Received 9-16-15

Come and taste the goodness of the Lord. Enjoy His fellowship. Allow Me to love you and to love others through you. You blessed that woman because of My love for her.


Received 9-17-15

I will come when people are not aware. There will be confusion and deception. Even now, you can see deception and spiritual stupor. My Light is shining in My people. My revelation has not dimmed. My creation calls out declaring what I have done. Speak boldly. Spread seeds of life with your words. Give Me your tongue and lips and I will speak through you.


Received 9-18-15

I have come to bring life, the life that brings joy and peace to the inner man, because I have taken away the stain of sin from his life. I restore that man to a right relationship with His Creator and God. I can be with him and he can be with Me. I can speak to him and he can speak to Me. He can call upon Me and I will reveal who I am to him.


Received 9-19-15

That which is life is also truth. Why labor for things that will perish. Seek after lasting fruit. Pray for the harvest of souls. Pray that My barns will be full. I have prepared a place for each one.


Received 9-20-15

Keep your eyes on Me. Let My Word wash over you. Spend time meditating in My Word, more than you are doing now. Claim who you are in Me. All that I am is yours by faith and grace.


Received 9-21-15

I walk with My people teaching them who I am. I show them who they are and why I have made them. I let them ask questions. I satisfy their desires, every one of them; for I am the Source of Life. I am the hope of the nations. I will come and establish My peace for all time. The enemy will be silenced. You can have this now as you seek after Me.


Received 9-22-15

Bring encouragement and hope. I am the means. I am the solution. All who call upon Me find hope. Let the redeemed of the Lord declare who I am to a lost world. I am redemption and life.


Received 9-23-15

Watch Me today in what I do through you. Pay attention to the words I speak through you. Notice how people respond. Give Me your voice and lips.


Received 9-24-15

I am your covering, your strength, your shield. What is it that you need? I will be that for you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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