Received 10-1-15

Give of yourself over and over again. Be poured out not expecting anything in return from man. Learn to be dependent on Me for everything. There is still a root of pride in you that wants to be noticed. Give that to Me. When you sense that it is demanding or even just hoping, give it to Me. My rewards are much better.

Received 10-2-15

My ways are higher than your ways. What you are seeing is the bringing together all things for My return. I have been patiently waiting and calling all who will come to Me. My return will be violent and public. My enemies will try to resist Me. My enemies will attack My people as they have from the beginning. Pray and cover those you love, those who are struggling, those who are doing My business.

Received 10-3-15

Much can be said about Me: Who I Am, My love and grace and mercy, My power, authority, wisdom, knowledge, what I have done in creation and on the cross. But it is the miracle of life in you, the transforming power, the relationship I have with you – that is what is My focus. What is your focus? Do you spend time thinking about Me? Do you want to be with Me?

Received 10-4-15

I will be with you in every situation you may face. Just call upon Me and I will give you help, wisdom, power and grace. I have everything you need. I can help you change your desires, to give you a hunger for the things of righteousness, goodness and what pleases Me.

Received 10-5-15

I can do what you need for I am the source of all life. Spend time with Me renewing your spirit with My Spirit. Recharge your batteries. Renew your relationship with Me. Discover what I see in you in those you love. Yes, he needs a relationship with trust developed so he can open up.

Received 10-6-15

Now is the time. Today if you hear My voice, listen and heed what I say. Darkness may cover your land, but I am the Light of the world through My people. Live in joy and peace, without complaining. Be confident in your salvation and hope of eternal life. Trust in My Word. Put My Word into your heart and mind.

Received 10-7-15

I am here. I give what My people need. I am a loving Father. I give and you receive by faith.

Received 10-8-15

Watch My glory be displayed today. I reveal Myself in what I have made and in the lives of My people. I speak and those with ears to hear and eyes to see understand.

Received 10-9-15

Open up to the ways of the Lord. I have spoken, but you do not respond. Pray to receive from Me and I will give you lasting fruit.

Received 10-10-15

You will be blessed as you study My Word. Allow Me to speak to you through My Word. Ask yourself, does this apply to me? What are You trying to say to me?

Received 10-11-15

This is an attack of the enemy. It will be fought in the spiritual realm, not in the physical realm. Seeds of destruction have been sown. You must sow seeds of love and life.

Received 10-12-15

The ways of man will bring a snare. Pray for the lost around you and in your family. Lift them up before Me. Let the spiritual world know that you are praying in My Name. Darkness must give way to Light.

Received 10-13-15

Love will always win over the hardest hearts. Your love is imperfect, but My love through you is effective. Submit to My love and obey My command to love.

Received 10-14-15

If you can love in the midst of this problem, you will take away the enemy’s power.

Received 10-15-15

What I have written is the truth and the source for your life. My answers are not hidden. Read, study, learn from Me. Ask for My Spirit to guide you and show you all truth.

Received 10-16-15

You are my fortress and shield. In You I find my rest and comfort. My fears are wiped away and hope rises within me. No matter what happens to me in this world, You are there for me. The promises in Your Word protect my mind and they cancel the lies of the enemy.

Find your place in Me. Learn where you can go to be with Me, not a physical place, but a place of prayer and communion.

Received 10-17-15

All of what I have and all that I am is yours for the asking. There is nothing too great or too small. My heart is yours. Let Me fill you with My love and compassion. Now you will be able to see people in different ways, with needs and pain. Everyone has needs. Even the rich are empty inside.

Received 10-18-15

My words are life for those who are seeking after life. Examine your heart. What are your motives? What are your desires?

Received 10-19-15

Love: yes, it is very important. Love must be your motive. Build up one another. Bear one another’s burdens. Forgive one another. Encourage one another to faith and good deeds.

Received 10-20-15

My ways are higher than yours. I lift up and bring down. I know the path that leads to Me. The devil means this for harm, but I will turn it to good. Everyone needs to learn. The solution is not human, though it involves people. What is born of the Spirit is free from the sin of the world.

Received 10-21-15

All the ways of man are before Me. Yes, tragedies happen and people may lose their lives. Wars and fighting happens and people lose their lives. Sin happens and people die. Sickness comes and people die. I see and I care. Call upon Me and I will bring My peace and comfort. I have made a way for you to deal with death, for death is not the end, it can be the beginning of bliss forever.

Received 10-22-15

I am with you. You are being bold as My Spirit is leading you. Stand your ground. Do not shrink back. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world. Rejoice in Me and be glad for great is your reward in heaven.

Received 10-23-15

Can you trust Me to get you through the struggles and trials of this life? Whether it is pain or hardship or persecution – I will be there with you. I know what you can bear. I will prepare your heart beforehand. Be wise in the wisdom I give. My Word is reliable and true.

Received 10-24-15

My heart breaks over the lost. They are like sheep without a shepherd. They wander aimlessly. They can be deceived. They are easy prey for the wolves. They struggle with disease and are malnourished. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that they might have life, and life more abundantly.

Received 10-26-15

I am your source. Do not look elsewhere. Let Me be your wisdom and understanding, like you prayed to know what to share at prison.

Received 10-27-15

What is in a day? How much time do you really have? How much time will you give to Me? Let your words be yes and amen. Agree with what I have said. Agree with My promises and revelation. Let them be your guide and teacher.

Received 10-28-15

Give Me praise.

Received 10-29-15

Love is a decision for you. Love is who I am. Give yourself over to love. My Word contains all that you need. Read, study and be filled with My Word.

Received 10-30-15

Come to the fountain of living waters. Drink deeply and be refreshed. Experience the joy of the Lord. Living waters flow from My Spirit to you so that you can give life to others.

Received 10-31-15

Do not worry about these things, for I am working in ways you cannot see now. You will be pleased by the outcome and I will be glorified.

Received 11-1-15

The wages of sin is separation from Me. When you sin, you say to Me: I don’t need You, I can do it on My own, I don’t have to obey Your rules. But My love wins you back. My love forgives and heals you.

Received 11-2-15

My Word is life and truth for all who will read it and put it into practice in their lives.

Received 11-3-15

All lives matter. Blood that is shed grieves Me. I created each person, unique and full of promise. Sin has corrupted this world and life means little where there is no hope. But where there is no hope in the natural, there is hope in Me. Point them to Me. The thief has come to destroy life, but I have come to give abundant life, eternal life.

Received 11-4-15

My ways are higher than yours. That is why you cannot see what I am doing. I work on the heart. I work on your heart. I speak to your spirit. When any concern or anxious thought comes, pray then give Me thanks and praise.

Received 11-5-15

The ways of man will bring a snare. Look to Me and not to the world. No matter what seemingly good the world may do, it is corrupted by sin and is flawed. There is always an element of self-serving in what is done. Look at me and what I am doing. Do your giving in secret and I will reward you. My rewards are much better and last forever. Be led by My Spirit and He will multiply what you do.

Received 11-6-15

Speak life and truth. Challenge men to be real men following Me and not the pleasures of this world.

Received 11-7-15

My ways are higher. Trust Me to do what only I can do. I am with you as always. Help men discover who I am.

Received 11-8-15

Often you come, and often you will be fed: bread to strengthen your body and living water to energize your soul. Let me care for you in every way – spirit, soul and body. Bring everything to Me.

Received 11-9-15

Your Name is Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace, Lord of Glory, King of Kings, Lamb of God, Son of Man, Messiah, Healer, Deliverer, Lord of lords, Rabbi, Creator, and many more titles depicting who You are. As high as You are, You are with me, very near when I call upon You.

If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself. Every person must come before My cross to accept My death for them. I died for them. I suffered for them. But I am no longer on the cross; I am alive, living within My people. Christ in you the hope of glory. Yes, you will experience My glory as I work in you and through you.

Received 11-10-15

Let the whole world know about Me. Why do you hold back from speaking about Me? I will give you the words to say. I will give you the opportunities.

Received 11-11-15

My grace is sufficient. Trust in Me to do what you cannot do. It is not weakness to rely on Me; it is wisdom for I have all that you lack and need.

Received 11-12-15

If you had eternity to live, what would be important to do on earth now? Can you abide with Me? Can you give of yourself to others? Can you love as I loved? Can you trust Me for your life? All things are possible for them who believe in Me.

Received 11-13-15

What is in your heart to do and to be? What is the seed of life I have put in you? Is it not to be like Me? You were made in My image and likeness. I have given you authority in My Name to rule over your family and sphere of influence. I have given you authority to rule over the demonic realm in My Name. You are spirit, temporarily living in a physical body until the day I will give you a new body to live in My dimension.

Received 11-14-15

What you are doing is helpful. Challenge men to seek Me.

Received 11-15-15

Call upon Me and see what I will do for you. Trust Me and live for Me.

Received 11-16-15

My grace is sufficient for you. Even as you age, don’t be discouraged as you may not be able to do what you could do before. Rely on Me and call upon Me in your need. I know about being old too. Trust Me and know that I am working in ways you cannot see.

Received 11-17-15

Rejoice and believe. Fill your home with worship and praise. Declare My Word over your family. Be a priest. Know that I am with you always.

Received 11-18-15

Great is Thy faithfulness. Your promises are true and trustworthy. Your love is unconditional. Your power is unlimited. Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits.

Received 11-19-15

My ways are better. Trust Me to work in this. You will see what I am doing. Ask Me to show you.

Received 11-20-15

What is your life? Is it what you have accumulated? Is it what you have accomplished? Is it the people you have influenced for good? Is it how your relationship with Me has grown? I see things differently than you. I know why I created you. I know how I have molded you with every experience, with every person you have met or known, with every success or failure. Even when you have sinned, I have worked to restore you and to teach you. Do not despise or be ashamed of My Word or the words I give you, for in them is the revelation of who I AM and who you are to be.

Received 11-21-15

My way will lead to life. You were made to be with Me. You were made to recognize Someone greater than you. He who loves Me will be with Me forever. Cast your cares upon Me.

Received 11-22-15

Keep your eyes open to My Spirit today. Let Me lead what you say. Treat your wife as a newlywed bride. Court her and love her. Keep your eyes on her. My eyes are on you.

Received 11-23-15

My love will never cease drawing those who I have made to Me.

Received 11-24-15

When all is said and done who will take notice? Will you know when that day will come for you to die and be released from your body? What about today? Can you live fully for Me today? What is your hope? In Whom are you trusting? People are hurting all around you. People are lost all around you. Don’t pretend that you do not see. Rather look for opportunities that I send to you. Be aggressive to love.

Received 11-25-15

Give thanks in all things. Dwell on what I have given you. Dwell on My character and attributes.

Received 11-26-15

The joy of the Lord is your strength. The wisdom of the Lord is your victory and shield. By My right hand I will defend you against the attacks of the enemy. Even in rest there can be victory. Submit your will to My will and do what I say. Submit yourself to God; resist the devil and he will flee from you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Though many may come against you, you will look on and see the victory.

Received 11-27-15

Be fruitful and multiply. Reproduce yourself in others. Inspire and lead. Encourage and challenge. Give of yourself and it will be given unto you.

Received 11-28-15

Your ways are pleasing for You have all knowledge and wisdom and power. I accept Your Lordship over my life. I rest in Your Sovereign grace.

All that I Am is yours for the asking and believing. Why would I withhold anything from those I love?

Received 11-29-15

I will carry you over the stormy waters. Let your heart rest in Me.

Received 11-30-15

Will you love Me today as I love you? Will you think of Me today as I think of you? Will you spend time with Me today as I will spend time with you? Who is alone who I am not there with?

Received 12-1-15

All things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to His purpose. Your love fills the earth. You extend Your grace freely to all who call upon You. Your mercy and forgiveness restore the broken and wayward ones. You give us hope when we see only trouble and pain. Blessed be the Name of the Lord forever.

Received 12-2-15

The journey that you are on will last forever. You cannot see the end. Enjoy and experience what you are living, not in the worldly sense, but in the spiritual. Let My Spirit come alive in you, whispering guidance and encouragement and truth.

Received 12-3-15

There will be a day of renewal when I will make everything new. I will remove the curse of sin from all that I have made. People will witness My glory. What was beautiful before will become even more so as colors will shine in radiance. Darkness will hide. Disease and sickness will be no more. Strength will increase, along with knowledge and wisdom. I will be held in high honor once again as people recognize who is their Creator and God.

I have an enemy who is deceiving many. All that he does is counterfeit to what I have done. He is a lie and liar. Do not listen to his lies. Call upon Me and I will deliver you from his snare.

Received 12-4-15

From the depths of the earth, I brought forth life of every kind. I breathed life into every living thing. The seal of My presence was upon everything I had made. Everything would declare that I made it. I made man to notice and to seek out truth and revelation. I give life and not death. I make a way for life forever with Me, an eternity without sin or evil.

Received 12-5-15

I will establish My kingdom here on earth. My glory will be displayed for all to see. I will be the Wonder of the world. I will be Light for all to see and know the truth. Nothing will be hidden from My Light. Here is My shield over you, even your faith.

Received 12-6-15

My words will go forth to all who believe and to all who are seeking Me. They will declare My victory and praise. My glory will reach into the hardest heart. Who I am will be known and is known. Truth cannot be hidden, it is just ignored to a person’s peril. Trust Me to lead you and to instruct you.

Received 12-7-15

Rejoice and be glad for your Savior has come. Your Redeemer lives and He lives in you. Great is the One who lives in you. He is greater than all. His name is Jesus. He is Lord of all. He is triumphant and victorious. He has finished all that I asked Him to do. All you must do is to believe.

Received 12-8-15

When you realize the hurt that people have, you discover My love for them. I am there in their hurt and disappointment. You can feel for yourself and others. Emotions are a window into the soul; they are a release of pressure. Both joy and sorrow, gladness and pain of heart – will you praise Me in them both?

Though pain may come in the night; joy comes in the morning. God can redeem bad situations into heart changes for His good and perfect will.

Received 12-9-15

I am an empty vessel without You Lord. You have made me into a whole person. You reveal to Me spiritual truth and truth about myself. You take away my sin and graciously You give me Your righteousness – undeserved and unearned.

Received 12-10-15

My ways are best for you and for My people. I am working on your behalf and for your good. You are weak, but I am strong. You are flawed in your flesh, but strong in your spirit because I live in you. I will make a way for you and your family. You are not alone for I am with you. Love and be loved. Show kindness and receive kindness. Sow seeds of life and they will come back to you multiplied in many blessings. I have come that they might have life and life to the fullest.

Received 12-11-15

My words bring life and truth.

Received 12-12-15

Who is the one you put your trust in? Are you relying on your money to meet your needs? Money can’t heal bodies and relationships. Money can corrupt character. Money can hinder faith. Peace comes from Me and it remains inside you providing an anchor in troubled times.

Received 12-13-15

I will guide you, just ask Me. Trust Me in your thinking. I will direct your steps if you ask Me and your heart wants to follow Me. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your steps.

Received 12-14-15

You will know that I am God by what I say to you. Many things have been revealed to man about Me. How I answer prayers in response to needs, show My glory and power. I conceal, but I also reveal. The Word I have given contains revelation and truth. He who dwells in what it says will grow to maturity. I will help you love. My grace is sufficient. Just as I can and do provide the food that you need, the air that you breathe, and the water, so too will I provide the spiritual knowledge and revelation for My people. It is there for those with discernment to see. It can be simple for a child to understand. It is deep for the scholar to pursue. It is wise for the wanderer to grasp and learn. Do not turn from the Source of life. Always come back to My well and fountain of living water. I will meet you there.

Received 12-15-15

All the ways of man are before Me. I am not surprised. I have seen it before. I focus on the one who is seeking after Me. I focus on the one who believes in Me, who is trusting Me to help him. I am focused on the one who is praising Me for the answers and blessings I bring. I am focused on the one who is choosing to obey even when it hurts. I see the end from the beginning and it is very good.

Received 12-16-15

All things work together for good to those who love Me. I can redeem My people from any situation. I work to put My character in them so that in any situation they will respond and think and feel as I would. Do you trust Me? Can you wait for Me to act? Will you accept the answer that I give?

Received 12-18-15

My ways always lead to life and peace of heart. I am with you to accomplish what I have started in you, that is, more of Me and less of you.

Received 12-19-15

Wait upon Me.

Received 12-20-15

My ways will always succeed, not according to your perspective always, but as I see it. My will is best. I see the end from the beginning and all that is in between. Let everything that has breath, praise Me. Love will always win over the hardest heart. Be a lover. Strive for unconditional love, not expecting anything in return. Give of yourself to those you love.

Received 12-21-15

The old has passed away the new has come. Let your heart be cleansed and renewed by My blood. Cast your cares upon Me.

Received 12-22-15

You are my portion. You are the strength of my life. Without You I die. You are my desire.

Received 12-23-15

I will be all that you need. I made you to need Me and to desire to be with Me. You cannot see Me, but you can experience My Presence in My Spirit. I know what pleases you. I have given you the people you need and those who need you. Recognize the prompting of My Spirit and obey.

Received 12-24-15

I give blessings and success to all who call upon Me with a heart that seeks after Me and My ways. I had a plan for Joseph. Satan tried to disrupt My plan many times. People can see My blessing and anointing. They can see that even though a person may have some gifts and talents, which are from Me, they are doing things beyond their ability. Even though they make mistakes at times, I carry them to direct them to the right path. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these necessary things shall be added unto you. My gifts are supernatural.

Received 12-25-15

Unto us a Child is born; unto us a Savior is given who is Christ the Lord. The One who made us has come to redeem us and to deliver us from our sinfulness. We now are His, kept by Him to bear fruit in love and power through His Spirit. We shall see Him when He comes again or when we go to Him at the end of our brief life here on earth.

Received 12-26-15

I have been at work. Trust Me and give Me thanks and praise. Believe Me for what you desire. It is My desire too. My Word is My desire for you. Embrace it and life will come to you.

Received 12-28-15

Can you experience Me? I am speaking. Are you listening in faith?

Received 12-29-15

The just shall live by faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and the He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Received 12-30-15

Be patient and wait upon the Lord. His grace and mercy never fail. His plans will succeed. His hope is sure. He fills the universe with His love as a signal for all to receive and respond. Come and see the glory of the Lord. It’s on the faces of those who seek after Him.

Received 12-31-15

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. He is coming to restore all things. It will be My doing for you cannot do what only I can do. Prepare your heart. Purify your thoughts. Submit your will to Mine. Praise Me now and always.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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