Received 6-2-15

All of God’s ways are good. He defines what is good and right. He is the Creator. He establishes the rules. He has given us a free will to choose to obey and to love. He rescued us from our sins: our rebellion and wrongdoing. He has given us a way to change, to be born again, to start over with His Spirit empowering us.


Received 6-3-15

All of life can be empty for the fool who ignores My revelation. I am everywhere, but only a few find Me. I am not hiding. I have left many clues. I am visible to those who seek after Me. I am near and not far. My Son has restored what sin has removed. Call upon Me. Seek after Me. Listen for My still small voice. Heed the voice of My Spirit.


Received 6-4-15

I have told you what will happen. We all will rejoice with your loved ones. Continue to seek after Me for wisdom and guidance and truth and knowledge. Do I not know everything? Can I not reveal what I know to you? If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of Me. It is that simple. Just trust and believe in Me. Know My voice and Presence. I have given you this gift so that you can know what is of Me.


Received 6-5-15

Rest in My love and grace. Allow Me to bless you and the works of your hands. Give Me praise.


Received 6-6-15

This is the dawning of a new era, a new time with My Spirit stronger than ever. Faith will rise and miracles will abound. Do you believe this? Wake up My people.


Received 6-7-15

Let your faith arise. Look to Me and believe. Rest in My goodness, grace and love. You will not be disappointed. Give Me your burdens. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything ask Me with thanksgiving.


Received 6-8-15

Rest in My love and grace. I bless My people, those who seek My face and desire to do My will. They know Me and I know them. We are family. I will fill your heart with joy and peace. You will experience My Presence.


Received 6-9-15

Do not be concerned about small things. Focus on the important things. Look forward and not back.


Received 6-10-15

I am with you. Love your wife and children. Give encouragement and life. Bless and do not curse. Lift up and do not tear down. Forgive and show mercy. Love as I love, freely without strings or conditions.


Received 6-11-15

My ways are not hard if you are submitted to Me. For the joy set before Him He endured the cross. When you have the big picture and when your desire is to do My will, then all that happens will work out for good. You can trust in Me and rest in My love and grace. Just be yourself but fully alert to My Spirit. I will speak through you.


Received 6-12-15

This is a day you will remember. Give your strength to Me. Give your weakness to Me. Trust Me to do what you cannot do. I bring salvation and life. I will take care of your family.


Received 6-13-15

Bless and do not hold back your blessing. Give love freely without strings.


Received 6-14-15

I am with you as always. Close enough to know all that I need to know and for you to find Me.


Received 6-16-15

Today is a day of renewal, a time to regain what was lost. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Celebrate life; give life away. Cover those you love in prayer


Received 6-17-15

The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rejoice and be glad. Let your heart dwell on My promises. Think about My truth.


Received 6-18-15

My ways are better. My truth is sure. Allow my word to penetrate your heart. Believe me in your spirit when nothing else makes sense. My truth endures.


Received 6-19-15

Out of the depths My love comes. It springs up to cover the earth. Now you must share My love with others. My heart is touched by the cries of My people. Can you hear them too? Pray and discern what I want you to do.

They have tender hearts toward one another and their family. They have suffered, but now are blessed. Just as you would rejoice and are rejoicing over your daughter, they too rejoice for their son. Words are not important for the heart can see. Express love and love will be received.


Received 6-20-15

My ways will set you free. Your heart is weak, but your spirit is strong in Me. Truth overcomes the lies of the world. My grace is sufficient for you. Rejoice in Me. Praise Me. Live for Me.


Received 6-21-15

Watch and see what I will do. Make it your goal to follow Me in everything you do.


Received 6-22-15

This day will open your eyes. My truth will set you free. My ways are not hard for those committed to Me. Rescue the downtrodden; set free those who are oppressed. My grace is sufficient for you.


Received 6-23-15

Trust me for your life. In everything give thanks. Let My words flow from your mouth.


Received 6-24-15

I have called you to be fisher of men. Speak your testimony to others. Refresh the hearts of men. Challenge men to live for me and not for themselves. The time is short.


Received 6-25-15

Another day of life. Rejoice in it. Embrace it. Accept its challenges relying on Me. For I am with you always.


Received 6-26-15

My truth will reign in you. Apply yourself to learn it well. Meditate on it as if you needed to live by its every word. My words are life and they are truth.


Received 6-27-15

Come away with Me into My throne room. Look at My treasures. I have much more than you could ever imagine or think about. My rewards are great and satisfying. They are designed for you.


Received 6-28-15

The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Never will I leave you or forsake you. I am with you always. I am patient and loving. My reward is with Me and in Me. I give life to all who come to Me and ask Me for it.


Received 6-29-15

What is your need? Ask Me. Let Me fill you with My Spirit again. Love and be kind to your wife always. She needs you and you need her.


Received 6-30-15

I will bless you and keep you. You are Mine. Rest in Me. Trust Me for everything.


Received 7-1-15

I will rest in Your grace. I will speak of Your goodness. Those in the world may fail me, but You will never fail me.

Never will I leave you or forsake you. My right hand will guide you. Taste and see that the Lord is good.


Received 7-2-15

Forever I reign. As you submit to My will, I will reign over you. My reign brings life and health and truth and wisdom.


Received 7-3-15

From the depths of the earth comes His voice. He calls all to repentance and salvation. The world can’t contact His glory. Day after day His voice is heard. He is preparing a world for Himself and for those He calls.


Received 7-4-15

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, life to the fullest, in Christ Jesus. Repent and believe the gospel. Embrace all that God says in His holy Word.


Received 7-5-15

Let your mind dwell upon My Word. Believe it over what you see. Trust Me to so what I said to you. I know, I am love, and I am good. What more do you need?


Received 7-6-15

There is hope for those who trust in Me. My promises are sure. I will take care of My people. The more you know Me, the more you can rely on Me to carry you. Call upon Me and I am with you.


Received 7-7-15

Wake up with a song of praise in your heart. Give thanks for what I have done for you. Remember how I rescued you from darkness. You are not alone. Much is gained when you come before Me. Present yourself in surrender and humility. Do not cling to the things of this world for they are fleeting.


Received 7-8-15

My ways are good and right to follow. Listen to My Spirit and live in My will. Respond with faith.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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