Received 5-7-15

All the world will give Me praise. They will bow before Me. There will be no unbelievers then, for all will acknowledge who I am. I will reign with justice and truth, love and mercy, grace and understanding. You will reign with Me. You will not be guessing what to do, for you will know what I want you to do. I will silence the enemy and his workers. They will be bound.


Received 5-8-15

Call upon Me. Cry out to Me in the day of your trouble. Submit your will to Mine. Humble yourself before Me and to others. Seek to do My good pleasure.


Received 5-9-15

Are you connected to Me? Yes, and I am in you to bring out My character. I have been molding you and changing you. I am not done. Whenever you get angry, it points out what is still of your flesh. Whenever you get puffed up and imagine being recognized, it points out what is still of your flesh. Whenever you get frustrated by injustice, by wrongdoing, this is actually by My Spirit showing you what is righteousness. But instead of judgment, you should pray and call upon My mercy and grace for them. You were there once. You can be there if it were not for My Spirit. Have My compassion for the lost, for the hungry and needy. I see weak people, misled by the enemy and the world. I see people hurt by sin and wrong choices. They have gone astray and wandered away from the path of life. It was My love for you that brought you to Me. You can imagine dimly what your life might be without Me. There are traces of it left, just to remind you.

Die to live. Die to your pride so that you are seen by Me and not by those of the world. Die to your anger so that you recognize your weaknesses without Me. Die to your frustration so that you put on My compassion and mercy. When have you wept over the lost? What will move you?

The enemy is stirring and violence and cruelty will abound. Lawlessness will run unchecked. People will mask their fear with fluff and distractions. They will be like the ostrich with their head in the sand of entertainment. They pretend it is not happening, because they don’t want to face the sin in their own life and their need for a Savior. Sinners will sin because that is built into them. They must be born anew by My Spirit. Then they can change and see the truth. Help them see Me.


Received 5-10-15

All things are Mine. I will bring life to the dead. Their eyes will be opened. They will see Me and know Me. The fog will be lifted.


Received 5-11-15

I will be there with you. Pray and bless the men. Let them know I care for them. That was a reality for the men who fought and for the people who live there. Pray for them.


Received 5-12-15

All who come to Me I will never forsake. I can work with just a little faith. I will make their faith grow. Some need the faith of a friend or relative to help them on My journey. I am reaching out to many.


Received 5-13-15

Blessed be the name of the Lord. His Name has power and authority. His Name has comfort and rest. He is righteousness and truth. He is love and grace. He is justice and mercy.



What do you need? Let Me change your cold heart. Let Me teach you compassion. I see what men really need, even though they may not recognize their real need. People need love – to receive it and to give it. I made them that way. Love displays itself in many ways: sacrifice, caring and compassion, forgiveness and healing of relationships, humility, grace, covering over faults, giving. I want them to love Me and to experience My love for them. I have displayed My love for all to see. Now I want My people to love each other so that the world will see what real love is.


Received 5-15-15

I will provide all that My people need. I have created them with a need for Me. I shower upon them riches of My grace and love. Open up your eyes to see. There is a world of lost and hurting people.


Received 5-16-15

All the efforts of man will fail. Do not despair over your failings. Look to Me and be restored. Do not give voice to what the enemy is doing except to pray. Speak life and truth. Be gracious in all that you do.


Received 5-17-15

There will be a new awakening. My people will come out of their slumber. They will awaken from their stupor. The enemy has lulled them to sleep with distractions and despair. They have lost hope. But I will give them a new hope, a fresh vision of what their future holds in Me. I will reveal what My new kingdom will look like. I will raise up leaders in key positions in My kingdom. My Spirit will awaken the dead, if necessary, and put a flame burning in the hearts of My people that cannot be put out. Compulsion and obligation will be replaced with passion and desire from within. Joy will overcome fear. Purity will replace compromise. My Spirit rejoices and He will cause you to rejoice.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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