Received 2-2-15

I am here. Put your thoughts on things above. Rejoice in Me and what I have done. There is life in Me, life that brings life in you. Give yourself to Me.


Received 2-3-15

The wages of sin is death. The glory of man is found only as a reflection of My glory. You shine when I shine in you. What appeals to man is vain and empty, fleeting without satisfaction. Beauty is temporary and shallow. So-called stars in entertainment or sports come and go. We live out our fantasy lives through them, but they are empty shells, fleeting and vain. True beauty is righteousness, virtue, love, generosity, kindness and humility. My Son was beautiful. His submission and obedience was pleasing. Be like Him in the power of My Spirit. I put beauty in My creation, but sin has corrupted it so that it fades and is temporary. In you is the capacity to see and appreciate My beauty, the beauty that comes from Me.


Received 2-4-15

I receive your worship and praise and thanksgiving. These things turn your focus away from yourself. Is this too much to ask? Would you rather that you were praised than for Me to be praised for what you do? Yes, give thanks to Me for everything – before, during and after! Develop in your heart an attitude of gratefulness.


Received 2-5-15

Let your heart be filled with love, My love for others. See with compassion. Experience their pain and struggle and need as I have. I know them and care for them. I am not aloof, far away uncaring. I respond to faith. Speak words of faith and life to them. Bring them before Me in prayer.


Received 2-6-15

Do not be afraid or anxious. Call upon Me to help you. All life comes from Me. Help people find this truth. I do not want My people to suffer, but sin has ravished what I made. There is a consequence to sin and it can be compounded over time. I do not need to bring judgment for people reap what they sow. I rescue those who call upon Me.


Received 2-7-15

Give hope and encouragement to the weary and downcast. Not in a flippant way, but with My love and grace. Life can be hard, especially if you are trying in your own strength to make it through. Even with My help, life can be a struggle, but there can be joy and peace that in the end, there will be reward for perseverance and discipline. Lo, for I will be with you, even to the end of time. Share your burden with Me in prayer and with your brother in conversation. Let others help and pray for you.


Received 2-8-15

Trust Me to carry what you have and to do what you cannot do. If only you would believe Me for this, then your burden would be light. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. I care for My sheep and My sheep know Me and trust Me.


Received 2-9-15

I know everyone and every situation. I care about My people and what happens to them. I know how much they can bear. I have a plan for them and what I do will help them and I will be glorified in them, if they allow for that to happen. You must choose to believe in spite of what you see or feel or think.


Received 2-10-15

I am love. I am truth. I am light. I am eternal. You are made in My image for My special purposes. Everything I do or have done is good. Man makes his choices and he will live or die with the consequences. Choose life. Choose the life I offer freely in My Son. He died so that you could live. He lives so that you could live eternally with Me.


Received 2-11-15

I am who I am because of Christ Jesus who lives in me.

You are taking on My nature every day, for I am working within you to accomplish My purpose for your life. The more you yield to Me and say yes to what My Spirit asks of you, the more you will be Me. My Word is true and what it says is true about Me and about you.


Received 2-12-15

When you look at the world, what do you see? Am I visible, working behind the events and in the lives of people? Yes, for I have not stopped working to accomplish My will. As before, the enemy thinks he is winning as he destroys and deceives, but he will lose in the end. The world is slow to recognize what is happening. They want the violence to go away. They don’t want to be reminded of how sinful and wicked people can be. Sadly, they link the fanaticism of the radicals with those who truly do believe in Me. They strike out at My people, because they hate Me. Love them anyway. Show love and kindness to all, but discern and be wise, always seeking My wisdom.


Received 2-13-15

When you hear My voice how do you know it is Me? Have you trained yourself to hear? Do you know My Word and follow it? I speak and My people listen. I cry out and those with discernment will take notice. I am working in you and in each of those who know Me. I am glorified by those who believe in Me. They are My workmanship. Just as you are pruning away unwanted branches, so I am pruning My people for greater fruitfulness. There are seasons of life and your fruit will change over time. A mature person produces different fruit than a new believer. I use both to do My will.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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