Received 7-1-15

I will rest in Your grace. I will speak of Your goodness. Those in the world may fail me, but You will never fail me.

Never will I leave you or forsake you. My right hand will guide you. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Received 7-2-15

Forever I reign. As you submit to My will, I will reign over you. My reign brings life and health and truth and wisdom.

Received 7-3-15

From the depths of the earth comes His voice. He calls all to repentance and salvation. The world can’t contain His glory. Day after day His voice is heard. He is preparing a world for Himself and for those He calls.

Received 7-4-15

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, life to the fullest, in Christ Jesus. Repent and believe the gospel. Embrace all that God says in His holy Word.

Received 7-5-15

Let your mind dwell upon My Word. Believe it over what you see. Trust Me to do what I said to you. I know, I am love, and I am good. What more do you need?

Received 7-6-15

There is hope for those who trust in Me. My promises are sure. I will take care of My people. The more you know Me, the more you can rely on Me to carry you. Call upon Me and I am with you.

Received 7-7-15

Wake up with a song of praise in your heart. Give thanks for what I have done for you. Remember how I rescued you from darkness. You are not alone. Much is gained when you come before Me. Present yourself in surrender and humility. Do not cling to the things of this world for they are fleeting.

Received 7-8-15

My ways are good and right to follow. Listen to My Spirit and live in My will. Respond with faith.

Received 7-9-15

Taste and see that I am good. Rest in Me and cast your cares upon Me. Take My yoke upon you and let Me lead you. My ways are sure and good. Put aside your flesh and live in My Spirit.

Do not be dismayed at what you see in your country, for you have left Me long ago. You will reap what you have sown. Repent and believe again. Put aside your worldly ways. Stand for Me and My righteousness. Live in integrity of heart and body. You will not win over a fool with your words alone. Pray that My Spirit will soften hearts. You saw the deadness of a world without Me.

Received 7-10-15

My Word is true and reliable for life. Those that honor and keep it shall live in My grace.

Received 7-11-15

I will give you direction. Let not your heart be troubled, trust in Me. Cast your cares upon Me.

Received 7-12-15

Great and mighty is our God. He is full of compassion and love. His works display His glory. He is everywhere in His dominion. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. He is our good Shepherd leading us and caring for us. What is man that He should think of us, yet we were made in His image. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Submit to His Lordship and will, for it will go well for you.

Received 7-13-15

Rest in Me. Let your thoughts be quiet.

Received 7-14-15

All of the earth is a stage for life to play out. Every day you must choose to follow Me. Yes, you chose to believe in Me for salvation, but today you must live that out. Do you trust Me to help you in all that you do today, in every encounter, in every relationship and conversation? Are you listening to My Spirit? Do you have a submissive heart ready to obey My commands? I am watching over My people, even you. I am love.

Received 7-15-15

Watch and see what I will do. There is nothing too difficult for Me. If you rest in Me and receive My grace, then you can be at peace in the midst of any difficulty. You were not made to be independent of a relationship with your Creator and God. I have wired you to hear what I speak in your inner man. You have a spirit unlike any other creature I have made. That spirit is there to connect with My Spirit.

Received 7-16-15

You know My voice. Can you listen at other times? Can I speak so that you will respond in faith and action? How can a young man direct his steps? By following My Word. It is easier for My Spirit to guide you if you have put My Word into your heart.

Received 7-17-15

I am waiting for My people to respond to My call. I am calling them to turn from their selfish ways and to love, love with all of their heart, soul and body. Love frees bondage. Love brings forth real life in its fullest. I am love and I want My people to love. By this all men will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another. Show the world that you love Me by obeying My commands and loving your brother.

Received 7-18-15

Much of life is waiting. Can you be patient waiting for My answer or help? Can you maintain an attitude of faith while waiting, even for years? The men of old never saw the answer or fulfillment. Can you rest in My promises? True waiting in faith relies on My promises, fully expecting My response, fully submitted to My will and timing. What are you waiting for? Ask Me.

Received 7-19-15

My ways are higher than yours. I see all and know all. What I do is for My glory. Seek after Me with all of your heart for in doing so, you will bring glory to My Name. Love always.

Received 7-20-15

I will open the heavens for you to see what I am doing. Look around you for the people and opportunities I send you. Love and be gracious and you will win over stony hearts. People will respond to love and grace.

Received 7-21-15

I am with you. Learn from Me. Know what I desire in you – love. Love sacrifices itself for others. Love says yes and affirms. Love has compassion and sympathy. Love believes all things, hopes all things, trusts all things. Love suffers long.

Received 7-22-15

My grace is sufficient for you and for all of My people. You must learn to trust Me no matter what the circumstances or problem. Don’t I love you? Yes, and I will not let you come to a place that you cannot endure with My help. Rest in Me and lean not in your own strength or ability. That is the secret Paul learned. Do what you can, but do what you do asking Me to cover you. David cried out as he was in distress for years. I carried him and brought him through his trials. He was chosen.

Guard over your heart and mind. Do not let the enemy deceive you or fill your mind with evil. Whatever is true, pure, lovely, excellent and worthy of praise – think on these things.

Received 7-23-15

I am with you wherever you are. I give grace when you need it. Just call upon Me. Ask for My healing. Ask for My wisdom. Bless and do not curse. Love and be loved as a son of the King. Love those who love you and love those who don’t.

Received 7-24-15

May the words that I speak give honor to You, my Lord and Savior.

You think more than you speak, but I hear your thoughts. Do you really want a closer relationship with Me? Then you must spend more of your time thinking of Me. How would you describe who I am? What have I revealed to you in My Word and in what I have spoken to you? What do you know about me from your limited perspective? Every person has been given a revelation of who I am. Some want more and that pleases Me. Others are afraid and don’t want more. I know who are Mine. My universe is big to contain who I am. I even have a place you cannot see with your natural eyes where I dwell and where you will come to Me some day.

Received 7-25-15

Bless and do not curse. Love and be loved. Proclaim My love and salvation and hope.

Received 7-26-15

I have made them all. I love them all. I am calling each one. Some can hear, some will hear, some decline My offer, some refuse. Pray and intercede. Break off the chains.

Received 7-27-15

What I am, you will find out. I will open the doors to heaven for you to see. I will share secrets and explain mysteries. Study My Word and allow My Spirit to show you. Ask Me what you don’t understand. My Son is ready for Me to say “now”. I have more to come. Pray and intercede for the lost around you. Testify of My love and goodness.

Received 7-28-15

My ways are higher. My truth is better. My love is greater. I am everything you need. I will reveal who I am to you if you are willing. Can you love as I love? Yes and no. For in you is the shadow of capacity, but your heart must change. The unlovable respond to My love. The outcast and rejected ones are easy to love, but they soak up love quickly. The wicked seemingly don’t deserve any love, yet they need love too. I send My love to the good and bad. I am like the sun radiating light. I am continually on with My love. You cannot escape from my love. My love went to the cross for you.

Received 7-29-15

Give and it shall be given unto you. By the same measure you give, shall it be measured unto you. Love given sparingly will be rewarded little. Abundant overflowing love shall be rewarded much in this world and in the world to come. Does the phrase: “God loves you”, help? It will if it is given in My Name and by My Spirit. Some people don’t believe that I can love them because of what they have done or said. Some have never been loved and it is like a drop of water to a thirsty soul for them.

Received 7-30-15

All that I am is yours for the asking. He who spared not His one and only Son, will He not also freely give us all things. Yes, and I will not spare you to accomplish what I desire in you and in those I send you to. Is that all right?

I will wake up the dawn. I will call forth My Name. I will herald the coming of My Son. Wake up you sleeper. Open your eyes.

Received 7-31-15

My truth shall set you free. Believe in everything I have already done for you. Believe in who you are in Me. Believe in who I AM. Receive My gift of love for you.

Received 8-1-15

I am with you. Speak clearly and with My authority. Let them know I want them to hear Me, to say “I love you”, to give them direction, to comfort them.

Received 8-2-15

My life is in Your hands. You have saved Me and have revealed Yourself to me. There is nothing more for me to do but to love and obey You.

I give to My people all the faith that they need – a measure of faith. Faith is found in My Word. Faith is found in the fruit of My Spirit. My Son showed you what My heart is: it is love, compassion, forgiving, full of grace and truth, it is obedience, it is holiness, it is submission. I have rewarded the obedience of My Son. His Name is greater than all. He is above all. Where there is life, there is hope. Hope is found in My Son. He has made the way for you.

Received 8-3-15

All is not lost for what a man loses for the kingdom of God, he gains. Give and it shall be given you, pressed down, shaken together and running over. I reward My people, just as a loving father rewards an obedient child. I see the heart. Obedience starts in the heart as a decision, as a choice to follow no matter what the cost, no matter what the assignment. You say “yes” to Me. You submit to My Lordship over you to obey My commands and instructions. You know My love for you. You have great expectations. You eagerly wait for My hand to beckon you. “Come follow Me.” You are willing to be examined by My Spirit in everything you do, in every thought, in every emotion. You want to be brought back to My path of life for you. Even in your failures, there can be hope and a future. Nothing surprises Me. I fill the universe I have made and I fill you. We are connected for eternity.

Received 8-4-15

I am working in you to reveal the truth you need to know. Believe in Me. Receive My grace to help you and to cover you. Receive My Power, My Spirit to help you. I give and no one can take it away. I am working in you to do My will and good pleasure. Is that alright? My truth is good and lasting. My ways are best for your life. Do not accept what the world gives. Do not let your flesh rule over your mind and spirit. There is a price to follow Me. But there is a reward that you cannot imagine now, a reward that lasts for eternity.

Received 8-5-15

My ways are higher than yours. Turn this problem over to Me and watch Me bring the answer. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your steps.

Received 8-6-15

Thank You Lord for You have been my help when I don’t know what to do or I can’t do what I need to do. Help me not to be anxious and frustrated. Help me to truly give You my problems as You have said. Help me find Your place of rest. I tell others what You ask of us and yet I don’t follow that same advice.

Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest – for your souls, for your mind. My peace I give to you, not as the world gives. I have lifted your burden from off of your shoulders. Do not take it back. Ask of Me and thank Me for doing what you cannot do. Ask Me to do what you can do. Ask Me what I want you to do.

Received 8-7-15

My ways are higher. Trust Me. Your problems are so small. I am big and can do all that pleases Me. You please Me for you have believed in what I have done for you. You believe for today and tomorrow. Be anxious for nothing. Pray and release your burden to Me. Stand firm before the attacks of the enemy.

Received 8-8-15

The Lord’s faithfulness extends throughout eternity, the expanse of His creation, to all of His created beings and even to me. Love, mercy, grace, kindness, faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness, holiness, goodness, gentleness, patience, justice, truthfulness – all of these wonderful qualities and more are found in God. We can be fully safe in God. He is not like who we are, but we were made in His image and likeness. Someday we will be changed to be as He is. The curse of sin will be removed forever. Even now we can be like Him as we are in Christ and have the power of the Holy Spirit to help us.

You will be like Me. You can be transformed to be like Me. You can be molded into who I am if you allow Me. If you love as I love, if you believe and obey My Spirit, then I will be found in you. People notice something different and good in you as you let Me reign over your thoughts and actions. People were attracted to My Son for He loved them, offered to forgive them, could bring healing and deliverance – He offered them hope for a better, different life. What do people see in you? Are people attracted to you because of My presence in you?

Received 8-9-15

Don’t believe the lie of the enemy. You may be weak, but I am strong in you. An empty vessel can be filled. An empty vessel is better than a vessel partially filled with self, for when I come in to a person, there is a natural resistance of the flesh and the spirit. The spirit is willing, but the flesh and soul are demanding to be recognized. Every day determine to put to death the demands of the flesh. Every day determine to obey My Spirit. Every day rejoice and be glad and thankful for what I have done for you and in you.

Received 8-10-15

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Strength is found in Me. Strength is received as you give over to Me your problems and needs. I am what you need. Believe and receive. Ask with thankfulness and trust. Know that I am your God. I am not far off but near, even with you. I know all that is within you. Join with Me and stop striving. My burden is light.

Received 8-11-15

All things are possible for those who believe My Words, who have given themselves to Me in surrender with joy and abandon. They know I am good and My mercy endures forever. They know My love for them. Chains will come off. People will be delivered from darkness. Hope will fill their hearts. Love and forgiveness will be worn around their hearts.

Received 8-12-15

What is in a name? What do you call yourself? How would people describe you? What do I see in you? Some people use titles and some make up an image to show others how important they are, but that should not be your goal. Rather in everything you do, let Me shine through you. Be a servant to all, especially to the people of God. Let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no. Deal honestly with your brother. Speak truth. Do not try to deceive anyone, for that is not of Me. I would not let you deceive that man. I want you to honor what you say. Do not think you can hide your sins from Me. Confess them and seek My forgiveness, so that your soul is instructed and humbled.

Received 8-13-15

My Words will not fail you. For they are life and truth; they are correction and instruction; they are healing to the spirit of man. Put them into your heart.

Received 8-14-15

I am with you to help you. Let your “yes” be yes. Speak with truth in your heart and do not deceive anyone with words. This is who I am, and so must you be.

Received 8-15-15

I am the way, the truth and the life. He who comes to Me will not perish. I will lift him up on the last day. He will be with Me wherever I am. All who call upon My Name shall be saved. It is not complicated. A man must come to believe that there is a God who made him and who rules over all. He must recognize that he needs a Savior. He must call upon Me to save him and forgive him. You didn’t know everything at first. It is not about correct theology, but being in Me. Later as your faith and understanding grows, you come to realize all that I have done for you and who you are in Me.

Received 8-16-15

I will bless you today. Bless and love the men you will see. I will love them through you. Be at peace and follow Me.

Received 8-17-15

The wages of sin is death. But I have many blessings for the man who repents and comes to Me. Life can be hard, but I am the way, the truth and the life – life that will last with all fullness and joy.

Received 8-18-15

My ways are higher. I am changing your heart. Listen to his words for he has compassion. He knows the pain and emptiness and loneliness that many face. They pay for the wrong choices they have made. I still love them, each and every one of them. Some are victims of cruel people. There will always be poor people, needy people, lonely people and hurting people, so that good people can learn about My love and compassion.

Received 8-19-15

Wait upon Me and listen with attention and faith. I speak. I call out. Does anyone listen and hear? I have given you ears to hear. I have written My Word on your heart. I will be your checklist and reminder.

Received 8-20-15

What is in your heart to do? Is it what I want? Dying to self is not escape from reality, but it is total surrender and submission to Me so that you choose willingly and joyfully to do My will as I have revealed it in My Word and as My Spirit leads. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Is My reward enough for you to motivate you? Are you grateful enough? Do you recognize how much I love you? Do you trust Me with your life?

Received 8-21-15

I will love you always and forever. I am teaching you and speaking to you. Listen and heed what I say. This world is fading away. I am letting it slide away. But I am active as never before to save those who call upon Me. Need brings change. Soon the whole world will be in need. They will discover how much My grace is covering. Be prepared in season and out of season. If you want to be My witness, you must be ready and alert. You are too preoccupied to notice. But if your focus is testifying about Me, then I can bring people to you wherever you are.

Received 8-22-15

I brought you here to see what I have made. Give Me praise. Put praise onto your lips. Rescue men from darkness. Help them to see Me – to see Me in you.

Received 8-23-15

The enemy attacks, but I rescue and deliver. I have come that they may have life. Life with Me is more than anything else the world can offer – peace, joy, assurance, love, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and grace. My blessings never cease for My storehouse is plentiful. Guard over your life with all diligence. Keep seeking after Me. Allow Me to change you. Always say yes to Me and what I am prompting you to do, for My adventures of faith lead to many blessings for all to see.

Received 8-24-15

Let Me guide you. I am protecting you so that you will not be harmed.

Received 8-25-15

I will come when you do not expect at a time that will surprise the unwary. I will fill the earth I made with My glory. All men will praise Me for I am the Lord. The weak shall be made strong. The castaway will be found. That day is near, so why do you pursue the things that will not last? Be about My business and My leading. Give Me your dreams and let Me give you Mine. In righteousness and holiness I will be shone glorious. They will look on Him who was pierced. They shall morn and wail for their sins, but I will wipe them away. I will return to My people and they will return to Me. Rejoice and be glad for I am near.

Received 8-26-15

What counts is living by My Spirit, doing My will and living by My Word as best you can. Now you understand only a little, but then you will see clearly. They were looking for a Messiah to deliver them from bondage of human governing. They did not want to change their way of life. John did challenge them to repent and be ready, but they stumbled over Me. Can you live under the cross? Can you truly die to self so that you can obey Me fully? Can you love those dear to you?

Received 8-27-15

I am awake and aware of all that you do, of all that everyone does and will do. Your life is written out on a scroll. I see the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. My Spirit is at work to guide you, giving you all the opportunities I have planned for you – opportunities of every flavor, level, specifically designed for you. Do not miss them, especially the ones to do good to others. For this will be your crown.

Love your family with all of the grace I give you. Be aggressive to show love.

Received 8-28-15

Be gracious and kind. Let your love show in words and deeds. As much as you know of Me, be like Me in all that you do. Let My Spirit flow through you to others.

Received 8-29-15

They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. When you meditate upon Who I am and what My Word says, then all of your problems will grow smaller. You will gain confidence in My promises and your faith will be solid and unmoving. Abraham considered My promise to him and My faithfulness to My Word. Instead of being impossible it became possible and reality.

Received 8-30-15

All things are Mine. I can redeem anyone who calls upon Me. The price has been paid.

Received 8-31-15

If My Words are in you, you will ask according to My will, and it shall be given you. Ask and do not doubt. Put your trust in Me and not in yourself. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your steps. It is not in yourself to save, but only to witness and testify. I can transform your words of testimony as a seed to reach a heart that is cold. Speak My Words and show love. This is an irresistible combination.

Received 9-1-15

Today you will see My glory. See what I have made. Give of yourself in words and deed.

Received 9-2-15

All things are possible for him who believes My Word. Rest and believe in Me.

Received 9-3-15

Many a day will pass for you, but still a lifetime beyond will continue forever. I see all of it. I have a plan for you. I will be with you. Let your weakness be a strength, as you call upon Me to do what you cannot do.

Received 9-4-15

I will fill you with My Spirit. I write my laws on your heart. I will give you a heart of flesh to know and obey Me. You are weak in your flesh, but I am strong in your spirit.

Received 9-5-15

Honor Me with your lips. Give Me glory and praise. Thank Me for what I have done. Describe to the whole world who I am. Rest in the calling I have for you. Surrender all ambition to Me.

Received 9-6-15

Mine is the kingdom and the glory forever and ever. You are Mine. All who believe in Me are Mine. All that I have made is Mine. You are the inheritance and glory for My crown. Soon you will see all this and be amazed and filled with joy. My lovingkindness and mercy and grace covers all things. When you think of Me, ponder all of these things.

Received 9-7-15

Spend your money on things that will last. Buy living water. Buy truth and peace and joy. Buy love and faith and hope. Pursue these things.

Received 9-8-15

Now is the time to be bold and courageous. Surprise people with your faith. Challenge them to believe in Me. Speak My Name Jesus for My Name has power to save and to heal and to deliver and to bless.

Received 9-9-15

I did that for you because you asked. Now is the time to walk with Me by faith trusting Me as never before. You are weak in your flesh against the attacks. Guard over what you do with prayer.

Received 9-10-15

Do you trust in Me? Yes, but do you really know that I am doing for you what you cannot do? Are you willing to jump off the edge if I ask you to?

Received 9-11-15

I can do all things through you and in you if you allow Me to. I have infinite power, but I have chosen to limit what I do in response to what My people believe about Me. I rejoice over the lost sinner repenting and coming to Me. I rejoice over the man who believes in Me to answer his prayer. I rejoice over those who trust Me to protect them, to provide for them, to deliver them, to heal them, to comfort them. I rejoice over you as you seek Me. My promises in My Word are My promises to you – My promise to do what I have said I will do.

Received 9-12-15

What I have spoken, I have spoken. Now open up your ears to hear what the Spirit says. Rest not in your own judgment or wisdom. For real wisdom comes from Me.

Put your focus on Me and not in this world. I will take care of you as you are faithful to Me. You have an idea of what to do. Go forward and I will direct your steps. Speak forth life and not death, truth and not lies. Let your “yes” be yes. This might be messy and it is not about him, only you and what I am asking you to do.

Received 9-13-15

I will bless the work of your hands and feet. Go where I send you and do what I ask you to do. Trust Me to find glory in your life as you yield to Me. Even in little things can I be glorified. I love you.

Received 9-14-15

Ask of Me and I will respond. Do not grow weary in doing good, but constantly seek My refreshing. Discover the joy that I give you, the sustaining joy welling up – the knowledge of My approval and love for you.

Received 9-15-15

What has happened in the past is over and done, but you can make all things new in My Spirit. The way forward is always closer to Me. There is no other pursuit than to know Me more, to experience My grace and love. You may stumble and fall, but I always will be there with you. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life I live, I live by the faith of Christ Jesus my Lord.

Received 9-16-15

Come and taste the goodness of the Lord. Enjoy His fellowship. Allow Me to love you and to love others through you. You blessed that woman because of My love for her.

Received 9-17-15

I will come when people are not aware. There will be confusion and deception. Even now, you can see deception and spiritual stupor. My Light is shining in My people. My revelation has not dimmed. My creation calls out declaring what I have done. Speak boldly. Spread seeds of life with your words. Give Me your tongue and lips and I will speak through you.

Received 9-18-15

I have come to bring life, the life that brings joy and peace to the inner man, because I have taken away the stain of sin from his life. I restore that man to a right relationship with His Creator and God. I can be with him and he can be with Me. I can speak to him and he can speak to Me. He can call upon Me and I will reveal who I am to him.

Received 9-19-15

That which is life is also truth. Why labor for things that will perish. Seek after lasting fruit. Pray for the harvest of souls. Pray that My barns will be full. I have prepared a place for each one.

Received 9-20-15

Keep your eyes on Me. Let My Word wash over you. Spend time meditating in My Word, more than you are doing now. Claim who you are in Me. All that I am is yours by faith and grace.

Received 9-21-15

I walk with My people teaching them who I am. I show them who they are and why I have made them. I let them ask questions. I satisfy their desires, every one of them; for I am the Source of Life. I am the hope of the nations. I will come and establish My peace for all time. The enemy will be silenced. You can have this now as you seek after Me.

Received 9-22-15

Bring encouragement and hope. I am the means. I am the solution. All who call upon Me find hope. Let the redeemed of the Lord declare who I am to a lost world. I am redemption and life.

Received 9-23-15

Watch Me today in what I do through you. Pay attention to the words I speak through you. Notice how people respond. Give Me your voice and lips.

Received 9-24-15

I am your covering, your strength, your shield. What is it that you need? I will be that for you.

Received 9-25-15

I will be found by those who seek after Me. I am a God of revelation and truth. I see and know everything.

Received 9-26-15

I have come to bring life, not death.

Received 9-28-15

When this world ends, My Presence will be known by all. Revelation will be universal so that no man will have an excuse. Even now My creation speaks. Some choose to believe a lie, so they can live for themselves. They make up their own god to serve, but it is really just themselves. Pray and break off the scales that blind them. Pull back the darkness, turn on My light.

Received 9-29-15

Wake up and seek after Me. Call upon Me. Walk with Me in the garden. I desire a relationship with all. I created you to be with Me, to do what I made you to do, to experience My love and grace.

Received 9-30-15

Your love is amazing – unconditional, without limits, transforming, comforting, gracious, enduring, challenging, forgiving, knowing, understanding.

I have loved you from the beginning of time, when I made you in My image and with My Spirit in you. I gave you My Son to redeem you. I gave My Spirit to keep you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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