Received 1-1-16

Now is a new day, a day of beginnings. Look ahead and not back. Cover what you do in prayer and thanksgiving. Let your yes be yes. Honor Me and you will be honored. Love Me and you will be loved.

Received 1-3-16

In all your ways acknowledge Me. Invite Me into what you are doing. Know that I am with you. Trust Me to do what You cannot do. Rest your issue with Me.

Received 1-4-16

All things work together for good – I can make your mistakes, failures, difficult situations, broken relationships turn for the better as you trust Me to do My work. You must pray and allow Me to change you and others. Nothing is impossible with Me. Never have things gotten so bad that I can’t redeem them to accomplish My will.

Received 1-5-16

All things – the things that matter to you and the things that matter to Me. I will be glorified in you and in My people. I am the voice that cries out, but only a few will listen, and only a few will respond. You were made in My image, so you can hear what I say, if you listen.

Received 1-6-16

My ways accomplish My will. Do you desire My will to be done in you? Are you willing to yield to My will? Will you say “yes” to Me, even though the world says something else; and your flesh wants something else? The things of the flesh can lead to death. Your spirit must rule your mind and your flesh. Learn what My Word says.

Received 1-7-16

I have been with you from eternity past. I will remain with you. I have put a part of Me in you. You are a part of My body, My people who know Me and love Me. Let your heart soar to be in My Presence. Imagine My throne and those gathered around. You can be there in the spirit and you will be there. You can see what I see. You can know My wisdom, compassion, love, mercy – all of who I am.

Received 1-8-16

I will gather to Myself a people who will love Me. My love will draw them out. Do not be dismayed at the events of this world. Grace and peace to you.

Received 1-9-16

The time will come when men will believe lies. They already can lie to themselves. Call upon Me the Source of all Truth. Keep your mind on My Word and its truth. Use discernment and wisdom. Do not be swayed by the influence of this world.

Received 1-10-16

Let your heart and mind trust Me to work out everything.

Received 1-11-16

All that I have for you is yours for the asking and believing. Will you share My good news to others?

Received 1-12-16

Do the work of an evangelist. Prepare, observe, listen, share, encourage, witness, teach, pray and follow My Spirit. Speak My Name. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew and also to the Greek.

Received 1-13-16

You will find the truth in My Word. You will find wisdom and understanding. Be a doer of My Word. Let Me speak to you.

Received 1-14-16

Can you give Me praise in the midst of your worry and confusion?

Received 1-15-16

All the ways of man are before Me. I know every heart, every mind, every spirit. So there are no surprises. It is My grace that sustains you. I am encouraged by every time you trust Me, every time you say yes to Me, every time you turn to Me in prayer and praise. You have a choice to believe.

Received 1-16-16

There is a time and a place for everything, but variety and creativity is beautiful. Let My love show from you. Express love and encouragement, and pray blessings for those you encounter. Be a blessing and you will be blessed. People may appreciate what you do, but they love being loved. Let your mouth be a fountain.

Received 1-18-16

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is power, knowledge, wisdom, love, peace and joy. They will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another. They will know that you are Mine by the fruit evident in your life – a character of grace, holiness, love, integrity.

Received 1-19-16

I am with you to bless and cover what you do. Much of what you are doing is not about organization, but in making it possible for men to grow in relationship with Me. Speak into men the truth that you have learned. Encourage and pray for them as if they were your own sons and brothers.

Received 1-20-16

You have witnessed My ability to draw men to Myself. You planted the seeds of life into their hearts. They will not easily forget. My Word goes forth to all who will listen. Be a workman who knows My Word.

Received 1-21-16

You are My witness, My chosen one. I reveal Myself in ways you can understand. I let you experience the anointing of My Spirit. Can you wait for My Spirit?

Received 1-22-16

That which is spirit is of My Spirit. He teaches and reveals truth that originates in Me. A mind set on following Me, will have revelation from My Spirit. Proverbs contains My wisdom, but every book has some of My wisdom for those with discernment and a hunger to do My will. You can learn by failure, but also by success and being fruitful.

Received 1-23-16

I will place My Word into your heart. I will show you life from My Word. Teach others and yourself.

Received 1-24-16

My will, not yours. Yes, there is always more that you could do. Pray and prepare.

Received 1-25-16

You will have My wisdom, just ask Me. My grace covers you. You should extend grace to others and pray for them that I help them in their weaknesses and brokenness.

Received 1-26-16

In all things give Me praise. Know that I know and see all that happens, especially what happens to those who love Me. Does not a parent watch over his child, so do I and much more. I long for a relationship with those I created in My image. Each one has the ability to experience who I am. My mercy tempers My justice. Your sin harms what we have together. I know how sin works and it brings death. I sent My Son to rescue you from death. My Spirit hovers near to all to draw them to Me.

Received 1-27-16

Where there is life there is My presence. I am life. I am the source of all life. I breathed into Adam. I put My Spirit within him. He gave names to the animals. He ruled well. We shared life together, but he was alone as a man, so I gave him a woman. They were My jewels. Every person who seeks after Me is precious, a jewel of great value to Me.

Received 1-28-16

Seek after Me and I will be found. Walk with Me and you will discover true life. Live for Me and you will see My glory.

Received 1-29-16

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Received 1-30-16

You will understand the truth and the truth shall make you free. Learn how to listen to the voice of My Spirit in every situation and for every need. Learn from Me for I am gentle. I will be your teacher.

Received 1-31-16

All the efforts of man will fail. Man is sinful and even his best is corrupt.

Received 2-1-16

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. All that I have for you is a gift of love and grace. Just as a father showers his love for his son or daughter, nurtures them, teaches them, so do I, and much more.

Received 2-2-16

Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. I reign over all I have made. Man has rebelled and is rebelling even now. Yet some believe and try to obey Me. My invitation of grace is always open for all to respond.

Received 2-3-16

Let your mind dwell on the things from above, where I am. Consider Jesus, put on who I am. Let My glory shine through you to all who see you. Be a ray of light and joy.

Received 2-4-16

My strength is made perfect in your weakness and humility. When you yield to Me and call upon Me, I can do much in you.

Received 2-5-16

Look to Me. Call upon Me. Honor Me with your lips in praise and in thanksgiving and in speaking the truth.

Received 2-8-16

My patience never runs out. I can wait as long as it takes to accomplish My will in you. Can you wait for Me to do what you ask? Can you trust Me to be working when you cannot see it? Can you maintain your faith and trust in Me? Will you yield to My wisdom in how I answer your prayers?

Received 2-9-16

Ask of Me and I will speak the knowledge and insight that you need.

Received 2-10-16

You will escape the punishment reserved for the dead. Your sins have been washed away in My blood. I have redeemed you and paid the price for your life. You are Mine. Live for Me and you will be blessed.

Received 2-11-16

Rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is near. Keep this hope in you. Look forward and not to the past.

Received 2-12-16

This will be the start of a new relationship with your children. You have planted good seeds into their hearts and they will germinate and be fruitful for I have blessed your life. The Enemy meant this for harm, but I will turn it for good.

Received 2-13-16

Come and receive the blessings of the Lord. From His hand are many gifts – lasting gifts that no one can take away. They are gifts of love, which transform the heart and bring peace and joy.

Received 2-14-16

Consecrate yourself for the work of service. Put on My righteousness as a garment, with praise and thanksgiving. Serve Me gladly and call upon My Spirit in everything you do. All of the ends of the earth are your workshop. Everywhere you go is your mission field. I will teach you and give you words to speak and love to share. You are part of a kingdom of priests before Me and My people.

Received 2-15-16

Arise and shine and give God the glory and praise that is due Him. For He has made all that you see and He has given you breath and life. I will come to you whenever you call upon Me.

Received 2-16-16

Find truth and hold on to it. Learn love and live by it. Experience grace and give it away. Follow Me and you will live forever.

Received 2-17-16

My Words will go forth to all the ends of the earth. Everyone will know that I exist and that I see them.

Received 2-18-16

My grace is sufficient for you. As you seek Me, you will be blessed. Give away what you have been given and it will come back to you many fold. Your labor will bring increase. Your fruit will be noticed as you seek Me. Come into My Presence as much as you can.

Received 2-19-16

All of the ends of the earth will proclaim My glory. You have been prepared to see My glory and to experience My power working in you to bless others.

Received 2-20-16

Rejoice in Me and what I have done in you. Ponder the grace I give to you.

Received 2-21-16

Don’t be concerned about the events of this world. I see and know all that is happening. If I know when a sparrow falls to the ground, and if I know the number of hairs on your head, and if I can count the stars in the sky and know each of their names, then what should you be concerned about?

Received 2-22-16

Trust Me to work in you and through you, for that is My desire. You would be amazed at what I see in you. You are not alone in this process, for I work in all of My children.

Received 2-23-16

Rejoice and be glad. Be content with what you have been given. Be generous and compassionate to those in need. Follow the leading of My Spirit in everything you do.

Received 2-24-16

In the quietness of your spirit can you hear from My Spirit. Have a spirit of faith to trust in the voice that you hear, the impression, the hesitation, the leading, the awareness of My presence. You have experienced all of these. My favor and grace will cover you, no matter how perfectly you follow what you hear. You are one percent, I AM one hundred percent. Yours is to believe Me in all things.

Received 2-25-16

Great is the name of the Lord. He is exalted above all others. He has authority and power to do all things.

Received 2-26-16

Can you believe Me to do great things? Do not be like the leader who only shot his arrow three times. Think of abundance and revival.

Received 2-27-16

I can do much to a surrendered heart. Let My Spirit show you what to do. You don’t have to be perfect, just be willing to be open to the changes I want to make and those things you realize too that need to change. Those in your life are waiting for you to be the man of God they need.

Received 2-28-16

Can you find satisfaction in Me? The greatest among you shall be the one who is a servant of all.

Received 2-29-16

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. All good things come from Me as gifts to My creation. Can you thank Me for all of this? Who sustains your life and gives you breath? Who provides food and shelter for you?

Received 3-1-16

My Word will go forth as water flows down from the mountain. Nothing can stop it. It brings life for all who drink it. It brings life for all who hear it and more life if they act on it. You must be a student of My Word, one who digs in deep and finds truth to share. Allow My Word to change your heart and your thinking.

Received 3-2-16

I will give you light and revelation and truth. Faith is seeking after Me. I created faith and hope. I delegated authority to Adam. I give authority to My people to rule and reign with Me in My kingdom. I create people for My purpose and pleasure. I give gifts. I raise up and bring down. Peace is from Me. Joy is from Me. Love is from Me. Seek after My character, who I am, My righteousness.

Received 3-3-16

All the grace I have and all My love I give to you. I cover you. I fill you with My Spirit. I reveal the truth you need to know.

Received 3-4-16

Each day brings forth life and death; choose life. Live with your spirit being fed by My Spirit and My Word.

Received 3-5-16

I am glad you decided to make time for Me. I will make time for you. All that I have is yours for the asking, and I will not withhold any good thing. You have shown yourself faithful, even when you were not joyous about serving. Serving can be hard, but don’t grow weary in doing good for there is great reward in doing what I ask you to do. People may notice, others may not, but I see. Keep a joyful heart for with it comes strength to carry on. Keep the goal in mind and the reason I have called you to serve. There are many men who need to be reached and encouraged. You can do that for Me.

Received 3-6-16

The joy of the Lord is my strength. (Neh 8:10) The peace of the Lord is my security. (Phil 4:7, John 16:33) The favor of the Lord is my shield. (Ps 5:12) The forgiveness of the Lord is my mercy. (Dan 9:9) The salvation of the Lord is my grace. (Eph 2:8) My Word contains life in all of its forms. Search after it and you will be rewarded.

Received 3-7-16

In all of life’s journey, there is one place of safety and peace. That place is in Me – being with Me. No weapon formed against you shall prosper for I am your shield. My angels encamp around My people. My eyes are upon them for good.

Received 3-8-16

Rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is near. I will come to rescue My people. I will make all things new. I will restore and build up. I will remove the dross.

Received 3-9-16

The grace of the Lord. When you search after Me, I will reveal the secrets of your heart.

Received 3-10-16

Much is given, much is required. But not as a slave, but it is as a son. The Father lavishes gifts on His sons and daughters. He provides all that they need and more. No good thing will He withhold. All of what I have is available to you.

Received 3-11-16

May all grace abide with you. May truth stay with you. May you give away life wherever you go.

Received 3-12-16

I will show you all that you need to know. Just ask Me your questions.

Received 3-13-16

My love for you grows, even though I have more love than you will ever need for an eternity. A father loves his child, especially his son, as the son becomes a man and lives responsibly, following after his footsteps and life, and even doing more than the father achieved. Greater works shall you do for I go to be with My Father.

Received 3-14-16

The Lord is mighty, able to save and deliver us from all that the enemy tries to bring against us. He is over all. Every knee shall bow before Him. All things are possible for Him for He made everything that was made. He who spared not His one and only Son, but gave Him up for us all; he will not hold back any good thing from us.

I will not hold back from you. I have made all that you need. I have given you eyes to see the glory of what I have made and to appreciate what I have done for you. Rest in Me.

Received 3-15-16

How precious are Your thoughts toward me. Were I to count them, they would outnumber the sand along the seas. Only in You do I find hope. Your ways bring joy. I will live for You all of the days You give me here on the earth and then in eternity with You.

Received 3-16-16

What is impossible with men is possible with Me. If I can make the world out of nothing, I can make something happen in response to your faith and prayers.

Received 3-17-16

As you wait upon Me, I will renew your inner man. It is not about you; it is about what I am doing in you for My glory to be revealed.

Received 3-18-16

The time is now. Proclaim the truth and the good news. Share your life and the life giving Spirit within you. You have men looking to you.

Received 3-19-16

When will the people understand? When will their eyes be opened to their folly? Who will tell them the truth?

Received 3-20-16

I walked on water to show My disciples who I am. I can do all things and so can you in Me. You have no lack for I am with you. All things are possible for those who believe. I did not do anything that you cannot do by the power of My Spirit and in My Name.

Received 3-21-16

All of the ways of man are before Me. If My eyes can see your unformed shape in your mother’s womb, then I can know each day of your life, each thought, each feeling, each word you speak, everything that you do. There is never a moment like today. Take advantage of today and be My witness, My light to a dark world.

Received 3-22-16

He who loves Me, gives life away and blesses others. For that is My nature and character. I give My Son. He gives of Himself as Seed that dies and produces Life in those who believe. My Spirit bears forth fruit and Life. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy, but I have come that they may have life, and life more abundantly.

Received 3-23-16

All of life brings challenges, trials, hardships, opportunities, victories, successes, failures, sickness, health, joy and sorrow, and I am with you. I do not leave My people alone. I work in every person’s life, not just those who love Me. My Spirit is preparing hearts to believe in Me. Give Him openings as you pray and intercede for others. Allow Him to pray through you.

Received 3-24-16

My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. I will do what you cannot do. I will provide. Rest in Me.

Words are important. Spoken words can bring life or they can bring death. Guard over your mouth, Encourage and build up. Speak life and truth. Speak words of love and affirmation. Be winsome and friendly. Give Me praise and thanks as you speak. This will set the tone of the conversation and be a testimony of My grace and love in you.

Received 3-25-16

Just do what you can do, but know that I am here with you.

Received 3-26-16

Much is given, much is required. I will bless your hands and feet to do whatever I call you to do. Have an attitude of gratefulness. I am working to bring life and light to the world I made. Shine and speak life. Bless and do not curse.

Received 3-27-16

I will bless the Lord all of my days. I will seek after Him to find Him and to Know Him and His ways. He will be my guide. His Word will abide in me.

Received 3-28-16

What I will do will be amazing to you. The world will take notice. I will come in glory and power. Every eye shall see Me. Every heart will recognize their Creator. Those who have been deceived will remain deceived. Those who have sought after Me will find Me and rejoice. I will have mercy on those who have shown mercy. I will bring judgment to those on whom it is deserved. Trust in Me and I will give you life in all of its fullness.

Received 3-29-16

All that a man does is seen and evaluated, even what he thinks. Banish unbelief and any anxious thoughts from your mind. Declare My truth and hold on to it. For the key to life is in My Word.

Received 3-30-16

You will be pleased with the outcome (of the house sale) for My favor and blessing is with you. Be a blessing to others, so I can bless you.

Received 3-31-16

Look into the future. See a life of pleasing dimensions, of glory all around, of beauty in sight and sound, filling all of your senses with joy and amazement. I have prepared this for you and for all who have been called by My Name.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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