Let My voice guide you. Seek Me often, even in small things. Let My Word comfort and instruct you. Read, meditate, study, memorize, apply it. Pray with it to remind your spirit what is truth and what is My will about your need or situation. I will speak to you through My Word, just as I am speaking now. Train your spirit to listen in every way possible.

Received 6-8-16

Be careful with any attitude toward the new money that you will receive. Use it as a tool to bless others and not as a possession. Let Me be the owner of everything that you have. I am your Source. This has come about through My blessing for your life. Guard your heart with all diligence.

Received 6-9-16

Yes, meditate on the passages on stewardship. Excel and be diligent. If the money is Mine, it will be blessed. My Spirit is with you. Receive the wisdom of My Spirit. All things are Mine. I see and know everything. Be fruitful and multiply. Care for what I have given you. Work as a good steward.

Received 6-10-16

All that is good, all that is worthy of praise and all that comes from Me will last. Mistakes, sin of any kind, failure, hurt, disappointment, bitterness, unbelief, rebellion, disobedience – all of this will remain on the earth and be forgotten by men who come to Me as they see Me. For an instant, they will see Me on the cross for them, so that they will appreciate what sacrifice I made for them. I will wipe those tears away and they will experience My joy as never before. They will share in My joy, the joy that brought Me to the cross and to the other side of the cross. They will see and experience the love I have for them. My love will heal and erase any and all wounds of the heart. They will live in My love forever.

Received 6-11-16

I know what you need. You know a little, but you could benefit from My knowledge. Just ask and then believe.

Received 6-12-16

If you love Me, you will obey Me and My commands. My yoke is easy, and My burden is light for those who will follow after Me. Repent of your unbelief and be ready to respond as My Spirit leads. Train yourself to hear and to respond. Seek after My wisdom and direction.

Received 6-13-16

I will open up doors that have been shut for you. Knock in the Spirit in prayer and these doors will be opened to you. Let My Spirit teach you. Doors of selfishness and pride, anger and lustful thoughts. These doors are hindering My Spirit from moving in you.

Received 6-14-16

I will give you the wisdom and insight you need. Just ask Me. Open up your eyes to the hurting world around you. People are like walking dead, unaware of their fate, lost and wandering aimlessly. They need a Savior. Point them to Me. Be winsome, yet firm and direct. You have what they need. You have My Spirit and are full of My grace and love and peace. Let them see all of this in you.

Received 6-15-16

Life goes on. Do not miss the opportunities that I bring for you. Pray for those you see. Pray in My Spirit and change the atmosphere around you. Pray in My Spirit and remove the dullness in your spirit and mind. Give Me praise to turn your attention to Me and away from the things of this world, corrupted by sin.

Received 6-16-16

Give life in words and actions. Build up and strengthen people. Encourage, admonish in love, challenge, inspire. Remind them about My Word. Give them a hunger for My Word as you show your appreciation for and use of My Word.

Received 6-17-16

Wait upon Me for direction. Let My Spirit guide you. Can you not hear? What are My Names? Who am I to you? Have I not provided for you in every way? Then I am your Provider. Have I not healed your body and mind? Then I am your Healer. I am your Wisdom. I am your Strength. I am your Redeemer. I am your Salvation. I am your Hope. Who I am to you matters, for the more I am these things to you, then the more you will call upon Me in faith believing, than you will trust in yourself and the world.

Received 6-18-16

It will not take a disaster to wake people up, for their hearts are so dull to respond. But if you pray for them, then My Spirit can do many things to open their hearts. You are a beacon of light in the spiritual realm. Shine forth and magnify your light in prayer.

Received 6-19-16

There is a way that seems right to a man, but it is folly and futile without Me. I sanctify My people. My blood covers you.

Received 6-20-16

Will you let Me make your decisions? What is important and what will count for eternity? People and changed lives matter to Me. They should matter to you as well. My Spirit is at work as never before.

Received 6-21-16

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ, who has purchased for us a new life in Him and with His Spirit.

If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you seek Me with all of your heart. I have given you a desire to know Me, just as I have given to all who were made in My image. Woe to those who shut their heart from receiving the gift of life I give.

Received 6-22-16

All that has happened in your life has been for your good and My glory. Every experience will lead you to Me, if you have a discerning and searching heart. What I do is not for you to challenge. I love you as I have always loved you. My plan for you is good. The opportunities I bring to you will develop your character and further My kingdom.

Received 6-23-16

You will find Me if you seek Me with all of your heart. I will show you how. I love you and have much for you. I have given you a willing heart. You are eager to learn. What is needed is patience and endurance. Allow My Spirit to teach you not to give up in believing what is in My Word about who I am. Don’t allow what you have been told in the past to keep the truth from being made secure and sure within you. Declare and proclaim to your spirit and mind what is true.

Received 6-24-16

What do you need? I am your Source. I am a good Father. I want to bless you. I want only the best for you. I love you and know you. Is that enough to give rest to your mind and heart? Will you entrust your life to Me and all that you have?

Received 6-25-16

The ways of this world are empty and deceiving in what they promise. They will not satisfy the heart for only I can satisfy your heart. I am a jealous God. I love My people and I want them for Myself alone. My grace and truth will guide you. Live for Me and not for yourself.

Received 6-26-16

Proclaim My truth with boldness and love. Connect with people to show you care for them. What I did for the world was not only words, but actions. My Son came and died for them. He showed people how to live. He showed people who I am. He demonstrated love and forgiveness. He healed and delivered many. He took back what the enemy had stolen. He restored and redeemed. Real love is My love given away to others.

Received 6-27-16

You will find Me if you seek Me with all of your heart. I will be found by you. Life has its troubles, I have blessings. I am good and what I do is good. I am love and what I do is loving, motivated by My love. I am motivated by compassion, mercy, grace to those who believe in Me, who are seeking after Me.

Received 6-28-16

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. When I consider what You have made, God, who am I but a special person, created to know You and to experience You working in my life. You are good and always loving.

I see and know. Seek after Me always. You are flawed but I can make you whole in Me.

Receive 6-29-16

The values the world holds as true – money, fame, correctness, ecology, pleasure – these will fail and mislead the heart. My Truth will endure. I will endure. Put your hope in Me and you will not be disappointed. Put your hope in Me and you will realize what you hope. I am coming soon and will I find faith on the earth?

Received 6-30-16

Prepare your heart for battle and the victory that I will bring. Decide today who you will serve. Are you on My team? Are you willing to suffer for Me? How inconvenient and interruptible are you willing to be as My Spirit guides you?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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