Received 2-14-15

All things are possible for those who believe in Me. It’s not just faith to believe Me to do a specific thing you need, but to trust in My goodness and love for you. If you know that in your heart, you can trust Me to do what is best for you in every situation. Just ask Me and commit what you are doing to Me.


Received 2-15-15

I am using many people to bring glory to My Name. Every time they call upon Me, I respond. If they can see into the spiritual realm, they would see the glory I manifest. You seek after My Presence and that is good, but also seek to bring glory to My Name. As you pray, thank Me and worship Me as one of My children. This touches My heart.


Received 2-16-15

I have not stopped working in My creation. It is always before Me as My prized possession. And My people are My jewels shining, reflecting My glory in a dark and hostile world. They stand out in beauty and holiness. Some sparkle more than others as they yield to Me more, but each one is My work and they please Me. I am an Artist and You are My painting, sculpture – more than this, a life-giving spirit, just as My Son gave life, I give life through My people. Can you see this? Change your focus away from this world and see through My eyes. Allow My Spirit to teach you and to guide your every step. He is filled with joy with those who respond to Him.


Received 2-17-15

All that I am is yours. You can do all that I ask of you, because I have gifted you and you have My Spirit and grace. It is not hard to give up the things of this world if you purpose to do so. The lies of the enemy and the deceitfulness of the world’s empty promises can be overcome through discipline as you renew your mind. The flesh may complain, but the spirit will rejoice and be free to flourish. It is not sacrifice, but attitude of mind and soul and submission to My Lordship and will. Great men can live above the crowd, inspiring many. My people can stand out like beacons showing the way to the Father. Teach the truth as I reveal it to you. Give wisdom and understanding to My Word and others will be blessed. Study and share. Put in you what My Spirit can draw out for others.


Received 2-18-15

Yes, and give life to others as never before. You can influence many. Allow Me to speak through you. Tell the men what you see of men who struggle after years of bad choices of yielding to the flesh. There is hope, but it is harder to repent fully after the enemy has taken hold. There is victory in Me for I have overcome all the world has. The enemy has no hold on Me and he should have no hold on you, as you submit to My Lordship. The spiritual realm is real. That is why men must live by My Spirit, not by their flesh. Your spirit can be stronger than you think to overcome the desires of the flesh and thoughts of the mind.


Received 2-19-15

Take time to day for pray and to seek Me for the conference. Let Me speak life into you.


Received 2-20-15

What is man that You should take note of Him? Yes, man is frail and small compared the largeness of what I have made. But I made you in My image and likeness and with My Spirit I have made you anew, erasing the stain of sin and weakness. Live before Me as My son. Live to please Me as if I was your father. It is not about performing or doing. It is in being who I made you to be.


Received 2-21-15

You may not recognize it now, but I will be glorified in what happens in My world. Just as the enemy thought he had won over My Son, so now he thinks he will destroy My people. My patience is waiting for the right time. My love continues to reach out to save and deliver all who call upon Me. The sinfulness and wickedness of man is visible for all to see. My righteousness will shine and all will see it – in My Son and in My people.


Received 2-22-15

Go and be blessed. Listen to My Spirit and pay attention to men say. Join with My brothers to praise Me, to live for Me. You have not had to struggle as some of these men have. You have received grace just as these men have received, but they were weak and damaged. Encourage them and give them hope.


Received 2-23-15

In Me there is life, true life. Come to Me and I will give you life. You have been born again of My Spirit and now we live in you. Precious in My sight are those who believe in Me. I give the opportunity to believe in every person. They must decide.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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