Received 10-5-15

I can do what you need for I am the source of all life. Spend time with Me renewing your spirit with My Spirit. Recharge your batteries. Renew your relationship with Me. Discover what I see in you in those you love. Yes, he needs a relationship with trust developed so he can open up.


Received 10-6-15

Now is the time. Today if you hear My voice, listen and heed what I say. Darkness may cover your land, but I am the Light of the world through My people. Live in joy and peace, without complaining. Be confident in your salvation and hope of eternal life. Trust in My Word. Put My Word into your heart and mind.


Received 10-7-15

I am here. I give what My people need. I am a loving Father. I give and you receive by faith.


Received 10-8-15

Watch My glory be displayed today. I reveal Myself in what I have made and in the lives of My people. I speak and those with ears to hear and eyes to see understand.

Received 10-9-15

Open up to the ways of the Lord. I have spoken, but you do not respond. Pray to receive from Me and I will give you lasting fruit.


Received 10-10-15

You will be blessed as you study My Word. Allow Me to speak to you through My Word. Ask yourself, does this apply to me? What are You trying to say to me?


Received 10-11-15

This is an attack of the enemy. It will be fought in the spiritual realm, not in the physical realm. Seeds of destruction have been sown. You must sow seeds of love and life.


Received 10-12-15

The ways of man will bring a snare. Pray for the lost around you and in your family. Lift them up before Me. Let the spiritual world know that you are praying in My Name. Darkness must give way to Light.


Received 10-13-15

Love will always win over the hardest hearts. Your love is imperfect, but My love through you is effective. Submit to My love and obey My command to love.


Received 10-14-15

If you can love in the midst of this problem, you will take away the enemy’s power.


Received 10-15-15

What I have written is the truth and the source for your life. My answers are not hidden. Read, study, learn from Me. Ask for My Spirit to guide you and show you all truth.


Received 10-16-15

You are my fortress and shield. In You I find my rest and comfort. My fears are wiped away and hope rises within me. No matter what happens to me in this world, You are there for me. The promises in Your Word protect my mind and they cancel the lies of the enemy.

Find your place in Me. Learn where you can go to be with Me, not a physical place, but a place of prayer and communion.


Received 10-17-15

All of what I have and all that I am is yours for the asking. There is nothing too great or too small. My heart is yours. Let Me fill you with My love and compassion. Now you will be able to see people in different ways, with needs and pain. Everyone has needs. Even the rich are empty inside. Love your daughter as I direct. Win her back and win her to Me.


Received 10-18-15

My words are life for those who are seeking after life. Examine your heart. What are your motives? What are your desires?


Received 10-19-15

Love: yes, it is very important. Love must be your motive. Build up one another. Bear one another’s burdens. Forgive one another. Encourage one another to faith and good deeds.


Received 10-20-15

My ways are higher than yours. I lift up and bring down. I know the path that leads to Me. The devil means this for harm, but I will turn it to good. Everyone needs to learn. The solution is not human, though it involves people. What is born of the Spirit is free from the sin of the world.


Received 10-21-15

All the ways of man are before Me. Yes, tragedies happen and people may lose their lives. Wars and fighting happens and people lose their lives. Sin happens and people die. Sickness comes and people die. I see and I care. Call upon Me and I will bring My peace and comfort. I have made a way for you to deal with death, for death is not the end, it can be the beginning of bliss forever.


Received 10-22-15

I am with you. You are being bold as My Spirit is leading you. Stand your ground. Do not shrink back. Greater is He who is in you than he than is in the world. Rejoice in Me and be glad for great is your reward in heaven.


Received 10-23-15

Can you trust Me to get you through the struggles and trials of this life? Whether it is pain or hardship or persecution – I will be there with you. I know what you can bear. I will prepare your heart beforehand. Be wise in the wisdom I give. My Word is reliable and true.


Received 10-24-15

My heart breaks over the lost. They are like sheep without a shepherd. They wander aimlessly. They can be deceived. They are easy prey for the wolves. They struggle with disease and are malnourished. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that they might have life, and life more abundantly.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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