Received 9-25-15

I will be found by those who seek after Me. I am a God of revelation and truth. I see and know everything.


Received 9-26-15

I have come to bring life, not death.


Received 9-28-15

When this world ends, My Presence will be known by all. Revelation will be universal so that no man will have an excuse. Even now My creation speaks. Some choose to believe a lie, so they can live for themselves. They make up their own god to serve, but it is really just themselves. Pray and break off the scales that blind them. Pull back the darkness, turn on My light.


Received 9-29-15

Wake up and seek after Me. Call upon Me. Walk with Me in the garden. I desire a relationship with all. I created you to be with Me, to do what I made you to do, to experience My love and grace.


Received 9-30-15

Your love is amazing – unconditional, without limits, transforming, comforting, gracious, enduring, challenging, forgiving, knowing, understanding.

I have loved you from the beginning of time, when I made you in My image and with My Spirit in you. I gave you My Son to redeem you. I gave My Spirit to keep you.


Received 10-1-15

Give of yourself over and over again. Be poured out not expecting anything in return from man. Learn to be dependent on Me for everything. There is still a root of pride in you that wants to be noticed. Give that to Me. When you sense that it is demanding or even just hoping, give it to Me. My rewards are much better.


Received 10-2-15

My ways are higher than your ways. What you are seeing is the bringing together all things for My return. I have been patiently waiting and calling all who will come to Me. My return will be violent and public. My enemies will try to resist Me. My enemies will attack My people as they have from the beginning. Pray and cover those you love, those who are struggling, those who are doing My business.


Received 10-3-15

Much can be said about Me: Who I Am, My love and grace and mercy, My power, authority, wisdom, knowledge, what I have done in creation and on the cross. But it is the miracle of life in you, the transforming power, the relationship I have with you – that is what is My focus. What is your focus? Do you spend time thinking about Me? Do you want to be with Me?


Received 10-4-15

I will be with you in every situation you may face. Just call upon Me and I will give you help, wisdom, power and grace. I have everything you need. I can help you change your desires, to give you a hunger for the things of righteousness, goodness and what pleases Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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