Received 1-19-16

I am with you to bless and cover what you do. Much of what you are doing is not about organization, but in making it possible for men to grow in relationship with Me. Speak into men the truth that you have learned. Encourage and pray for them as if they were your own sons and brothers.


Received 1-20-16

You have witnessed My ability to draw men to Myself. You planted the seeds of life into their hearts. They will not easily forget. My Word goes forth to all who will listen. Be a workman who knows My Word.


Received 1-21-16

You are My witness, My chosen one. I reveal Myself in ways you can understand. I let you experience the anointing of My Spirit. Can you wait for My Spirit?


Received 1-22-16

That which is spirit is of My Spirit. He teaches and reveals truth that originates in Me. A mind set on following Me, will have revelation from My Spirit. Proverbs contains My wisdom, but every book has some of My wisdom for those with discernment and a hunger to do My will. You can learn by failure, but also by success and being fruitful.


Received 1-23-16

I will place My Word into your heart. I will show you life from My Word. Teach others and yourself.


Received 1-24-16

My will, not yours. Yes, there is always more that you could do. Pray and prepare.


Received 1-25-16

You will have My wisdom, just ask Me. My grace covers you. You should extend grace to others and pray for them that I help them in their weaknesses and brokenness.


Received 1-26-16

In all things give Me praise. Know that I know and see all that happens, especially what happens to those who love Me. Does not a parent watch over his child, so do I and much more. I long for a relationship with those I created in My image. Each one has the ability to experience who I am. My mercy tempers My justice. Your sin harms what we have together. I know how sin works and it brings death. I sent My Son to rescue you from death. My Spirit hovers near to all to draw them to Me.


Received 1-27-16

Where there is life there is My presence. I am life. I am the source of all life. I breathed into Adam. I put My Spirit within him. He gave names to the animals. He ruled well. We shared life together, but he was alone as a man, so I gave him a woman. They were My jewels. Every person who seeks after Me is precious, a jewel of great value to Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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