Received 1-1-16

Now is a new day, a day of beginnings. Look ahead and not back. Cover what you do in prayer and thanksgiving. Let your yes be yes. Honor Me and you will be honored. Love Me and you will be loved.


Received 1-3-16

In all your ways acknowledge Me. Invite Me into what you are doing. Know that I am with you. Trust Me to do what You cannot do. Rest your issue with Me.


Received 1-4-16

All things work together for good – I can make your mistakes, failures, difficult situations, broken relationships turn for the better as you trust Me to do My work. You must pray and allow Me to change you and others. Nothing is impossible with Me. Never have things gotten so bad that I can’t redeem them to accomplish My will.


Received 1-5-16

All things – the things that matter to you and the things that matter to Me. I will be glorified in you and in My people. I am the voice that cries out, but only a few will listen, and only a few will respond. You were made in My image, so you can hear what I say, if you listen.


Received 1-6-16

My ways accomplish My will. Do you desire My will to be done in you? Are you willing to yield to My will? Will you say “yes” to Me, even though the world says something else; and your flesh wants something else? The things of the flesh can lead to death. Your spirit must rule your mind and your flesh. Learn what My Word says.


Received 1-7-16

I have been with you from eternity past. I will remain with you. I have put a part of Me in you. You are a part of My body, My people who know Me and love Me. Let your heart soar to be in My Presence. Imagine My throne and those gathered around. You can be there in the spirit and you will be there. You can see what I see. You can know My wisdom, compassion, love, mercy – all of who I am.


Received 1-8-16

I will gather to Myself a people who will love Me. My love will draw them out. Do not be dismayed at the events of this world. Grace and peace to you.


Received 1-9-16

The time will come when men will believe lies. They already can lie to themselves. Call upon Me the Source of all Truth. Keep your mind on My Word and its truth. Use discernment and wisdom. Do not be swayed by the influence of this world.


Received 1-10-16

Let your heart and mind trust Me to work out everything.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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