Received 3-13-15

For those who call upon I will be there. I am listening for the cries of the heart. Not the whining of the mind, though I know what a man is made of. My Spirit is working to draw all men to Me. He is relentless. He never tires or is discouraged by apparent setbacks, for He knows what a man will do. He is buoyed by the prayers of the intercessors. Continue to pray and seek after what is in your heart.

Received 3-14-15

Wait upon the Lord and He shall renew your strength. He will speak words of life and wisdom into you. He is the Lord of all. He is the Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe.


Received 3-15-15

All things are possible with God. Man has a free will to choose Me or to choose himself. Most can recognize that I exist, but still they don’t understand who I really am. My Spirit woos and convicts. He doesn’t give up on any man, even until their last breath. Many will choose then when they face the stark reality of death. I still love them though they have refused to believe all the years of their lives. I placed in you to want something more. You were not satisfied with the emptiness of this world. Now this world has even less attractiveness to you. You will see Me someday and you will be surprised and blessed.


Received 3-16-15

Where love is there am I. I am referring to real love that is committed to the end. They will know them by their love for one another. This is My gift to them – the love I have for them can be given away.


Received 3-18-15

Watch and see what I will do on your behalf. You have been faithful in little. Now you must be faithful in much. You must rely on Me. Study and prepare your heart from My Word. Meditate on My Truth. Learn about Me. Yes, My commands can teach you about My holiness. Relationships are built on trust, friendship, common goals and pursuits. The more you seek to do My will, the more I will reveal Myself to you. Did not Elijah ask to see My glory and I revealed a portion of who I am to him? We had been walking together. Abiding with Me. Your flesh may grow weaker, but your spirit can grow stronger as you trust in Me. What is the testimony of a faithful man? It is that He has seen My faithfulness. What I have said in My Word, I will do. What I have done before, I will do again. What I reveal, I will do so that My Name is glorified.


Received 3-19-15

I will speak to you as long as you come to Me. I love you. My Words contain the key to your life, the missing piece, the instructions, the wisdom that you need. I will show you the way to go. Even as you take a long, pleasant journey – I will direct your steps. There may be dangers and pits along the way, but I will help you avoid them and get through them unharmed. You must intercede for those you love, so that they too can walk this journey. This journey leads to Life. It leads to Me.


Received 3-20-15

I am with you. Cast your cares upon Me.


Received 3-21-15

All things are possible, but not all things are permissible. My righteousness and holiness is far greater than what a man can do or be. It is who I am and it should be who you are. My Son is covering you with His righteousness. But live before Me with purity of mind, not stained by the sins of this world or the fleshly desires. Think of others as better than yourself. Die to self and live to Me in the power of My Spirit.


Received 3-22-15

Allow My servant to help you. Yield to what he knows. Trust Me to work through him. All that I am is yours. All the wisdom that you need is available in Me. I see the beginning and the end. Life is not perfect and you can’t have or do everything. What seems right at one time, will look different to you at another time. Things change and you change.


Received 3-23-15

I have blessed you in many ways. Trust Me to bless you in this and in the future. I can expose and I can hide. Give your cares to Me. Let My peace rule in your heart. Could I have not changed the outcome in another way?


Received 3-24-15

O how He loves us and provides everything for us. He deserves all of our praise and devotion. There is none like Him. How much has Jesus done for us on the cross, freeing us from sin and sickness and oppression. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that dwells within to guide and teach us. You have entrusted us as Your witnesses as we carry about Your Light and glory.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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