Received 3-2-15

Blessed is the Name of the Lord. He is a strong tower, a place of refuge. We can call upon Him in times of trouble. He will come and see us through.


Received 3-3-15

Watch and pray. Stay alert to what is going on around you – in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm. Respond to My Spirit and pray.


Received 3-4-15

Do not be surprised by the depravity of man or the ignorance about the gospel. These days are not unique. There have been seasons like this throughout history. Men left to themselves can be deceived until their hearts are hardened. I have been hated – when I am love. My will is being carried out before your eyes. Discern the truth, seek after her, live the truth. That is why I shine through My people. The world is growing darker and darker as if the sun is setting. But My Son is rising and all will see and believe.


Received 3-5-15

Lift up your eyes to the hills. Where does your help come from? If you call upon Me, I will be there. Once you call, then rest in Me. I will teach you what to do. My Spirit will remind you. Pray before every meeting, every event.


Received 3-6-15

All things are possible for those who believe and are willing to trust Me to do My will on earth. What is impossible with man is possible with Me. I am your hope. I am your answer. I am your deliverer. I am love and out of My love comes grace for all that you need.


Received 3-7-15

I will take care of you. Your weaknesses will become My strengths in you. Watch and pray. Give freely what I give you. Encourage and lift up. Be a banner of My righteousness. Live before Me and those in the world in holiness. Keep your focus on Me and not on the things of this world, for it is fading away.


Received 3-8-15

What I am doing is marvelous. Pray and agree with Me to bring many into My sheepfold. Lives are being changed as men see what I have done for them. The prisoner is being set free. The eyes of the blind are seeing. The deaf are hearing. The weak are being rescued. Darkness and light are in a battle, but light always dispels darkness.


Received 3-9-15

Allow My Word to speak to you. Pray and invite Me to show the meaning and application to you. All that you need is in My Word. Truth and faith come out of My Word.


Received 3-10-15

All grace and power are available from Me. Just call upon Me. Ask Me. Who is the wise man who walks in My ways?

He will be rewarded.


Received 3-11-15

All that I am is yours. I give to My people. I bless My people. I am not like a genie, but I am your Source and Provision. Grace and Mercy and Love flow from My heart to yours to give away.


Received 3-12-15

Come to Me all who labor and are weary and I will give them rest. Rest is more than sleeping or taking a nap or taking a break from work. It is coming to Me and giving Me your problems and issues and letting Me carry them. It is trusting Me to take care of you in every situation that you may face. It is resting in My strength and care. It is received My guidance and direction and wisdom. It is being in My family.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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